Reasons Why You SHOULD Get Vietnamese Citizenship

Hey fellow Viet Kieus or Vietnamese overseas living in the United States Canada France, Germany. Vietnam is a great opportunity. There’s a lot of investments. I’ve seen many come back. I myself have been here for three years now. It’s very important that you make a decision if you want to get Vietnamese citizenship. So today, I want to share with you seven reasons why it’s beneficial as a Viet Kieu in order to get the Vietnamese citizenship for long-term investment and living in Vietnam Number one, as a Vietnamese national, you can open up a locally owned company which has much less regulations than a foreign company in the accounting, in the areas that you can work in the business lines. So having that local advantage would really help you. Two, you can own properties just like a Vietnamese. No restrictions. You can have full rights to the property from apartments to houses And also to other buildings as well. Having that is very important. Three, the travel. As a Vietnamese citizen with the ASEAN free-trade agreement with the Vietnamese citizenship, you can travel to all 10 ASEAN countries without a visa. That helps you a lot because as Vietnamese or business people living here, we travel quite a bit. I go to Thailand, I go to Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, as we work with many clients So it’s kind of nice to have that freedom of travel when you have this citizenship Four is the time that you can stay here. If you’re just on a tourist visa for one year depending on which country you’re from or multiple entries, it’s very tiring to have to do visa runs every time. You have to go to Cambodia Or you got to go to Thailand or other countries. So having the citizenship, you come in on the Vietnamese passport and you can stay here as long as you want. And you have the full bundle of rights here in Vietnam. Number six, if you have your Vietnamese citizenship and all the paperwork when you open up bank accounts, or you apply for various cards, or pen up phone lines. It’s very easy if you have a Vietnamese national ID and also your family book and that have your Vietnamese passport. And, the last and final reason is as a Vietnamese citizen, when you are operating here, you get a different type of treatment cecause it shows that you have your roots here in Vietnam and to the authorities or to other business partners, it shows you are fully vested in a long term business relationship in Vietnam, that really helps you as a competitive advantage against others who may only come in and out. You’re saying “I’m here to stay I’m here to invest long term and I have my Vietnamese citizenship”. So those are the seven reasons why it is very critical and important if you’re doing business long term in Vietnam that you should get your Vietnamese citizenship If you need help getting it, Duong Globa is here to help you Contact us through our website through our Facebook or one of our strategic partners around the world. We are here to help, and, I, am a perfect example of how it’s done. I’ll be happy to share with you all my experiences of living here for the last three years. Thank you very much.

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