S. Korea raises concerns over ‘excessive’ traveler entry measures by China and Japan

the Chinese city of Wei hai quarantine
25 South Korean travelers for the past two days without giving prior notice to
Seoul Japan decided to ban entry of foreigners who have visited tegu and the
surrounding gyeongsangbuk-do province within the past 14 days for details
let’s turn to our Oh jung-hee on Wednesdays Horus foreign ministry called
in for consultations the Chinese ambassador to South Korea Shanghai Ming
in the Japanese ambassador Koji Tomita this over the measures their countries
have taken on travelers from South Korea Wei hai city in China’s Shandong
Province announced Tuesday that it would isolate travelers coming from South
Korea and Japan for 14 days it did so without giving any prior notice to Seoul
in the past two days a total of 310 travelers who left from South Korea
including 25 South Korean nationals were all put in quarantine
Soler said the measure goes way too far the measures taken by some local
governments are not singling out South Koreans a lot of Chinese nationals are
also subject to them we ask for your understanding the Japanese ambassador to
South Korea Koji Tomita was also called to the foreign ministry this as Tokyo’s
during Thursday is banning the entry of foreigners who visited the South Korean
city of daegu and the surrounding Kong some Buchta province within the past two
weeks as of Wednesday 17 countries including
Singapore Vietnam Iraq and Israel are denying entry to travelers coming from
South Korea 13 countries including Taiwan Thailand and Kazakhstan have
stepped up quarantine measures on such travelers isolating them or
strengthening health checks Oh jung-hee Arirang news

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