R-Men Armageddon – SOCIETY OF VIRTUE

Oh my god, who are you? I am Armagedon! I’m the first mutant. I was born over five thousand years ago and now that I’ve woken up, I’m going to destroy this world And why? Because Well, we are the R-men and we’re not getting allow it There’s nothing you can do I’m going to resurrect my millennial army and soon your town will be taken by a hundred soldiers Wait, a hundred soldiers? Like a hundred and fifty, maybe a hundred and eighty, it depends on their state of preservation They’re basically mummies, right? Doesn’t look like much for an army Well, at the time the world population was about two million people. It was a considerable number Right, but nowadays were close to
eight billion… so you lost some power there, right? In fact, there are more people dying of hunger nowadays than because war Maybe you won’t get the
result you’re expecting Yes, but that’s what spears and bows and arrows are for… to completely crush your army with our superiority and bring much more death and chaos than you already have today because of overpopulation and hunger Oh man, I don’t mean to be a buzzkill here, but how many people do you think your guys can kill with arrows? Because this year, thirty thousand people have already died because of firearms in the United States alone Thirty Thousand? Sorry, I don’t get it are you already at war? No, no, this is a normal everyday
thing. Road rage, assault, domestic violence That’s why I’m worried about your plan. I don’t think you’re going to get the results you’re looking for Times have kind of changed, you know? We live in a different era Okay, well, if times have changed, the ball is in my court hahahaha I will bring diseases of the old times that your technology and your medicine probably already eliminated long ago, like polio, hepatitis and measles Yes, yes, you do have a point there…
you know it’s interesting? People today are not trusting this vaccination thing anymore So these diseases are already coming back anyway Oh, I don’t get it… We created vaccines to stop the diseases Okay… And we eradicated hundreds of
diseases I’m following But in the last few years, some people started thinking that those vaccines are responsible for bringing those diseases Okay you lost me again … Sorry, I don’t even know what to say Maybe if I start bringing back the
archaic ideas of millennial religions that are totally opposed to your modern
society so that your government officials forbid… Nope, too late

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