S. Korea to bring all nationals back from Wuhan on chartered flights

meanwhile South Korea is going to cover
all the costs related to treating Korea’s infected with the new virus the
government is also going to send a charter planes to ohon the epicenter of
the outbreak to evacuate all its nationals our sins have been with more all treatment expenses for patients with
coronavirus will be covered by the South Korean government that includes cost
associated with isolating patients screening suspected cases and treating
those infected the Health Ministry said all expenses will be split between the
state the National Health Insurance Service and local governments asked for
bringing Korea’s home from the Chinese city of ohon currently under complete
lockdown the Korean government is flying in for turnit flights over the next two
days that means some 700 Koreans even those who may be showing symptoms of the
virus will be brought back home we plan to arrange seating by separating those
showing symptoms and those who aren’t in different flights or different levels of
the plane in order to avoid infection the foreign ministry said the decision
is part of the government’s responsibility to protect the lives and
the safety of Korean nationals no matter where they are preparations are also in
place for when those people arrive in Korea they’ll go through a detailed
inspection and will also be monitored in an isolated facility at Incheon
International Airport an additional 200 people including airport police and
Airport corporation personnel have been put in to help ease to screening and
quarantine process of all entrants from China and a full-scale inspection began
Tuesday on all 3,000 people who enter the country from ohan between January
13th and a 23rd and view of the virus’s incubation period of up to two weeks
blue house said the government will do thorough health checks on all such
people regardless of whether or not they’ve been showing symptoms as of 9
a.m. to say a total of four confirmed cases of corona virus had been reported
and the government had raised the alert level for infectious disease to the
second most severe level she’s men Arirang news

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