Senate Intel. Committee Receives Legal Basis for Assassination of American Citizens

s turning to another aspect of of the drum
pro program senators on the intelligence committee announced it uh… i believe it was yesterday monday that the administration had agreed to
share with them documents outlining the full scope of the legal rationality disc claiming
code for the authority to target american citizens who are terror
suspects abroad according to of the senators on this
committee the administration is now provided the same touched me with full
access to documents outlining the president’s authority to conduct targeted killings of
americans in counterterrorism operations we are pleased that we now have access
to leave long-sought and need to conduct the diligent vigilant oversight with
which the committee has been charged there was some question as to whether or
not any of these senators would read into
the record of the senate the documents showing this authority alava micro rebel senator at the time of lead one’s uh…
red the pentagon papers and put them into the record which of course at that point uh…
makes them a public information and senators are uh… cannot be prosecuted for what they say on the
floor so uh… it appears now that they will be no
senators who will do this we still have the problem that we have a law that exist still although now we have a little bit more accountability a secret law that explains that the american government can kill
its own citizens in certain circumstances not really the way that you should be
running a democracy and so hopefully we will see more
transparency in the future or maybe one of the senators and will just find it necessary in the service of transparency to read this off on the senate floor so
that uh… the rest of the americans can know wary in the authority lies for the
american government to assassinate them

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