Senior Citizen Football Teams Are the Next Big Thing (feat. David Alan Grier) – Crank Yankers (2019)

[light music][line trilling]– Thanks for calling [bleep].This is Cheryl,
how can I help you?
– Hello, my name is
Landalious Truefeld. Who, may I ask,
am I speaking with today?– This is Cheryl.
– Hi, Cheryl. Uh, I don’t know
if you heard about me. Uh, I am a retired
semi-pro football player. Award winning, world-renowned. I’m calling y’all today
because what I do is I sponsor and set up senior citizen
football leagues. And I’ll tell you that
the old folks love it. The get uniforms–
– Okay, so hold on, so you–
– Yes, ma’am.
– Before you go any further,
our activity lady is not here.She will be here on Monday.Actually, everybody is gonefor the weekend.
– Say what?– Yes, sir,
they won’t be back–
Well, some of them
will be back Monday.
I won’t. [laughs] I’m off.
– Well, where you goin’?– I’m gonna go to the house.– Say what now?
– Yeah. – Well, let me
ask you something. You like football?– Yes, sir.
I’m a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.
Been for–
– I’m about to hang up on you, girl! You did not say Steelers!– Yes, I did.
– You did not say Steelers. What?
– Yes, sir.
– Let me ask you something.
Let me ask you something.– Yes, sir. I was in love
with the Steelers
when Terry Bradshaw
and Lynn Swann was the guys.
– Oh, I can’t stand
Terry Bradshaw.– Why?
– He pushed my buttons.– I need to go, then.
I don’t need
to talk to you no more.
– Please, stop.– Good-bye.
– Stop it, stop it. [both laugh] I’ll tell you what
my favorite team is.– You say the Cowboys,
and I’m finna hang up on you!
– Ay, did I say that yet? Can you give me a chance, girl?
[laughs]– Ooh, I’m about
to drop it, boy.
– Anyway, I like
the Inkster Ink Spots. They are not currently a team,
but you know, back in the late ’50s,
early ’60s, all black– Let me tell you something,
they knocked heads. Knocked people straight on out. The hardest hitting
football team I ever, ever seen in my life.
You ever hear of ’em?– Listen, I’m trying
to get out of here.
– Okay, go ahead.
– I love you, sir, I do.
– Yes, ma’am.
– But she will be here Monday.
Her name is Red.
– Red. Okay.– Yeah.
– All right. But now–and she’s the one
in charge of booking people? ‘Cause I’d like to come in–
– How much you cost?
How much-
what’s the timeframe?
– I don’t cost nothing.
– Oh, you free?
– All y’all pay for
is the cleats and the uniforms, which I designed.
– A majority–
and we’ve got a handful of
them can barely walk.
– Yeah, but–
yeah but, look here. That’s okay, ’cause
I’ma tell you right now, these old folks–
you put the bright colors, the little spangles
and the cleats on them, they have a ball. And the best part of it,
the football pants, easy access,
you understand? If they gotta
do their business, you just pull the flap down
in the back– [screams] And they right back out there
on the field.– Uh-huh.
– Okay?– Okay.
– So I’ma talk to Reddy Red. And while I go–
– Call her Monday.
– Monday.
Well, does she like music?– She loves music.– ‘Cause I like it too, girl.
You know, I sing, too. – If the football
don’t come out, I sing–– What you sing?
– I do! I will call Red,
I’ma be like,♪ Hey, Red ♪♪ You fire hot ♪♪ Hey, Red ♪♪ I know you ain’t there ♪♪ Hey, Red ♪♪ I’m comin’ on over
to put these cleats on you ♪
♪ Ohh ♪You know, something like that.
– [laughs]
Man, have a good weekend.
I’ll hit you later. Bye.
– Okie, dokie. Fine, girl.– [laughs]
-[receiver clicks]♪ ♪[whistle blows]

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