Royal Society of Canada Fellows

Royal Society of Canada  Fellows

My name is Jonathan Newman, I’m the Vice President Research at Wilfred Laurier University. We’re here today to talk about three newly elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada. I have the great privilege of teaching and doing research on Asian-North Americans. I’m arguing for the inclusion of Asian-Canadians in history in literature and in our curriculum. My research work is analysis of risk as it affects investments, insurance Companies, and pension plans. Trying to better control and manage risk is valuable for society because everyone suffers if institutions like banks, for example, fail. Well the thing that probably has had the most impact is the work I’ve done in child care policy, which I started early on and was doing comparative work, looking at Canada and how we’re a laggard compared to other countries like Sweden. The intellectual environment on campus is very much part of any individual scholar’s success. I am very fortunate to work at Wilfred Laurier University because it’s given me an environment that has been very open. We’re allowed to have different opinions and we respect each other and that’s really precious. These awards are difficult to obtain I think it’ll give prominence to Laurier in the research dimension. One of the main reasons is, the people that select you are top in their field. Because these are active researchers, who are then going up in front of the class they are not teaching what they learned 20 years ago, they’re teaching what is the current cutting edge thinking in their discipline now. I focused quite a bit on PhD students. Maybe they’re the ones who’ll create the new knowledge, because knowledge evolves. I really love doing research and I also like working with students so hopefully, both of those things will continue for a number of years. It’s that lovely interplay between research and teaching that ignites the passions in their students. Teaching students what is the cutting edge of thinking in any discipline you are making them future ready.

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