Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People

Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People

Some musicians just have a freakish amount
of talent. Most of us learn at a young age that we are
not those people. For those who do have that talent go on to
be the singer-songwriters, there’s something almost magical about listening to them perform. But it’s easy to forget that behind all of
the music is a very ordinary person, and sometimes, that ordinary person is a terrible human being. Johnny Cash’s women troubles There’s a lot of dark stuff in Johnny Cash’s
life, but let’s talk about just how horrible he was to women. Vivian Cash’s book I Walked the Line: My Life
with Johnny was a heartbreaking tell-all detailing how she continued loving her husband even
through the drugs and the affair with his more famous second partner, June Carter Cash. It was Vivian who gave him four daughters,
raised them, and who stuck with him through the worst, but June gets all the credit. Behind closed doors, June Carter didn’t actually
have it any easier, in spite of the storybook romance performed for the public eye. According to biographer Robert Hilburn, Cash
had cheated on her when she was pregnant with her son John Carter. There were more than a few women, but the
one that had to hurt the most was June’s own sister, Anita. John Carter has also gone on record talking
about his parents’ less-than-perfect marriage, and has said his mother’s drug addictions
and descent into paranoia came from a near-constant fear he was cheating yet again. That fear spread to their son, who grew up
well aware his family could fall apart at any time because his father couldn’t stay
faithful. Elvis’s flings Elvis was only 21 when he became ridiculously
famous with the success of “Heartbreak Hotel,” and after that, all bets were off when it
came to how far he would go. Along with the fame and fortune came the admiration
of countless women, but according to biographer Joel Williamson, there was a particular type
of woman Elvis liked: the really, really young ones. When the newly made megastar went on those
early tours, he took along a group of 14-year-old girls, and Williamson says he was a huge fan
of tickling and pillow fights. Future wife Priscilla was 14 when they met,
and just what went on behind closed doors is debated. What’s not debated is that he lost interest
in her after Lisa Marie was born, and went on to court another 14-year-old. There was the potential for violence in Elvis,
too. Years later, he was engaged to 21-year-old
Ginger Alden, who claimed he once pulled out a gun and put a bullet in the headboard of
the bed she was sleeping in. He called it “an attention getter.” Johnny Paycheck’s attempted murder Johnny Paycheck was one of the Grand Ole Opry’s
most respected members, and was known as something of a country music outlaw, too, as his entire
career was colored by drug and alcohol use. His difficulty staying out of trouble started
way before he was a star, though, and when he was still a teenager he enlisted in the
U.S. Navy, punched a superior officer, and spent a few years in prison. The record deal came after that, and so did
the check forgery and the attempted murder. “Johnny Paycheck, one of the outlaws of country
music, is now singing the blues behind bars.” Paycheck was on his way home for the holidays
in December 1985 when he stopped off at a Hillsboro, Ohio, bar for a drink. He was recognized by a local named Larry Wise,
they got to chatting, and … no one’s entirely sure what happened next. Whatever offenses were caused, it ended with
Paycheck grazing Wise’s head with a bullet, and he’d later testify the music legend had,
quote, “blowed my hat off.” The case dragged on, and Paycheck was sentenced…
again. Chuck Berry’s icky past Chuck Berry was a legend who helped shape
rock and roll. He also once punched Keith Richards in the
mouth, and what could Richards have done to deserve that? “His guitar was laid out in his case, and
I thought, ‘Ah, come on Keith, you know, just a touch.'” Berry’s attitude got him into all kinds of
trouble, and he even had a name for those incidents: his “naughties.” It started when, as a teenager, he did three
years in a reform school for stealing cars and a bit of armed robbery. Fast-forward to 1962, when Berry was 36 years
old. He was tossed in the clink for violating the
Mann Act, a law that prohibits taking a woman across state lines with “immoral” intentions. Oh, and she was 14. “Berry, you are under arrest for transporting
a minor across state lines for the purpose of…” “I did not touch, first of all, I didn’t transport
anyone, I didn’t solicit anything.” That’s not all. In December 1989, Berry was accused of videotaping
women in the not-so-private privacy of the bathroom of one of Berry’s restaurants. The following June, his property was raided,
with law enforcement finding weapons, pot, and the videotapes in question, placing him
at the center of a class-action lawsuit. Berry’s camp eventually settled, but that
seriously tarnished his legacy. Brian Jones: anti-establishment and abusive Brian Jones passed away when he was 27, not
long after the Rolling Stones had made the decision to move on without him. It wasn’t a surprising choice: Jones made
Keith Richards look like the one you’d choose to bring home to meet your parents. There were, of course, the drugs and the pills,
but his troubles started long before that. How long? He was kicked out of his grammar school for
inciting rebellion, and it sort of spiralled from there. In public, he got in the face of anyone who
didn’t understand their music, and behind closed doors he had a violent streak a mile
wide. Anita Pallenberg was one of the original muses
for the Stones, and she’d eventually go on to have a long-term relationship with Richards. But she started out with Jones, and Rolling
Stone magazine says it was an abusive relationship that ended when he hit her so hard he broke
his hand on her face. “It end up very badly, cause by then Brian
had become very abusive and very kind of, um envious, and Keith couldn’t bear the way
Brian treated me.” Sympathy for the devil, indeed. Steven Tyler’s child girlfriend There are two sides to every story, and really,
both sides to this one are uncomfortable. When Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler wrote
his 2011 memoir Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, he talked a bit about early girlfriend
Julia Holcomb. Tyler wrote he had nicknamed her Little Bo
Peep, said they liked to get it on in public, and left out a lot of other details. Holcomb wanted to clear the air about what
she says really happened, so she took to Life Site to tell her side of the story. According to her, she was a 16-year-old from
a broken family when she met Tyler and kicked off a relationship with him that really started
when her troubled mother signed documents making Tyler her legal guardian. Holcomb says she was already pregnant by the
time he asked her to marry him, and plans for a family started to fall apart when his
grandmother refused to pass on her ring. Five months into the pregnancy, Holcomb was
trapped in a house fire and sent to the hospital, where she says Tyler convinced her to have
an abortion. Holcomb left him, and returned to her parents. Tyler returned to the rock star life, but
has since spoken openly about regretting the decisions he’s made in the past. Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism Even people completely unfamiliar with classical
music know the work of Wagner. [Classical music] Wagner died in 1883, decades before the rise
of Hitler and his Nazis. That means he wasn’t around to see his music
heralded as the soundtrack of the rise of anti-Semitism, but he probably wouldn’t have
hated the association. Wagner wrote a ton of jaw-dropping hate, including
the idea Jews could only mimic art they’d seen and heard. When he struggled as an up-and-coming composer,
he even blamed Jewish critics for keeping him from success. Frank Sinatra’s destructive temper Frank Sinatra was iconic on stage, but there
was a lot of shady stuff that happened off-stage. According to The Telegraph, his temper was
so bad that one of his wives once described him as a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde character,
and there’s a whole list of physical altercations he was involved in. First, the ones where someone got seriously
hurt. According to legends about the man who did
things his way, he punched a reporter in 1948, but eventually settled the assault and battery
charges filed against him. In an unrelated incident, he threw a phone
at a random businessman who was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and cracked the man’s
skull. Keeping with the theme of throwing things,
he nearly killed then-wife Ava Gardner by throwing a champagne bottle at her so hard
it cracked the bathroom sink. Sinatra destroyed an insane amount of stuff,
too, usually in fits of rage. Further legends say that he took a knife to
a friend’s Norman Rockwell painting, threw a malfunctioning TV out of a window at the
Sands Hotel, and smashed a car radio when The Doors’ “Light My Fire” came on. So he must have really loved it when his daughter,
Nancy, covered the song on her 1969 album. Not a gentle man, to say the least. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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    Nothing about Kurt Cobain being an emotionally abusive shithead who tormented everyone around him with threats of suicide from the age of 13 and then tried to blame his heroin addiction on his fans and family instead of his own weak willed whiny personality before writing that obnoxious suicide note where he tried to blame everyone but himself for his world unraveling a few months before offing himself in 1994.

    He was a miserable human being who had the adoration of millions of foolish people that thought he was "their voice" when he was really just a pretentious ass who thought he was better than everyone else.

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    Kaleb Morrow

    I also heard how Elvis would just give people stuff, I meeeaaaan anyone who’s ever got laid has a lil asshole in them, you gotta look at the positives too

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    MJ Maynard

    Johnny cash was a good man and an even better rollmodel

    Don't critize what you don't understand son you never walked in this man's shoes

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    Nicholas Kent

    Crazy, this video is describing at least 50% of Americans in those days..But cool, single out famous people.

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    Daniel Picciotti

    Sinatra almost killed Ava Gardner when he missed with a bottle? How is that almost killed? Maybe almost hurt.

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    No Bing Crosby? He was a terrible human. I think all of his kids committed suicide as a direct result of his abusive parenting

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    David Bowman

    I know Vince Neal personally and he thinks he"s Above everyone else. I hadn't seen him in 20 years and the way he treats people its horrible and I had been thinking time would mellow him but he's still a prick. The song by aerosmith "Dude looks Like A Lady" its all about Vince.

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    Missy Cabic

    Johnny Cash had issues, but he wasn't bad person. I don't think most of this stuff makes them "terrible people".

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    Chris k

    You know it really pisses me off that call a spade a spade call a pedophile pedophile Elvis Presley if he was in modern-day right now he would be branded as a pedifile correct

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    Sarah Underwood

    To be fair, Johnny Cash went through some shit and it took almost dying for him to find his way back to his faith for him to get his head right and clean up.

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    James Ratliff

    To comment on the adultery committed by Johnny Cash you'd have to put most entertainers, whether singers, musicians, wrestlers, whatever in that category. Garth Brooks was with Trisha Yearwood years before they divorced and married each other. The story I want to tell is about Donnie Canada: Donnie Canada before he heard a group of guys out of Fort Payne Alabama and produced some of their early stuff was a coal mine owner/operator out of Pike County Kentucky where I am from. He was friendly with a young bar/club owner named Marlow Tackett and wanted to help him become famous in country music. Marlow received an invitation to come to Texas I believe the story goes and invited Donnie to come along. Now to explain what happened next I have to tell you that Marlow would have different famous country stars come into his club and perform and he had built up a reputation for messing with the sound system to cause feedback(he did it to me in the late 90's) to make the acts seem less professional than himself. As the story goes on one occasion he had Johnny Paycheck perform at his club. I think this was in the late 60's early 70's not sure as I wasn't born yet lol. My stepfather had drank with George Jones in that club around this same era. Tackett messed with the P.A. and Paycheck took note. The next time Paycheck came to play at Tackett's club, which reminds me of a joke we used to hear around Eastern Kentucky what's fifty foot long and got two teeth? The line waiting to get in at Marlow's Country Palace, Paycheck insisted on using his own P.A. and Tackett refused and then Paycheck said pay me and I'll be on my way to which Tackett refused and with several on both sides in the parking lot guns were drawn but no one shot. Fastforward and Tackett and Canada go to their hotel provided by some Nashville types who unbeknownst to them at the time were setting them up for Paycheck who was going to have a couple of goons do a hit on Tackett but who didn't know about Canada being there. Tackett was out of the room when the guys came in and not recognizing Donnie they instead of killing anyone beat the snot out of Mr. Canada and left him for dead. Tackett returned and realized what had happened got medics to Donnie and he made a full recovery. Tackett never became famous outside of his little spot in Eastern Kentucky where he was more infamous for having young girls in his private office of the club. Canada however went on to have his name on Alabama's early stuff and between his coal operations and that success in music as well as a few flops like Jeff Copley who looked like he'd be a star amassed a great wealth and was one of the reasons Pike County at one time had more millionaires per capita or 100 people than anywhere in the U.S.A. Unfortunately Pike County's claim to fame now is that it has more overdoses and crimes per capita than anywhere else in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Thanks for reading.

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    So what? Did you think these talented artist should shit marble? They are humans with "perfect imperfections"

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    rob catalunya

    there is a good way to stop morons like sinatra you simply punch him on the nose it works all time never fails…believe me ..

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    freddy ferrillo

    All these artist are ancient. And theyre all dead too. Except one or two. And this is old news. I been hearing these stories for decades. But i never cared. Just liked the music. Thats all.

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    Joe Morgan

    There's alot more untalented people who are terrible horrible people so instead of focusing on negitivity let try and remember it's better to be a famous rich talented asshole than a broke untalented nobody asshole. Stay positive

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    Randy Husband

    anyone else find it strange on rappers/ hip-hop artists made this list.I guess they are all nice, clean living people after all.

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    Jorge Recuenco

    Chuck berry recording his encounters saved him from jail, the initial accusations were rape, the tapes proved it wasn’t, …

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    Sterling Silver 69

    Don’t talk trash about Johnny cash
    Don’t talk trash about Elvis
    Don’t talk trash about Johnny paycheck
    Don’t talk trash about chuck berry
    Don’t talk trash about Steven Tyler
    Don’t talk trash about Richard Wagner
    Don’t talk trash about frank Sinatra

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    hellywood so called celebs have a god complex and love to be worship and all of you do..they are just people who love your money and are not the nicest..

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    stephen stewart

    Descartes – "The greatest minds are capable of the greatest of vices as well as of the greatest of virtues"

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    Seti Michael Maxwell

    You made Johnny Cash sound bad. Tisk squared! Boooooooo! He was an angel. These girls were just butt hurt.

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    Ali Lavar

    People want to talk about R Kelly and Michael Jackson, But I guess Elvis having sexual relations with 14 year old girls and he's in his 20s was ok huh??? Oh I'm sorry I forgot one detail on why it's ok for Elvis… Because he's white💯FACTS

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    But back in 1989, Bruce Springsteen (and being the bastard he can be) decided to break-up with the E-Street Band. How in blue-Hell is that not the top 'terrible-person' mention here? I so must ask, 'cause i'm on fire about 'dat.

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    Chuck Berry took his daughter and a female British film-maker and somehow got them on to a prison yard where they were assaulted, this resulted in a riot. Detailed on this radio show, skip ahead until you get to 1 hour 18 min

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    Daniel Johnson

    0:36 'Continued to love him after the affairs and drugs' HMMMM I WONDER WHY?! Because he had money, if he wasnt famous she wouldve left him the first chance she got

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    Jason Royce

    johnny cash cheating on his wife makes him a terrible person? no. maybe a terrible husband. not a terrible person. also, johnny paycheck having drug and alcohol problems doesnt make him a terrible person. neither does shooting someone if they deserved it. maybe they did. maybe the didnt. but your dumbass has no idea. this is fucking retarded. most of the shit on here is shit people do all the time and while its not good, it doesnt make them terrible people. it makes them people who have made mistakes. janet reno was a terrible person. charlie manson was a terrible person. the cunt that made this video needs to get off her high horse and stop being a cunt.

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    Greg Francis


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    Saad Nabil

    If I were them as a musician, I won't be terrible to people! Because I'm respectful! Sometimes I'm disrespectful! But I could work on that!

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    Every human, is a saint, and a piece of shit, at the same time. Doesnt make em bad or good, just people.

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    Mantis Lake

    Ahh, the tortured artist. I can't think of a worse excuse for being an a-hole. Your Jackson Pollocks and your John Lennons, etc. Pathetic and punchable, the lot of 'em.

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    This video is narrated by an irritating snowflake whose sole purpose is to bust balls on white guys……..and chuck berry.

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    Anti-Semitism???? Isn't it funny how there isn't anti-Angloism, or anti-Latinism, anti-Celtism, anti-Slavism, …..

    Gee, I guess in reality, where there's smoke, there's fire. Think about it.

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    Jon Smit

    Why are people so obsessed with fumbling in other people's underwear? Celebrities are not famous because of their personal hiccups. Their true value is in what they left behind, their cultural legacy. Who remembers what kind of a person William Shakespeare was? And why would anyone care?

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    Redwillow79 Schippers

    Sorry but this list is kinda lame. I do not think having a temper makes you a bad person. I agree that Elvis and Chuck Berry are not great people. Sinatra and Cash may have done some bad things but not to the extent of other rock stars like Vince Neil and Tommy Lee, who are both prone to violence against women. John Lennon beat his first wife. Prince wanted women to submit to men. These are much worse things in my opinion.

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    Marc Turk

    They were perfectly developed well rounded individuals who could do no more wrong than any other foot that graced this big rock

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    Smiley McGrouchpants

    Richard Wagner actually made it not it not a "not-done" thing, to talk about being anti-Semitic openly in intelligensia circles in Europe. And his later operas are coded with a "sturm und drag" that only the lunatic Hitler got! No one else cared.

    Alternately, I heard Keith Richards didn't tip a waitress all that much once, maybe … 🙂

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    A320 CAT3DUAL


    Actually, IS A PEDOPHILE?!? My wife and talked to him in Walmart last week. Bumped into him in the junior misses section of the store and…….


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