Restrepo Q&A – Dealing with Afghan citizens

Restrepo Q&A – Dealing with Afghan citizens

I was very moved by the once a week meeting
called the shura is that it I’m very fascinated by what you were there think about that process
and umm I understand that you’re just trying to leverage with them and let hem understand
honestly what you are trying to do and why and to me thats one of the most importance
thing is to show fairness and concern for their rights and their values and on me in
my opinion if we did more of thats they would have an understanding and a trust built and
is their some of that amount of weight put into this kind of negotiating I mean talking.
There is a lot of weight but but its one sided you have the americans saying everything they
mean Dan Kearney said everything what he said he meant I will do this for you I will do
this for you I will do this for you I just need your help the taliban I mean the Afghani
sitting next to him would go along with it oh yea yes we want to do the same thing we
want security in this valley also we want this we want that my friend Taylor was one
of the guys that controlled the umm the one road everyone that passed this in the Korengal
valley theres one road and everyone that passes has to check in with him and they would take
the names down and the people that were shaking his hand the people that were in the shuras
the people that called him a friend were the same people that had the AK47s after we tore
that base down and were standing on our base screaming allahu akbar and shooting their
weapons in the air rejoicing that we left so how do you how do you negotiate with that
how do you say okay yea we want this for you but how do you if they don’t want it how do
you bring it to them?


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    Moggi Nodolin

    How can this poor Sergeant understand the real problem of american hegemony in the world while he is a victim of the same?

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