Seat Pleasant, Maryland: Citizen services around the clock

– Now when any department
goes out to the community, we’re able to hear the positive responses. And that is a great feeling,
to know that what we’re doing, is affecting and impacting the community. In the past, we’ve
heard negative responses about the city being unclean, there’s a lot of trash on the ground, or the police, we never see them. – It was important for our
residents to feel as though their government was
going to be responsive. – People were relying on a
nine to five being able to contact about any issues that they have. – [Mayor Grant] We put
together a very innovative app that gave our residents access. – IBM assisted the city of
Seat Pleasant to incorporate Watson into the My Seat Pleasant app. Any resident who has a
question that they want to ask about the city on a 24 hour
basis, can go into the app and click on Watson to ask it a question. – We had a tree fall and instead of having to call city hall, I just
went and used their chat. And said that there’s a tree fallen in the middle of the street. And the sent public works
out to get it for me. – I’ve used it to report
potholes that are in the street. I’ve used it to see what’s
going on in the city. – No matter where our
public works director is, no matter where our employees
are, they’re able to log in because it is on IBM cloud. And get the service requested in real time and respond in a quick
and efficient manner. – It allows them to get to us sooner. I don’t– on a weekend doesn’t matter. Because it comes through,
I’m gonna get it. So I love it. I don’t see how we ever did without it.

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