From protecting women from assault to stopping
drug dealers, here are 10 real life superheroes!! 10.) Wheel Clamp Man
Wheel clamp man from Perth, Australia is a perfect example that there is a gray area
in the world of real life superheroes. Like all superheroes, wheel clamp man goes
around and helps the citizens of society, however he does so by breaking the law. Wheel clamp man’s main heroic activity is
patrolling Perth with an angle grinder and cuts wheel clamps off cars that have been
illegally parked. He dresses in a skintight green leotard, rainbow
socks, and a glue-on mustache. Wheel clamp man has only been working in the
area for a relatively short time, but motorists are grateful for his help in helping them
avoid a $135 ($88 in Australia) fine. One weekend an Australian newspaper found
him, however he refused to state his true identity. But he did explain how he came up with the
idea of wheel clamp man. He said he was inspired by England’s Angle-grinder
Man, who wore a blue leotard and removed clamps in London and Kent almost a decade ago. He further explained that he does this because
companies make a lot of money off of innocent people and this money doesn’t do any good
making the streets better or safer. And he is not worried about people turning
him in, even though the police have asked the public to do so. Would you turn him in? Let us know in the comments below!! 9.) Shadow
Ken Andre dresses up as a superhero known as Shadow. When Shadow shows up, he is fully dressed
in black from head to toe with just his head and hands showing. He is a martial arts expert, father of two,
and a self-styled “ninja” who is patrolling the streets of Yeovil in England in attempts
to make the town a safer place. He spends up to four nights a week out around
his home in Somerset stopping drug dealers and muggers. Over the few years he has been doing this
superhero activity, Shadow has managed to stop dozens of crimes. When asked about why he dresses up as Shadow,
Ken stated, “This is my destiny and this is who I am. If I can give people inspiration and a bit
of a message about living your life the way that’s right for you, then I’m grateful
to carry on. At the end of the day, I’m out there doing
something unique and I’m happy and content.” And out of all the people on this list, Shadow
is the only real life superhero with anything even resembling a super power, which is a
Batman type hearing aid that amplifies sound. 8.) Knight Warrior
Roger Hayhurst was the teenager behind the superhero mask of the Knight Warrior. Because he was only 19 years old, he still
lived with his mother in their home in Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom while he
was doing his good deeds. He dressed in a blue and black outfit with
headgear and gloves but had no formal training or weapons on him while he was fighting crime. His main target was drunk people who got a
little too rowdy as they left the pubs. When there was not enough people fighting
each other, he would be caught handing out food to homeless people in the Greater Manchester
area. Unfortunately, this superhero decided to hang
up his outfit after he got beat up in 2013. Roger was attacked by a gang of thugs and
left with a badly swollen face after they recognized him as the Knight Warrior when
he was out walking with his fiancée. 7.) The Chinese Redbud Woman
The Chinese redbud woman is a female superhero whose identity is a secret. Even when a reporter questioned her about
her identity she stated that who she is does not matter. She dresses in black tights and wears a blue
mask and is usually found handing out food, clothing, and other gifts to the homeless
people of Beijing and Hong Kong. Her superhero actions became known when people
started posting pictures of her in action on social media. Soon other people began noticing and talking
about her. However, she also communicates to the world
herself through her own microblog, where she has about 7,000 followers. On her microblog, she states, “Today is
my first day as the Chinese Redbud Woman, feeling a little nervous. Already prepared the military coats and food
for the elderlies, also many thanks to the hand warmer a friend gave me.” You don’t need extra special super powers
to do good in your community. AND NOW FOR NUMBER 6 BUT FIRST BE SURE YOU
ARE SUBSCRIBED!! 6.) The Flashing Blade
The Flashing Blade is one of the most bizarre real life superhero stories there is. The identity of the Flashing Blade is secret
but we do know the one instance this superhero showed up happened in South Shields, United
Kingdom. A lot of heros in the UK! The Flashing Blade came out just like they
do in the movies and comic books, out of the blue when there was trouble. What happened was a gang armed with a variety
of weapons such as knives and chains started to attack two detectives who were nearly defenseless
back in 2007. It was then that a man, the flashing blade,
appeared and yelled: ‘Leave him alone, he’s a police officer!” He then ran up to the criminals, slashing
frantically with the 3 foot (1 meter) sword and caught one of them on the arm. This spooked the rest of the gang. Some of the gang members were able to run
while others, about three of them, were arrested by the cops. In the end, the officers could only describe
the Flashing Blade as a white male, in his 40s, about medium build, and around 6 feet
tall (1.8 meters) with a moustache. 5.) The Viper
The real name of the Viper is Christian Tyler Hardee who watched the streets of Columbia,
Tennessee for criminal activity. In 2010, he started patrolling the streets
when he was a 20-year-old college student studying chemistry. When he patrolled, he wore a green suit and
mask. He was usually armed with plastic weapons
and his mission was to find crime and report it to the police, who instead of being grateful
got really annoyed with Hardee and asked him to stop. When he was interviewed about his superhero
activity, he stated that he knew he was just a normal college student and did not have
any super powers. And while he agreed his behavior might be
viewed as strange by some people, he did not mind as it was his way to inspire his community
in trying to get others to stand up against criminal activity. As Christian stated in his interview, “I
am just a guy trying to do what is right, in tights.” 4.) Phoenix Jones
The man behind Phoenix Jones is actually mixed martial arts fighter Ben Fodor from Seattle,
Washington. He started patrolling the streets of Seattle
in 2010. One reason he patrols is because he saw a
woman die from a gunshot wound. Fodor said in an interview about the incident,
“It was one of those experiences where I told myself, ‘It’s not your fault that she got
shot, but it’s your fault that we didn’t catch the guy who shot her.’ It’s one of those things that I think about
a lot. When I hear gunshots go off, I remember that
I can’t let fear keep me from moving forward.” Foder is also probably the most popular real
life superhero, and not just because he is an MMA fighter or because he fights to keep
the streets safe. It is actually because he was arrested back
in 2011 for pepper spraying people who he thought were fighting, when they were actually
dancing and having a good time. Whoops! 3.) Thanatos
Vancouver, Canada also has a real life superhero, known as Thanatos, whose identity is a secret
but he goes around trying to fight poverty. While no one is sure why he picked the name
Thanatos, because it is the Greek personification of death, he has become a very popular superhero
in Vancouver. Wearing a black trench coat, black hat, and
a green skull mask, Thanatos takes a community involvement approach to vigilante justice,
passing out food and clothing to people on the street. He also keeps an eye out for any crimes that
cross his path. A few years ago, Thanatos opened up to the
Metro News by telling them he began when he “was working downtown, trying to help out
on the streets and noticing a lot of things happening…people, living and dying on the
streets.” It was at this point, Thanatos basically decided
to do what he could to help. However, Thanatos is not the only person who
is trying to spread kindness in his neighborhood. He is actually the oldest member of The Real
Life Super Hero Project, a group of caped and masked do-gooders who aim to inspire others
to do the same. 2.) Captain Australia
Captain Australia is settled in Brisbane where his identity is a secret. During the day, Captain Australia is a stay
at home dad of two children. He patrols the streets at night around his
area in a green, yellow, and white costume with a green facemask with a capital A. His
defense against crime is a utility belt which holds a phone, video camera, and a torch. Refusing to reveal his true identity, he has
told reporters that he is just a regular person who is trying to make his home a better place
for everyone, including saving a woman from being sexually assaulted. Even though Captain Australia is working to
better his community, the police have asked him to leave the crime fighting to them. 1.) Dark Guardian
Manhattan, New York has their own superhero in Chris Pollack, who became known as the
Dark Guardian. In a costume reminiscent of a leather biker
suit, he also has years of martial arts training under his belt. When he was fighting crime on his own, he
did help clean up the streets of his neighborhood in many ways. There was a video of him confronting a drug
dealer. One tactic he used was to scout the area,
identify the dealer, and then sneak up on them. Once he was close enough, he would leap out,
beam a flashlight in their face, and shout, “This is a drug free park!” But this isn’t his only claim in trying
to clean up the streets. He also helped prevent people from being mugged
and broke up fights. Today, Pollack is actually in a group called
the Guardian Angels, who basically do what Pollack was doing alone, but tend to focus
more on cleaning the streets of drugs, though they are always keeping their eye out for
other types of criminal activity. Thanks for watching! Do you have any special heroes in your life? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!


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