Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

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david david patten dot com we have a couple of slots still available here’s an interesting story uh… a
company called foxconn is planning to replace half a
million employees with robots take a listen to this news
story and then we’ll see what your thoughts on
this list firewire titles i am foxconn announced a
plan to replace that’s a half a million human workers but from what years becomes after the
company trouble but employees foxconn traveled the world manufacture a
computer components and apple sound nokia ten thousand robots well foxconn
become outside sunshine uh… dinner it’s about time for it so this kind of big deal this is a lot
of influences the company that has a significant employee sued suicide
problem i’ve seen and read quite a bit about invasion the obvious problems with replacing so
many people with robots are job losses but at the same time the argument can be
made listen if we can automate a lot of these tax that someone consider maybe
mindless someone consider low brain activity tasks maybe the overall progress as a human civilization could be
accelerated if people could be focusing on other things altogether other types
of tasks what do you think seriously entertained the thought that
that is boxed ron’s intention no aka but my quant but they did it is a
good question in the sense that we are going to see more and more jobs replaced
by machines uh… yeah amina acting for a lot of these people they work here because they have no
other choice amir what pitch is gonna turn into a
huge mess well here’s the thing there are these people produce family so there
is a lot of research that suggests if we had a different type of economy
altogether and i know some some of our audience
will say one when i mentioned that they will say well yet sounds like you’re
talking about either the venus project or the site based
movement uh… and some other related related films um… i’m not per se and indeed that
does do address some aspects of the state’s new idea that if we can kind of
rebuild the structure of our economy in our society men people would be able to
put their focus on other types of tax anticipates is that brilliantly outlined by a lot of these individuals that study this however there’s also the possibility that
they’ve relieved from any of these monday nd tasks and jobs which many
people can only do that eventually machines could do maybe people wouldn’t focus on other things actually recently
read on a trip it’s a pretty sure book it’s uh… gold
childhoods and it’s by arthur c_ clark it’s a novel and in the novel it does
outlined in our society where the day to day trials in tribulations of life are basically they’re handled by technology and
handled david basically people are relieved of those duties and i imagine
then when that technology fails people have lost all these skills and have no way to do things that
himself made that’s our on going online with people just become uh… apathetic
in other words people just seem to lose interest in anything period yes there’s no crime but also people
don’t seem to care about i think people are ideal etcetera i think that there’s two sides of the
idea of what will happen if many tasks of many people are freed up by having
passed that they know do handled by technology and this foxconn story kind
of reminded me of that it’d be interesting to see where this
goes an audience member email me and said
idea that they had a professor in college who said that the increased bertin of day-to-day tasks being placed on
technology instead of people could lead to the next round of
concentration camps too many people not enough work to do employers looking for
maximum efficiency which they get in technology and a surplus population that is left has to go i don’t know that there is significant research backing that up but it’s something that if you google
round it’s it’s not a it’s not a completely unique where you can do that i mean it’s it’s a little extreme uh… uh… on are not forget that apple inc are open up mission open on a

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