In the mansion of the R-Men, professor
R, the man behind this super team uses his supercomputer to look for super
gifted young people around the world Hmm, how interesting, I also have two cats. What a coincidence Oh Chip and Dale, how clever for such a
young man! Hahaaha yes, I just got your picture here but it’s hard to see your mutant
attributes in this 2×2 inch photograph Could you maybe take some more pictures from different angles Oh my god, what is this I’m feeling? It’s like a fire burning inside me Calm down professor R, we can’t afford
another lawsuit! No, I’m feeling a force…a presence I’ve not felt since since last week My god Carol, you’re back from the dead Again! No! I didn’t die this time! Actually what
happened is that I found out I was cloned many years ago and in fact this whole time I was not me but a clone What? You are a clone? No, that’s what I thought, but then I discovered that in fact this clone was not a clone but an alien of a transmorph erase posing as me Trans Morpher alien ? Except that it was all an illusion, because I actually had to make a pact with a demon after I was killed which erased most of my life and completely changed my timelin Demon? Erased? What do you mean? Only this all happened to Carol of Earth 46 and not to me and when we were replaced in the last interplanetary saga everything went back to normal as if nothing had ever happened What the fuck? Wait, but when you made a pact with the devil and he erased part of your life You were dead right? Hmm true, right I hadn’t noticed… Yeah I guess I really didn’t die again All right that’s it, I’m done I told you that more than five
resurrections in a week, could only be a zombie attack Aim at the brains R-men!! you you

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