RSI Constellation Aquila Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

RSI Constellation Aquila Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

RSI Constellation Aquila Review – A Star Citizen’s
Ship Buyer’s Guide Preface
I’m going to tell you everything you want to know about the RSI Constellation Aquilla
and were starting right now. Intro
Welcome to “A Star Citizens Ship Buyers Guide” What’s up Citizens, this is SubliminaL here
and today we will be discussing the features, functions, and benefits of the RSI Constellation
Aquilla, with a comparison of how those features rank amongst competing ships, so you can make
an informed buying decision. If you like this video smash that like button. For more weekly content subscribe and click
that bell. And let me know what ship you’d like to see
next down in the comments. Let’s get to it. Overview
The Constellation Aquilla is the exploration variant of the Constellation manufactured
by non-other than Robert Space Industries. RSI is a multinational corporation that designs,
manufactures, and sells spaceships, vehicles, ship components, and space suits. It is one of the oldest modern human space
corporations that stretches back all the way to mankind’s first steps into the stars. The Aquilla is one of 4 constellation variants. The Andromeda, Taurus, and Phoenix are also
available. Reviews on those will be coming soon. Where the Aquila sets itself apart from the
other variants is its re-designed cockpit for maximum visibility, advanced sensors,
and Its very own Rover and Snub fighter. That’s right folks, you buy this ship and
you’ll have instant access to the URSA Rover and Merlin Snub fighter. The Aquila is currently flight-ready as of
3.0. It is available on the pledge store for purchase,
and upgrade for $310, and on average sells for $294 on the grey market. It is not currently available to purchase
with in-game credits. With that out of the way Let’s see how it
compares to other ships you might be considering. Comparison
For comparison, I have handpicked 10 ships that I think may be considered by someone
looking to purchase a Constellation Aquilla. The following slides will feature the Aquilla’s
values and rank, along with the names and values of the worst and best ships. A google sheets document with those ships
and data are linked in the description. This information is sourced from multiple
sources some with conflicting data, I have chosen the data that I think is most accurate. Information and thoughts reflect the CURRENT
state of the ship and the Persistent Universe. When changes to the ship or PU are pertinent,
I will make a follow-up video. Now let’s see how it stacks up against the
competition. The Aquila comes in at around 286,000kg. It has a max crew size of 5. A cargo capacity of 96scu. Its features a max yaw/pitch rate of 25deg/sec. This is slow but common for a ship this size. An SCM speed of 190m/s. It has a 985m/s top speed. Has over 25,000 hitpoints across its body. It’s shield generators can withstand over
12,000 hit points of damage. Its gun DPS of almost 1,600 is sub-par as
well as its theoretical DPS of just over 3,300. Remember DPS only matters if you can hit your
target. Its missiles do almost 21,000 damage and that’s
pretty good compared to the competition. Its fuel tanks hold a massive 35,000 gallons
of fuel third to the Caterpillar and Starfarer. Its quantum drive has a 70megameters/s quantum
speed. So travel from Port Olisar to Hurston will
take you 7m32s. Enough time to watch one of my videos. It has a QT range of 109 gigameters, so it
can travel from Port Olisar to Hurston 3.4 times before needing a refuel. I am very surprised by this stat, I figured
it would have a much farther range. It appears as though its purpose is to explore
planetary surfaces not space. And finally Leaving Hurston’s atmosphere will
take you about 5m 5s. Weapons
Now let’s talk about its firepower. The Aquila packs 4 VariPuck Size 5 Gimbal
Mounts with 1 Size 4 M6A Laser Autocannons each. These M6A’s have 1,100 energy damage with
37rpm for a total of 700dps and a 5,100-meter range. Note that the top 2, size 5 gimbals can be
replaced with 2, size 5 fixed if so desired. The Aquila’s lower turret comes equipped with
2 Size 2 CF-227 Badger Laser Repeaters These Badgers’s have 52 energy damage with
300rpm for a total of 260dps and a 1,800-meter range. The top turret comes equipped with a radar
scanner that is not functional as of 3.4. For Missiles, it has 4 proprietary constellation
missile racks with 6, size 2 StrikeForce II’s each for a total of 24 missiles. StrikeForce II’s are CrossSection, have 874
mixed damage, a 2.68sec lock time, and over a 4,800-meter lock range. Components
Let’s talk about components, The standard components available on the Aquila are as
follows. It has 2, size 2, Grade C, Civilian Class,
Frost-Star EX Coolers. 2 Size 2 Grade C, Civilian Class Day Break
Power Plant. 2 Size 2, Grade C, Civilian Class, 5MA Chimalli
shield generators. And last but not least we have 1 size 2, Bolon
Quantum Drive Ship Tour
Let’s take a look at the interior. We will start in the rear where the access
to the Kruger Merlin is located, This mechanic is not yet ready as of 3.4. We are in section D. Moving on to section
C, we have components that are labeled but aren’t physicalized so I won’t mention them
feel free to read as we go. To our left, we have the portside airlock
and a missile rack. Moving around we have the starboard side airlock,
the second missile rack, and more components. Below us is the cargo hold big enough to fit
an Ursa Rover, Tumbril Cyclone, a couple of dragonflies or nox’s, or 96scu of cargo space. Continuing on we enter into section B. Section
B has 4 bunk beds to log out in. A lounge area for crew members with a coffee
table. An airlock elevator. To our right, we have 2 functional gunracks. 5 crew lockers
and a head. Moving to section A or the Bridge, we have
a traditional lower turret. And an upper turret with a radar scanner not
yet functional in 3.4. Next, we have a co-pilot seat with 1 MFD. An assistant to the co-pilot seat with one
MFD also. And finally, we have a Pilot seat with a whopping
7 multi-function displays. Outro
In closing I think the RSI Constellation Aquila is a great large exploration vehicle. It’s a very versatile and capable ship even
though its core mechanics aren’t in the game yet. It has a pretty good bang for buck with the
included snub and rover. I would say It’s pros are, a packaged snub
fighter and URSA Rover, large cargo capacity, decent shields, hefty missile payload, and
2 size 5 weapons can be attached, just to name a few. It’s cons are, missing game mechanics like
the radar and snub fighter docking not being available yet, its pretty slow but that is
to be expected for a ship of this size, and a lower than expected QT range but I think
this is intentional. So is it worth a buy? Ultimately that decision is up to you. The next ship I’ll review will be the Origin
300i let me know in the comments what you like and dislike about it. Did you like this guide? Like it! For more weekly star citizen content, Subscribe
by hitting the bell. And comment what ship you would like featured
in the next “A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide”. Until next time citizens, I’ll see you in
the verse.


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    What did you guys think about this review?
    What do you think about the Aquilla?
    What are your thoughts on the 300i I will be reviewing next?
    THE SHEILDS SUCK!!! Should definitely be at least double!!!

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    Very good job but what has become apparent recently is how CIG will need to continue funding this game which will cost massive amounts with a hundred solar systems running in real time. Then we have 500 employees to keep paying for frequent updates. Concept ship sales are going to stop as already stated, probably at game release. So once we have been committed with a bucket full of ships, the pain of yearly membership fees are coming next.

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    Ramone Brown

    Roughly how much cargo space does an URsa take up, I know in the cutlass if you have a cyclone you still have space for limited cargo

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    It has 4 gimbaled size 4 weapons, one sitting on each of the four nacelles' size 5 hard point.. Your video suggested only 2.

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    Brandon DeFrenchi

    I have the andromeda, I tried putting the Ursa in the cargo bay and as soon as I got it parked perfectly on the ramp and raised the ramp, the ship and the rover spazzed the fuck out flipping the whole ship upside down and tossing the rover. If they're truly meant to go together then I would hope they work that out

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    Dominic Gunderson

    Ok I have a question. If purchase the aquilla then melt it I'll get 310 in store credits right. I can then melt the ursa and snub fighter for 70 tokens for a +70 token gain. Am I wrong on this?

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    Good review, I liked the depth, approach, and especially the pro's and cons list (despite missing quite a few of the current cons plaguing the line-up presently).
    Prospective buyers really do need to beware the Constellation series at the moment, especially before dropping a notable amount of money on them.
    Definitely a fly-it-before-you-buy-it ship.

    Long term however, once the game is flushed out more, I think your review style will be extremely helpful in aiding buyers. Keep up the good work.

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    Stephen Spirek

    Format looks good, reminds me of the military channel short docs on various weapons platforms. Keep up the good work!

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    so it's not a pvp game ?
    'cause if it's a pvp game, it's broken before release.
    Guys who put money will own the sky and will crush the rest, so it's a huge pay 2 win.

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    Pirate Radio

    I watch a lot of these videos and I believe your ship reviews are the best put together. I know it will be a while, but I can't wait to see your review of the Crusader Star Runner!

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    You make some of the most organized and professional review videos I have seen. I am sharing your channel in all of my Discord channels. Keep up the great work!

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    ecevans evans

    Hey good information, you do a video on ranking of the shields. Ex- C/military class or C/Industrial class which is strongest or better value

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    Kevin Felker

    Aquila was one of my early choices.
    But then there's the Carrack.

    Even if I were to get a Connie, I'd get the Phoenix and modify it from there.
    The Aquila cockpit does have the best view of the Connies…but at the end of the day the 600i would be my choice over a Connie.
    How often is the snub going to get used?
    The 600is Rover is said not to compete with the 40SCU cargo. Whereas the Aquila's does….so it doesn't REALLY have 96 SCU.
    So at the end of the day the Cargo is the same.

    Given the above.
    I moved on from the Aquila a long time ago.

    And that's not to mention the Drake Corsair that's a direct competitor that just came out today!

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    Ahmed Malik

    Suggestion – Make a video about comparing the different constellation series?…Direct comparison between Andromeda vs Phoenix vs Aquila vs Taurus

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    The Insane Guy

    So the merlin snub fighter comes with the ship but you can't use it? And do we permanently get the snub fighter and rover or is it only for while star citizen is in development?

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    Yeah… That range…
    It really makes me wonder how exploration is going to work.

    It makes me wonder even more what the actual purpose of the really small 'exploration' ships, like the 315p is.

    Unless it's relatively easy to refuel in the middle of nowhere using random objects found in space, you can hardly call these things explorers.

    Something like the 315p would struggle to cross even a single planetary system given it's QT range…

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    Both this and the 600i has two medium shield generators, but the 600i has more than 7 (SEVEN!) times more shield hitpoints. How come? Is the current ship not up to date or is it just a matter of upgrading to better class shield components?

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    decent shields? They are one of the worst of this size of the ship.
    You even ranked them #18. 2:45

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    Ted Wendelboe

    Nice thing about the Aquila. Is you can (could) get one for super cheap buy buying a Corsair. $195 gets you and Aquila ($310) and a buccaneer ($110). At least until the Corsair comes out. And by then I can save up for the CCU from Corsair to Aquila.

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    Spike Solas

    It's a great ship. It's about what you plan to do with it. Also, the game is only in Alpha 3.5. There are so many things that are being tweaked and worked on. I personally purchased the Andromeda varient of these and my brother and I absolutely love it. We plan to handle cargo, do search and rescue missions for players, and provide aid for those in distress. All in all, all the ships are good, otherwise Chris wouldnt want them to be in the game. They all have a purpose. It's all about what you want to role in this game.

    This is a space sim where you can be whatever you want to be. Just have fun. Awesome review and video.

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    Thomas Akins

    It'd be awesome to see a buyers guide of the Andromeda and if it's worth buying vs waiting for the Tarus!

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    The only things I really dislike about the Aquila are the non-inverting bottom turret, the current lack of modularity of the top turret, CIG abandoning the probe launcher concept, the slight mismanagement of internal space, and, most importantly, the disappointing quantum range which I feel should be greater given the Aquila's superior scanning capabilities. Other than that, I love the Aquila and it's probably going to be my go to exploration vessel once Star Citizen goes live. Great review of the Aquila, Sub.

    Side note: I didn't know how to properly pronounce Aquila when CIG first announced it either. The proper pronunciation is uh-KWIHL-uh. Additionally, the Constellation Aquila is named after a genus of eagle found in the Pacific North West of the USA and Canada.

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    Rogue Simulant

    Should defiantly do the the Drake Herald, very interesting and immersive ship and rather cheap for a Star Citizen ship.

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