Sam + Grizz’s Love Needs to Be Protected | The Society | Netflix

If you have a garden
and a library, you have everything you need. I don’t know if it was always
there from the beginning, this sort of attraction with one another. Do you? Do I what? Have all you need? Almost. Thrown in the circumstances,
I think that it evolves, the relationship. -This is BSL.
-Yeah. I use ASL. They’re different. A couple of our actors
had to learn ASL during the course
of the season, or at least enough
to communicate with Sean. One motivating factors
that I came here is to sort of try to learn
and grow, and it’s been amazing. I wanted to be able
to talk to you in your language. Sean and Jack,
they were great. You have to
watch them and see. They did an amazing job. Can you teach me
one more phrase in sign language? How do you say “kiss me”?

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