Responsible Research and Innovation: aligning R&I with European society

Responsible Research and Innovation: aligning R&I with European society

We are taking care of everybody, not just us,
but our environment and the people who come after us. It is important to think about research and innovation because it’s shaping
so much our life. Responsible Research and Innovation is the European Union’s approach for
good governance in research and innovation. This means respecting the highest
ethical values and teaching everyone about science
and research. Research results should be accessible for
everyone so citizens can make their voices heard
and engage in research. Responsible Research and Innovation
ensures equal participation of women and men and integrates the gender dimension
into the content of research and innovation. Coping with the challenges ahead is not an easy task. We want sustainability and safety, we want privacy and security we want economic growth and
sustainability. We want all of those things at the same
time. Such high standards are already leaving their mark on how people invest
their money. We need business to engage! Socially responsible investing is one of
the biggest changes the investment industry faces today. It’s crucial that we answer the question:
How we can deliver positive impact in the real economy. But responsible investment in
research and innovation is not enough.
We need all societal actors to engage. Of course it will change the functioning
and probably also the way of understanding problems, and of
discussing problems. If we want to go towards a knowledge
society, this is what it is about: Use the
knowledge that is widely there in society and not only
restrain us to scientific knowledge. To make Responsible Research and
Innovation a true success, we need citizens to engage. I think we need to pull everyone’s
resources together. I think the more people have access
to the data, the more ideas will come out of it, and the better
results we will get in the end. In order to achieve such transparency and
accessibility, we need researchers to engage. We will have a new opportunity
to get researchers and civil society organisations,
researchers and citizens, policy makers and educators into the boat and cooperate together. Participatory and community-based research creates innovative solutions that are
adapted to real problems on the ground. We need policy makers to engage as well to create the right conditions that make
Responsible Research and Innovation a reality. President Juncker once said that the time
has come for a new approach. And Responsible Research and Innovation
should, in its very definition get everyone involved. We, as policy makers and governments
must make efforts to engage far more than the usual suspects
in our outreach Responsible Research and Innovation it’s a mindset, it is an attitude. Only if you contribute, if you get genuinely engaged
in Responsible Research and Innovation will it catch on for good.


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    Arsalan Donald Azarmi

    the face of innovation in societies in rythm-melody of life/Το πρόσωπο της Καινοτομίας στις κοινωνίες σε ρυθμό-μελωδία της ζωής

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