Save Early Voting in Ohio: Help Enact the Citizens’ Veto for Ohio House Bill 194

Save Early Voting in Ohio: Help Enact the Citizens’ Veto for Ohio House Bill 194

[woman volunteer] do you know about House
Bill 194? [Greg] right now at this time we unfortunately are facing a challenge to one of the
fundamental rights that we have living in a democracy House Bill one ninety four
has past which severely restricts one’s ability to vote and ability to take recourse
it their vote was not counted [woman volunteer] so you haven’t heard of
it huh? [Michael] House Bill 194 will hurt Ohio because
it will limit the ability of people to get into
the ballot box specifically lessening the amount of
time that you can vote prior to election day requiring forms of i_d_ that a lot of
less privileged people don’t have the resources to obtain. prohibiting the
truth to be told the certain voters about where they should be voting scary stuff like that [Richard] people like my parents were around
ninety years old are going to be feeling like they’re
under more pressure to do things just right they’ll have less time to votes and
i know that they need to do not like these efforts at all. [Albert] voting is a right not a privelege and our democracy is harmed whenever the right to vote iss taken away regardless of your political persuasion it will just limit the ability of people to vote and that’s the one great place
of totally equality –one-person one-vote. so
i think that our founding fathers would cringe if they thought about what one ninety four is all about.
[Reida] this is non-partisan this is affecting everybody [Jane] the purpose should be for all of us, Democrat and Republican, getting
the electorate to vote [Greg] luckily in Ohio citizens have what
sometimes known as a citizen veto they actually have an opportunity
to have their voices heard after bill was signed into law so in ohio we have
ninety days from the date the law goes into affect to
collect a certain number of signatures from across the state which will actually stop the law from going
into effect until it’s voted on in the next general election by the people
we have to get this on that ballot so that we can vote on it ourselves there is a high need for people to circulate a petition. [Kimberly]
Without the volunteers it really doesn’t happen [woman volunteer] excuse me are you registered
to vote? [Albert] you can’t be bashful [woman volunteer] we have to get the signatures right
now [Michael] get involved get on the internet
learn about one ninety four and talk about it with your neighbors and your friends and
your co-workers and by gosh, sign the petition
so it can at least get on the ballot at the right time [woman volunteer] appreciate it [petition signer] thank you
[woman volunteer] spread the word [Greg] by all Ohioans working together –sign the petition and circulate
the petitions we’re going to be able to collect the needed
signatures to stop this law from going into effect you can go to BarackObama dot com and
look for a signing event in your area but the need to start now is great we really must start collecting signatures
right now


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    Tyler Thrash

    The GOP today has waged the largest war on voting rights in last hundred years. They are restricting many of the traditional democrats to vote in 2012. Look it up and learn more. We need to stop this evil, we must protect our liberty!

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    @videomakerman1232 how?????? obama is trying to avoid this from happening and the income tax was put in place under the 16th amendment in 1913……… and the current congress is unlikely to be able to ratify an amendment getting rid of the 16th amendment since the republicans wont vote for anything that helps the country or the president………..

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    if you value real democracy you will get your ass off the couch and get down to a polling station to cast a vote.
    if you can't do that we don't want you. Elections are not about "convienence"….they are about the vote.

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    Funny how the Republican Party are tyring to not tax the wealthy yet they love taxing the middle class…. how they want to go around to manipulate the redistricting of Texas for their own advantage.

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    jkm hoffman

    The GOP is continuing to strip away and hinder early voting in key states such as Ohio and Florida. What should be happening is that ALL U.S. citizens should have the right to vote on a week-end (not a working day such as Tuesday) or make the first tuesday of November a legal holiday. The GOP has continued to make working Americans feel the pressure of voting on a work-day if early voting is greatly hindered.

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    Donald Jay

    Give me a break. Election day is the same time every year. You got four years to plan to vote. Its in November 2012, 2016, 2020.2024, ect, ect.

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    Obama didn't win because we voted. He won because we got other people to vote. That's what the Republicans' voting restrictions are about. They fear they can't win straight up, so they want to take away the rights of people who tend not to vote Republican. I hope Republicans at least don't then wonder why those people don't vote Repuiblican.

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