Repackaging Kindness, Empathy, and Gratitude for Modern Society with Jay Shetty

Repackaging Kindness, Empathy, and Gratitude for Modern Society with Jay Shetty

– All I’m ever doing is
trying to take empathy, gratitude, kindness, positivity, optimism, and create repacking for it in modern society to help somebody see it, ’cause life is one big
game of perspective. (funky music) You have crazy beautiful eyes. (laughing) – The first time you
said that to me was like, I think it was the first time we met, and it was like one of the
most awkward things ever ’cause it was like– – Yeah, for me it was awkward.
– ‘Cause I did not expect that from Gary, it’s the last
thing I’d expect from you. – So like, but you did
nothing to make that happen. – True, I always say I
can’t take credit for them. I say that all the time. – I don’t take credit for anything I am. All my accolades, I’m like my parents, my circumstance, ooh
Soviet Russia to America, oo the ’80s, oh Jersey, oh this, oh some form of learning disability that made me shitty at school,
like oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, right, you know by the
way, not being diagnosed with a learning disability
which then either I’m right or I’m wrong,
but it doesn’t matter, I didn’t have to deal with that pressure especially in the ’80s
when it was a little bit more of like, scary than it is now. Like what if I was, what
if I did, maybe I didn’t, probably not because they would’ve caught, but like, you get into
all these circumstances. This is a big deal though. I’m sure that what I talk
about is right for me because I’m incredibly in tune with myself and I’m an incredibly good communicator in a style that hits a certain group, which helps them get the insight to create affirmation,
to create lack of fear, to try something to start the process to get to a happier place. That is a fucking blessing. – Yeah, 100%. – Now I want people to figure out that things are right for them, based on their luck, circumstance, what’s their beautiful eyes? Yes, maybe they’re not an entrepreneur because they don’t have
incredible lack of fear, but maybe that they are
incredibly compassionate, unbelievable analytical,
remarkably competitive, incredibly gorgeous, wonderfully funny, like let’s lean in to what
we’re fucking awesome about. Everybody’s spending all their
time on what they suck at. Themselves, they’re doing
that, and I promise you, everybody else is spending all their time telling you what you suck at. I’m spending all my time thinking about what I’m fucking awesome at and I’m spending all my time trying to figure out what
everybody else is awesome at. Some of it’s very obvious
like beautiful eyes. Others are like, hey
you’re a good fucking kid, keep listening to me. (funky music) I am stunned by how almost binary my judgment is completely
predicated on intent. If I believe your intent
was to be there for me, but your actions were not
that you were consistent, I’m completely unbothered and
I don’t know what that means but I’m super fucking
grateful that I have it. – Yeah, but that’s an art
and a skill that you have, and I’d like to think I’m the same where I’m able to do that
too, I’m able to let go. – What is the concept of
not having expectations? From your perspective,
because I would tell you that that may be my great superpower. – Yeah.
– You know somebody said to me, Tom Bilyeu
on my podcast said to me, “Gary, your superpower is your ability “not to judge yourself.” And I’ve been saying it a lot, and then literally on a flight this week I was like, right ’cause
I don’t judge others. Like I’m able to not judge myself ’cause I don’t judge others. A lot of people who are like– – Powerful.
– A lot of, right? So tell me, I don’t know, I’m just– – So powerful.
– What do you think? – No I love that.
– Okay. – That’s such a great point.
– How do you think about that? – That’s such a great
point, no, you’re spot on, because the reason why we judge others is because we judge ourselves, right, the opposite of what you’re saying. And so for me it’s the same thing, the reason why I don’t expect is because I see everything
as my responsibility, I see everything as my work, and I see everything else as a bonus. Like it’s just amazing that
anyone even cares about me or has time for me, or makes an effort to do something or connect
with someone or whatever it is, and that’s just a beautiful bonus of life. But I’ve gotta be in charge of it and I think that just came from many years of having expectations. I think that came from
times when I did expect, and I didn’t get, and I realized I don’t wanna feel this way anymore. – Well this gets into parenting, you know, this is the framework of what our parents are creating for us. We’re one of the most interesting things that are happening in a
lot of modern societies is we have had disproportionate prosperity over five, six, seven decades. America has had a clean run. I mean, we’ve had a couple
of recessions here and there, we’ve had a couple of
internal country scandals, we have underlying issues
of sexism and racism and things of that nature,
but in its most macro, this has been the empire,
things have been good, and what has happened is we’ve created unbelievable levels of entitlement. – Entitlement, yeah.
– Entitlement. – Entitlement. – I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s starting to consume me. It sounds crass, like never
expect anything from anyone, but I almost wanna find new ways to say it just to help people understand, it is the great gift of life. When you get into a place where
you have zero expectations and you actually don’t believe
you’re entitled to anything, you can actually start doing things. – Yes, absolutely, because otherwise that’s what’s paralyzing you. – Because you feel like
somebody else is in control. The man, the society, the government, the president, the
not-president, the governor, the mayor, the system, the
systematic infrastructure. (rhythmic exhales) – And really it’s a crutch, right? – [Gary] Of course. – Like really, it’s just a crutch, like that’s another way of saying it. – At its worst, it’s an excuse. – [Jay] Yes. – At its best, it’s a lack of perspective. (funky music) – You talk about so much
about the value of human life. – Yes.
– And how rare it is. – Yes.
– And how amazing it is. Which I don’t know if you know this, but it’s like such a deep Vedic concept which is like thousands of– – Wait, what?
– So Vedic– – What’s Vedic?
– It’s a philosophy that I studied in, it’s one
of the oldest philosophies in mankind, and one of the
biggest principles in there is about the value of human life. – Like the way I think
about 400 trillion to one? – Correct, correct. – It’s helped so many people by the way. Out of all the pieces of
content I’ve ever put out, something in it has penetrated. – How does one get, like
when I hear you say it, when I look at the way I always taught it, when I look at the monks
that I know live it, when I know people that really live that, what was it that helped
you really accept– – Gratitude.
– And live that, there we go, okay, nice. – It’s my, all I’m ever doing, is trying to take empathy,
gratitude, kindness, positivity, optimism, and
create repacking for it in modern society to help somebody see it ’cause life is one big
game of perspective. And if you’ve been raised by parents in an environment and have natural DNA that makes you look at
something upside down, I’ve gotta flip it. And when I say I got to, I have this enormous love
and need for admiration that I’ve come to realize. Admiration will not come in the form of me making the most money. Admiration will not come in any other form than if I give so much more to you than I expect from you in return. I was gifted an ability
of the gift of gab. I am creative, I understand
attention graphs, I have work ethic, I have aspirations. All of that has created one big game where I feel responsibility to be able to get this message out in a way that won’t get to people that can never become monks or that won’t become disproportionately high educated philosophical. I’m in the trenches with my style, but it’s the same fucking product. And so 400 trillion to one was one way for me to
get people to be like, do you fucking understand? There’s nothing any of us
in this room will accomplish that is even in the fucking galaxy of that we have had the
chance to do something. I just don’t understand. What are you going to complain about today that is even remotely close to never having the
ability to have a life? Like what, what are you
gonna complain about? Like what’s so shitty in your life? You’ve got the (exhales). Even if you’re the worst ranked person, 7.7th billion in the world. You’re born to slavery and genocide in a 5th world country
where you’re raped everyday, starved, slaved, lose
your parents, no love. The game of life actually still creates the rare potential for
you to break out of that and go on to do something and then bring positivity to the world, better than not being born
at all, I believe that. (funky music) – What’s the worst advice you’re
hearing out there right now that you want people to
be more thoughtful about? – Uh, all of it, because
it lacks self-awareness. It lacks pushing people into self-awareness and it lacks context. All advice right now is a problem, including all of mine, it’s why I’m trying to make it about them. There’s a lot of bad advice, brother. If somebody watches me and gets
fired up to start a business and they’re schlemiel
and can’t do a business, they’re going down a path of depression. If they’re a competitive, ambitious person but they also went to
high society education and right now the push there is balance, and like hard work is
bad, and we’ve become too much of Europe, I
believe this by the way, like that’s bad advice for somebody because they’re gonna be depressed because they leaned into current social political correctness and what they actually are is a dog and they just wanna grind. But right now grinding is bad. All advice is bad if you haven’t deployed enough love for yourself
and self-awareness to understand what to pick off. (funky music) – You have a video titled the
dumb stuff you buy owns you. – Yes.
– Which I love. – Yes.
– What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever bought? – Great question. – Because we’ve all bought
dumb stuff, you have. – My current apartment in New York City. – Ah, interesting. – It made me super not-liquid, made me miss out on investing in Uber. (laughing) You know, it’s the dumbest in literal, but it established my
family in a neighborhood that I wanted to raise it,
so it’s obviously way better, but in the second level, you know, probably the dumbest thing
that I’ve ever bought are the things that I didn’t buy. – Right, right. – Like a vacation that I should’ve taken which would’ve been a
fruitful use of time. That’s definitely it– – Yeah, the opportunity cost.
– As I’m trying to be a little bit better in
communicating regrets ’cause I can’t focus on them, but I wanna talk about them because I don’t wanna make
it seem like I’m not human, I could’ve done a lot
more balance of leisure, 14 to 30, because I worked every minute, I wish and when you start
with I wish, that is regret, I wish I had five to 10
more memories in my 20s with my high school and college friends of going on those trips
that everybody does. Like there’s a very interesting clip of me where you can really see it manifest where I talk about like I’m not lucky. Like a bunch of kids when
I first started blowing up from high school and
college would hit me up, and they’re like Gary you’re so lucky. I was like motherfucker I’m not lucky. When you went to the
Jersey Shore every weekend, I worked my ass off. It’s not necessarily what I
wanna be talking about right now and I’m trying to get the
temperature of society but it’s a very big truth,
so I would say that. The dumbest thing I ever bought were the things that
I ended up not buying. (funky music) I talk a lot about why
people aren’t capable of producing content to the world which is now the requirement as a human to achieve happiness, I
genuinely believe that. I believe taking advantage
of all of our abilities to reach out to the world
through these new channels with no friction is an
enormous gift and opportunity. The reason most can’t achieve it is ’cause they’re unable to take back the inevitable feedback that immediately comes
with the opportunity. To your point, I genuinely
believe the reason I can take the feedback
is because when I go into my Instagram post that I just posted, literally in back-to-back comments, one will say that I’m walking on water and the next will say that I’m a snake oil salesman charlatan. The fact that neither penetrate my psyche is absolutely where I’m at. – Absolutely, and that’s equanimity. Like that is that, whatever
you wanna call it, that’s yeah. – It’s the game because people want the positive reinforcement that, you know, there’s so many models
on Instagram, right, men and women, you’re so
beautiful, you look so great, you’re so beautiful, you look so great, you’re full of shit, you look fake, they’re crushed because they take too much in that you look so great. – Yes and I think that’s the point that we’re hitting on here which I love is that that overemphasis on positive, it’s what makes the
negative so hard to take. – It’s also an incredible place for me to add some clarity that I
haven’t done a good job on historically which is
something I’m thinking a lot more about, Rogov
it’s fun to see you here because we had this call yesterday, I’m like look, I’m at my worst when I’m excited in an interview and I’m drilling a headline. ‘Cause I love doing it, it’s fun, it’s showmanship, it’s
wrestling, promo videos, it’s my natural state, you know, I talk a lot about not giving a fuck about other people’s opinions. It’s also because I take the
complete opposite approach, which is every negative
piece of feedback that I get, I genuinely go into two places. A, I deploy sympathy and empathy for the person leaving the comment because inevitably
immediately on that action I know that they’re not in a good place. If you go to somebody else’s social, consume it and then spew hate, you’re not in a good place. – Nah, absolutely.
– You’re unhappy. – Yeah.
– Next, I start trying to see the insight to any truth in it. You know the second that
you’re high on your own supply, you’re vulnerable, and
so I don’t give a fuck about anybody’s opinion, ironically, I value everybody’s opinion,
I just synthesize it. And then decide to take the good from it. By deploying empathy and
sympathy to the deliverer. I’m stunned by our lack of
conversation in society right now on this part, there’s a lot of judgment and hot takes and comments, we need to judge the person
delivering the message. – Absolutely. – Like how is your mother’s opinion of you have the same weight as anonymous
54’s comment on Instagram. That is ludicrous. – Yeah, absolutely. – In the same way of, how
does a coworker’s opinion, you have to factor that in
different than your mother ’cause your mother blindly
thinks you’re the best, if you’re lucky enough to
have that mother, you know, and so it’s super fascinating, it’s just pulling from opposite directions and I think I’m pulling so
hard from opposite directions that my balance is coming in that. – Look, when I do a podcast like this knowing that you have such
a thoughtful audience, I come on knowing we
overlap in a lot of places. All I’ve been thinking about
for the first 10 minutes and all I’ll think about
for the rest of this talk is can I bring one person value? Can I add an adjective, a sentence, saying the same thing in
a different way than Jay or somebody else says that helps Karen who’s listening to this
right now on her treadmill like actually do something. There’s nothing more intoxicating than when you’re a communicator, than getting the feedback loop of somebody saying, you said something, I did something, I’m
happier now, end of story. (upbeat music)


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