Rich People VS Normal People

[Captions by Y Translator]
NORMAL PEOPLE: TRANSPORT>>Hmmm. Which bus do I take today? This one or that one? RICH PEOPLE: TRANSPORT>>Hmmm… Which car shall I take today? I’ll take the R8.>>Whoa.>>Okay. There’s a guy here. Okay. Can I help you?>>Hi, can you send me
to the Prata shop nearby? Thank you. NORMAL PEOPLE: PETS>>Ahh, you’re tired now, Pudge. You tired? You want to go home? Okay, I’m gonna put you down. You’re really heavy.
Let’s go. Let’s go, Pudge. Pudge! Not here. Come on. Pudge! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! RICH PEOPLE: PETS>>Aren’t you a good boy? You need a haircut. NORMAL PEOPLE: MOTHERS>>Hey boy, I heard you have a new girlfriend. Show me a photo of her? I want to take a look at my
future daughter-in-law.>>Ma… Okay, fine, fine. Here you go.>>Wow, very pretty ah! Is she mixed? RICH PEOPLE: MOTHERS>>Hao Hao, I heard that
you have a new girlfriend. When is mommy ever
going to meet her?>>Oh, mom, you actually scare
every girl whom you meet.>>Fine. I promise to meet her
with an open mind.>>Are you sure?>>Don’t speak with
food in your mouth! [foreign language] NORMAL PEOPLE: SHOWERING>>Come on. I need soap. Okay, never mind. Never mind. Just mix a bit of water. Soap is so expensive, man. Perfect.>>Kor are you done yet?>>Give me five minutes.
I’m not done yet. Don’t come in!>>I don’t want to come in. I just want to take a shower. Why do you always
have to take so long? RICH PEOPLE: SHOWERING NORMAL PEOPLE: ALCOHOL>>Guys, do we get any mixers? Coke? Green tea? Soda? No? Fine, fine. Shots it is. Cheers. RICH PEOPLE: ALCOHOL>>Thank you.>>Enjoy.>>Cabernet Sauvignon 1998.>>Hmm. You must really know your wines. So fancy.>>Sorry, Sir.
That was just grape juice. Would you like the wine now? NORMAL PEOPLE: GETTING THE BILL>>Hi, Sir. Here’s the bill.>>All right. All right, don’t worry about it. I got this, I got this. Don’t worry about it.
>>Okay. Water isn’t free here?>>Sorry sir. We charge for water. Okay. Hey, don’t worry about it.>>You know I can pay, right?>>Don’t worry about it. Small thing, small thing.
Don’t worry about it.>>Thank you. Your card got rejected.>>What?
>>Do you have another card?>>No, that can’t be. It’s fine, It’s fine.
I can handle this. It’s fine. My grandma actually gave this
to me before she passed away last year.>>Sorry. Okay, you know what? It’s fine. Just take this instead.>>Thank you.>>I’m so sorry. It’s gonna be okay. RICH PEOPLE: GETTING THE BILL>>Hi, sir. Here’s the bill.>>Oh, here you go.>>Thank you. Do you wanna check the bill?>>Uh, no thanks.>>Okay.>>Oh, here’s your tip for you.>>Thank you. NORMAL PEOPLE: SPENDING MONEY>>Wow, this painting looks really good. The color is perfect for my toilet. Excuse me. How much is this?>>Oh, sir. This painting is $27,000.>>Oh, Oh God, where is your toilet? Actually, I saw it over there. I’ll be back. RICH PEOPLE: SPENDING MONEY>>Ah Sir. The price of this painting is
$27,000 US dollar.>>Reasonable. However, I do want to find out
the true intention of the artist before I purchase this art piece. It feels like he’s calling
out for desperation. He needs the attention, and he’s struggling to fit
into the norms of society.>>Actually, I think it’s quite
the complete opposite. The artist believes in
the simple pleasures of life, and the simplicity is
the ultimate form of sophistication. Just like this beautiful woman right here. Pleasure to meet you. My name is Travis Boo the third
from the Boo family. I know this because I’m the artist. NORMAL PEOPLE: INTERESTS>>Yo bro, can you do this?>>Oh, snap! Yeah, yeah. Am I doing it? RICH PEOPLE: INTEREST>>Look, it’s in full bloom.>>Hold up. Hi. Sorry, can you please
move the flower away?>>Wow.>>Wow! That is truly an accomplishment. NORMAL PEOPLE:
MEETING THE FAMILY>>Ma?>>My boy? Is this your new girlfriend?>>Yeah.
>>Oh, Hi Auntie.>>Nice to meet you, very pretty ah.>>Wait, how old are you?>>I’m 19.>>Thank goodness. She’s not one of those girls that go for bikini photo
shoot on yacht parties, right?>>No, she’s not.>>Okay. Your father just signed up
for some monthly membership for some bikini photo albums
in some yacht parties. Such disgusting behavior. Don’t be like your father.>>Okay, okay.>>Anyway, I’ll see you guys soon. It’s very nice to meet you. Next time come over for dinner, yeah? Yeah, I’m gonna go home. I see you at home, yeah?>>Okay, bye Auntie.>>I am so sorry.
I am so sorry. RICH PEOPLE:
MEETING THE FAMILY>>Hi, Mother. This is Jasmine.>>Hi, Auntie.
Nice to finally meet you.>>Hao Hao, you need a haircut.>>Ah, yes. Haircut. Will there be anything else mother?>>She is not suitable for you. I need a Feng Shui Master.>>Ah, yes. Feng Shui master has arrived.>>Master Wong has arrived. The birth date characters of this girl
will bring bad luck to your family.>>I may not know Feng Shui,
but I know this much. You will never be enough.>>Ah, yes. You will never be enough. Wait, Mom. I thought you weren’t…>>Do not chase her.>>I just feel so sad that he wouldn’t
speak up for me in front of his mom.>>He’s not worth your time. Just come with me.>>Where are we going?>>It’s okay, just follow me. Don’t worry, he won’t find us here.>>Thank you, darling.>>Who is she?>>She’s my girlfriend.>>And all of them?>>Them? They’re all my girlfriends. When you’re rich and powerful like me, everybody wants to be like you.>>I don’t think I belong here. Maybe I was wrong for running. Can we go back go back?>>She wants to go back.>>You want to go back home? Come on.>>Dude, we’re never going
to catch them at this speed.>>I’m trying as fast as I can. Just get the water out.>>I’m trying. Come on, let’s hurry up.>>I don’t think this is gonna work. Wait, I forgot I’m rich. Look, there they are.>>What?!>>Hello?>>Remember the
thing I told you to do? Do it now or I’ll kill your family.>>Okay. You rich people so dramatic. Sorry bro.>>Useless.>>What is wrong with you?>>What’s wrong with you?>>Tiger! No guys! Wait, wait! I can’t swim. Guys, wait! Wait, wait. Sorry bro. I’m rich. Don’t eat me.

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