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For your first question What do you think is the biggest problem faced by our society today? The biggest problem I don’t know, rapes? The Indian society? So you see like anywhere discrimination goes on between men and women so that’s like the biggest like the biggest problem ever faced by society Corruption? Society. Problem. Nothing. The biggest problem is the mistreatment of women which is faced by the society I feel there are parts of the society where un…untouchability is a big issue So I guess it’s over Yup Sorry you missed it Trust me, it’s more along the lines that you missed me Apologies, really so sorry for your loss Ma’am, if you intend on mocking us I suggest you please leave Raise your voice Speak your mind Be the change you want to see in the world Thanks, for trying to bring a revolution with 72 facebook likes but, that’s not going to transform the world I can’t believe that you don’t already know that Now I don’t know whether you are being ignorant or plain stupid but say, if I had to wager on something I’d totally go with… How about disappointed On second thoughts we must hear you out Please, have a seat You seem to have it all figured out and not to sound sarcastic but we’d love to be enlightened Enlightened You know what that’s a nice place to begin one’s gotta have the will to actually want to do something I mean, everyone’s real goal in life is to sound concerned and aware in front of their friends making statements that aren’t even originally theirs for virtual approval of people they barely even know You know what’s funny though is how hard they work sometimes It’s crazy people go around shouting no more corruption, no more crime or whatever I’d like to shout out no more cancer but that won’t do jack, would it I was told I’d be asked three questions Right So your first question… Hold on Okay, start Right, What according to you is the biggest problem faced by our society today? We got to figure out what matters and what doesn’t I mean the moment we develop that fighting spirit we waste it fighting over such trivial crap. Care to elaborate? Hey, stop What…what was that seriously That is exactly how my Bengali director behaved I mean, he used to start fighting for no reason He wanted to do a movie on psycho killers but when you have Right for your second question What do you think is the one thing that needs to change in our society? Well done, well done well done PETA boys We are from PETA and this is our contractor so kindly behave and hear what he has to say Yes, get me the paper How many were there? Sir, looking at that table I think there were 6 cows Alright Sir, looking at this table it feels like there are 5 chicken one minute, hold on I was wrong, not 5 but 4 cocks and 1 hen Sir, don’t hide it beside the salad and behind the glass don’t hide the mutton Stop, don’t talk so fast Okay, so how many animals did you kill Sir twenty and you? Seven Aren’t you ashamed? I apologize sir forgive me Yes, yes ma’am Eat as much as you want When Chinese people kill dogs then go ahead like it, comment on it with a sad emoticon upload it on facebook #StopThisViolence and then go home sin by killing these harmless animals Be ashamed, come back to earth don’t fly too high don’t be happy after torturing harmless animals Can’t you hear their screams How can you torture these poor animals and kill them I request you don’t do it Excuse me , ma’am you do realize that animals have the right to live as much as we do and killing them for food is outrageously immoral As far as outrageously immoral is concerned you do realize that PETA kills four out of every five animal it rescues, right So wait, let me get this straight According to PETA if we kill animals to feed people it’s brutal but it totally makes sense to kill them just because they don’t find an adoption home I didn’t know PETA killed animals that’s just stupid You know what’s even more stupid they didn’t know it either that’s another issue, I mean most people have no clue what they are fighting for They work in ideas and not facts ideas as primitively expressed as corruption bad, candle march good Say what you want but I was better off knowing puppies aren’t being slaughtered in masses You know how ignorance is bliss works, right consider this, for most of our lives as kids we did not know that orphans in Somalia were starving Naturally, it didn’t bother us but now that it has come out into the world doesn’t it bother you? Of course it does What have you done about it? For our third question we were supposed to ask you whether you would like to be a part of our team and join the crusade but I think we already know what your answer to that is going to be you think we are incapable of change right I don’t think we are incapable we are capable but what are we doing putting our revolutionary ideas and opinions out there What has that done? At the end of the day nothing’s changed You wanted to know what our problem is right? Well people love to talk about making a difference but end up changing nothing It doesn’t make sense to crib about how bad things are if you don’t have the will to do anything about it If it doesn’t bother you enough then don’t complain about it either I guess I’m done here For your first question What do you think is the biggest problem face by our society today? The biggest problem I don’t know, rapes The biggest problem is the mistreatment of women which is faced by the society What have you done for this change so far? Me? I haven’t Sir, I have done sir if you sit down to make a list… sir… just yesterday… Okay, thank you so much It doesn’t make sense to crib about how bad things are and then not have the will to do anything about it If it doesn’t bother you enough to do something, then don’t complain about it either What the hell was this? Ya, and why weren’t we in the video? How are her problems more important than ours? Ladies and gentlemen please calm down Will you all please calm down just stay silent for a moment I know some of you are wondering why you’ve been put through all of this Why you’re not on screen Are her problems greater than yours? If you are one of those people let me tell you you’ve not even been listening all this while I’ve learnt something recently all we ever do is talk and talk we talk about the hundreds of problems that are faced by our country and the thousand more those problems create Let me tell you all of this uncontrolled criticism is never going to drive change All we are eventually doing is creating a million people who… who are shouting out their worries their problems in a chorus and no one doing jack themselves If you think there’s a problem find a solution to it If you think cleanliness is a problem go… go pick up a broom If you think that killing animals is wrong adopt a few and give them a home If you think our politics is going haywire have the courage to get into the system and stand up against it But if you don’t have the nerve or spine or the guts to do any of these things then please stop creating more problems with your incessant whining because that is not going to cause change Change is action no matter how small So get up and get out there and for once bring about real change Anna get out, time up How do you think that went? Well I can’t really say right now Do you think people will understand what we are trying to say? I do hope so What now? Now we upload it on YouTube to see what happens Do you think that will bring a change? Well depends on them

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