Reaffirm Your Citizenship: The Great Canadian Oath

Reaffirm Your Citizenship: The Great Canadian Oath

Singing: ♪ O Canada! ♪ ♪ Our home and native land! ♪ ♪ …Car ton bras
sait porter l’épée, ♪ ♪ Il sait porter la croix! ♪ ♪ …O Canada, we stand
on guard for thee. ♪ Judge: Mesdames et messieurs. Today is the perfect day to
show your love for Canada, and the best way to do that is
to say the Oath of Citizenship. Judge: Please raise
your right hand. Judge: I swear Crowd repeats: I swear Judge: That I will be faithful Crowd repeats: That
I will be faithful Judge: And bear Crowd repeats: And bear Judge: True allegiance Crowd repeats: True allegiance Judge: To Her Majesty Crowd repeats: To Her
Majesty Judge: Queen
Elizabeth the Second Crowd repeats: Queen
Elizabeth the Second Judge: Queen of Canada Crowd repeats: Queen of Canada Judge: Her Heirs Crowd repeats: Her
Heirs Judge: And Successors Crowd repeats: And
Successors Judge: And that I will Crowd repeats: And that I will Judge: Faithfully observe Crowd repeats:
Faithfully observe Judge: The laws of Canada Crowd repeats: The
laws of Canada Judge: And fulfil Crowd repeats: And fulfil Judge: Faithfully Crowd repeats: Faithfully Judge: My duties Crowd repeats: My duties Judge: As a Canadian citizen Crowd repeats: As a
Canadian citizen Judge: Congratulations. Félicitations à tous. Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête du Canada!


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    Dave Thezinga

    I synced this up with the song "Free Ride" by Edgar Alan Group. It seemed more appropriate. I would also like to point out 1:18 into this video… is that Jim Lahey?

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