Rossello says U.S. treats Puerto Ricans as second-class citizens

Rossello says U.S. treats Puerto Ricans as second-class citizens

and one year after Hurricane Maria devastated photo Rico and led to the deaths of thousands the island is now beginning to rebuild local 10 News reporter Christian della Rossa caught up with the islands governor who says there’s still a long way to go Puerto Rico’s governor he got a little said y’all very grateful with all Americans who sent aid to the island especially Floridians but when it comes to the federal response and comparing it to that in Florida and Texas with the storms there last year he feels Puerto Ricans have been treated as second-class citizens he also says the island is now struggling to move from a recovery phase to a rebuilding phase Hurricane Maria cost the lives of nearly 3 thousand people a year after one of the most massive deadly and destructive hurricanes in modern American history power is fully restored in Puerto Rico I thought Oakland 3 mojo but thousands are still rebuilding their homes block by block an estimated 500,000 Puerto Ricans have left the island since Maria hit seeking better living conditions including hundreds of doctors limiting access to health care and in light of this within the past year the Health Department has been bringing mobile health clinics to communities that are most in need the federal response by many counts has been painfully and even fatally slowed been completely unsatisfied with with the Corps of Engineers and their rebuild of the energy grid it was lackluster it was plagued with bureaucracy there was no sense of urgency speaking exclusively to local 10 News Twitter Rico’s governor Ricardo I’ll show you what do you attribute this lack of urgency many people many Puerto Ricans feel like they’ve been treated like second-class citizens we have no doubt about it governor no CEO says the root of the island’s troubled recovery lies in its Commonwealth status describing Puerto Rico as a modern-day colony of the u.s. the people of Puerto Rico have no political power so the crisis highlighting the decades-long debate on this island as to whether or not Puerto Rico should become a state the governor also telling us that he wishes president Trump would express more empathy towards the island we should mention US housing secretary ben Carson was here in Puerto Rico to mark the anniversary of Hurricane Maria announcing twenty billion dollars in federal funds to help were to Ricans rebuild in San Juan Puerto Rico I’m Christian de la Rosa local tenure


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    Alisson Coronel

    Rossello hires his Friends from the states , pays them undeserved exsuverant. salaries , these same people dont. do the jobs they have been hired to do , they all extort. the people who trusted them n voted for them ; n then theyblame the US system for NOT bailing them Out !!! He , along with his Croonies are really the onesthat treat P Ricans as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS !

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