Renounce U.S. Citizenship in under 90 Seconds.

hello my name is Glen Lee Roberts
I wrote this book how to renounce your United States Citizenship in two easy
steps because I’ve gone through the process and discovered it was a lot
easier to do than what most people talking about it online have to say and
there’s really two significant parts to it and I’m going to describe and sort of
reenact the most important part here on this video and that part will be the
oath of renunciation or as they will call it at the Embassy the renunciation
ceremony but first of all you’ll have to go through filling out some some
paperwork which really isn’t very complicated and then the the US consul
will read you a notice of all the reasons why you shouldn’t renounce your
citizenship and they have 12 points on this I include copies of all of the
documents in my book including the forms that I actually filled out and signed to
do my renunciation so you can see exactly how easy it is and you can see
exactly the 12 reasons why you shouldn’t renounce your citizenship and after
you’ve completed that at your your first meeting at the interview you’ll go back
at least a week later and then you can actually participate in the ceremony and
renounce their citizenship and before I get into that I’m going to read from the
US State Department manual on renouncing citizenship the section that talks about
where to conduct the ceremony and the entire manual is included in my book so
you can see in the State Department’s own words how they go about doing the
process so to read this. The site of renunciation setting renunciation
procedures should always be held at post they should always be done inside the
embassy in a setting that reminds the release renunciant of the gravity of the
consequences so even though they’ve told you all the reasons you shouldn’t
renounce and you’ve certainly studied it on your own they want to have an
environment it’s not going to be friendly with
Amazonian hurt or anything it’s going to be a an office with a with a official of
the United States their US flag the flag should be present so you’re not going to
have a nice design here but the flag of the United States at this ceremony it’s
a formal ceremony it’s a legal ceremony it’s much like the ceremony for those
who become citizens of the United States and then the the person renouncing stand
and raise your right hand if possible renunciant should stand and raise his or
her right hand while taking the oath of renunciation this formality and the
symbols of the United States underscore that the renunciant is severing all ties
of allegiance to the United States and in doing so loses the protections of the
United the protections the United States government provides to citizens and
non-citizens in other words it’s a very formal very serious ceremony and the
ceremony however serious and formal it is is actually very quick and very easy
and I’ll do a little reenactment of exactly what I went through in the
ceremony and in this case rather than speaking to the US official I’ll be
speaking to the video camera and this oath of a renunciation oath a
renunciation of renunciation of nationality of the United States this is
the actual document that that I read and that I signed at the US Council it has
my signature it has the the counsel signature and the seal of the United
States so this here today is the actual document that I read to the United
States at the moment I completed reading this document I was no longer a citizen
of the United so so you can see exactly how easy
simple and straightforward the process is I will pretend that I’m doing it
again and why not I Glen Lee Roberts a national of the
United States solemnly swear affirm that I was born at Ann Arbor Washtenaw County Michigan on May 5th 1962 that I formerly resided in the United States at 166 Plum
Street Oil City Pennsylvania one six three oh one that I am a National of
the United States by virtue of birth in the United States I and this is the
important part I desire and hereby make a formal
renunciation of my u.s. nationality as provided by section 349 a five of the
Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 as amended and pursuant thereto I hereby
absolutely and entirely renounce my United States nationality together with
all rights and privileges and all duties and Allegiance and fidelity thereto
thereunto pertaining I make this renunciation intentionally
voluntarily of my own freewill free of any dress or undoing undue
influence. I’m no longer an American citizen
after finishing reading this I sign this and the other papers along with the US
official he applies his seal and then I left the United States
embassy with none (no citizenship) and certificate of loss of nationality of the United
States listing my name and address and so forth stating that I’m no longer a
citizen of the United States with the signature of the official of the United
States the seal of the United States of the embassy and this was provided to me
as evidence of no longer being and I did citizen of course then they also send it
to Washington DC and it took Washington DC 15 months to come back and have them
apply a stamp saying that it was approved but as of this date that I took
the oath no more American citizen in my case because I had no other nationality
that meant that that day I entered the United States embassy as an American
citizen and when I left a couple of hours later I left without any
nationality at all that may not be the choice you want to make but the options
there the the process is simple the difficulty is making the decision

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