SD Citizenship Interview 4: Marital Status and Questions Out of Sequence

Jennifer Gagliardi? Yes, it’s me! How are you today? How did you get here today? I drove my car. Did you have problems with parking? No problems with parking but there was a big traffic accident. The freeways in San Diego are crazy! Please remain standing. Okay good. Please raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth,
and nothing but the truth? Yes I do. Please take a seat. Thank you so much. Can I have your ID card and your Green Card and your passport. Good, thank you. Thank you What is your eligibility for citizenship? I have been a legal permanent resident for three years and I have been married to an American citizen for three years and he’s been an American citizen for three years and I lived here for three years. Yes, so let me let me repeat to make sure it’s right. You’re married to a US citizen for three years and you have been living here for three years and you have had your Green Card for three years. Yes! Good. What is your Alien Number? My A number? I don’t remember. I think . . . I think it’s A – 9 7 8 6 4 5 2 1 2 What is your current address? My current home address . . . 4125 North River Street, Bonsall California, 92003 How long have you lived in this address? Three years. What is the prior address? Private? Oh, Prior! I have no previous address. Before, I was in Italy. Is that the house or an apartment? It is a house. Do you own or rent? My husband owns it. How many bedrooms are there in your house? Oh I think there is four bedrooms. It was his family’s house. How much did you pay a month? I think it is his house. It was his family’s house so we do not pay rent. We do not owe anything. We’re okay. Do you have children? Not yet. We are working on it, but not yet. How many times have you been married? Only one time. How many times has your husband been married? My husband was married two times. What’s your husband’s name? My husband’s name is Stefano Gagliardi What is the date of your marriage? The date of my marriage is June 16th, 2013. What happened to his other marriage? She died. She died? Yes. Have you ever been claimed to be a US citizen? I have never claimed to be a US citizen. Have do you have a registered to vote in the United States? I’ve never registered to vote in the United States. Why not? Because I’m not a citizen. I voted in Italy, but did not vote here. Have you ever NOT filed a tax return? I file my taxes with my husband, so we do it together. You did it together? Yes. Have you ever been arrested, cited, or detained? No, I have never been arrested, cited, or detained. Have you ever been in jail or prison? Not here. I have never been in jail in the United States. How many trips have you taken outside of the United States for the last five years ? I’ve taken three trips outside the United States. I go to Italy for three weeks every year around Christmastime. The last time I left was on December 12, 2017 and I returned June 8th–no! January 8th, 2018. So those three trips–they didn’t last for more than six months? No all of them were about three weeks. How many total days? Total days outside the United States was 80 days. Do you support the Constitution of the United States? Yes, I do support the Constitution of the United States. Are you willing to . . . Bear arms? to bear arms on behalf of the United States? I am afraid, but Yes, I am willing to bear arms on behalf of the United States. And you’re willing to the defend . . . to do work of (national) importance for the United States? I am willing to do non-combatant service for the United States. And if there’s an emergency, I’m willing to help during the national emergency –so to do work of national importance Congratulations! You passed! Thanks Citizenship Teachers!

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