Scott Hamilton | Civil Engineering

Scott Hamilton | Civil Engineering

– My name is Scott Hamilton and I am an associate professor and the coordinator of the
Civil Engineering Program. You might get that much difference in your machining of a piece. I took a kind of unusual path, in that I was an Army officer. I went to West Point and
then I served in the Army for a little over 26 years. During that time I had an
opportunity as an assignment to teach civil engineering at the US Military Academy at West Point, where I had gone to school. And got hooked on teaching
civil engineering. Another string gauge, but we orient it… I think the most exciting thing about York College and civil engineering is that it’s brand new. It really gives us a blank slate, so we can do what we think is right and what’s gonna be the
best for the students. And, you know, it’s gonna
give us an opportunity to do some things that are a
little different, a little new. And then can I get a stress strain curve? One of the big complaints
of engineering is “Well, how am I gonna
ever use this?” and all. So that’s kind of how
I treat every lesson, is I need to make sure
that they see that what they’re doing has a relation, how it relates to the real world. Strain curve. Ah, so if I can
(mumbles) a strain curve… When you’re working with students you get those times when
you see they’ve got it. Maybe they’ve struggled,
maybe it’s a student who hasn’t done all that well, but all of a sudden has
taken it up a notch, taken it up a level. Or, the student that’s been struggling and then makes it over the line. As opposed to just the length, and yeah you could possible do it. It’s a great age of
figuring out who they are, they’re looking for how their
going to model their life, whether professional role models, personal role models, whatever. So, it’s just a dynamic
time in their life, and to get be a part
of it for a little bit is pretty rewarding and exciting.


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