Senior Citizens Get Their First Thirst Traps

– Is the word third, like three? Or thirst? Thirst and then strap? – [Fernando] John? – Yes, hi. – Fernando. – Nice to meet you
– Nice to meet you thank you for coming. So John, we’re gonna
take some thirst traps. Do you know what a thirst trap is? – [John] No. – Alright, I got you. I’ll explain everything to you. Instagram has been around
for about eight years and one of the best and
worst things that it has introduced us to is thirst traps. I myself have gone from
hating thirst traps to becoming sort of a thirst trap queen, and
I’m not embarrassed by it. I’m really not. But it recently occurred
to me that senior citizens don’t really have a big
presence in the thirst trap community, so this week
I made it my challenge to find two senior citizens who would be down to
come in and let us take professional thirst trap photographs so they can post on their
Instagram, or Facebook or whatever they’re using. And if they’re not using
anything we can print them out, but we’re gonna get
this thirst trap photos. So I realized that finding
people for this video was going to be more
difficult than I anticipated. So to start off I reached out to my aunt. So, I’m here at my Aunt Martha’s house. She agreed to be in this video, but she’s not I think 100% sure about what’s gonna go down. (speaks in foreign language) Next I met up with John,
an actor that my friend Aria found on Craig’s List. What are some of the best
things from growing older. – Growing older sucks, it’s not any fun. – What sucks about it? – One, you’re probably
gonna end up with some medical problems, you know. I have to take pills everyday
and I never did that before. – Do you think self-esteem
suffers as one grows older? – I have a sister, she’s close to my age. She won’t get in front of a camera. In fact if you look on her Facebook page she won’t post any pictures of herself or the only one you see
is one that was from like, 30, 40 years ago. When I was younger I
didn’t really like to be in front of a camera. I think I was probably
better looking when I was younger, I don’t
know what my problem was. But now I’m older, I’m
in front of the camera all the time. – You actually got more
confident as you grew older. That’s awesome. After meeting up with
them I knew they were both perfect for this. Alright John so we’re here now. We’re about to take your thirst trap. Are you excited? – Yeah definitely. (speaks in foreign language) Are you nervous about
anything for this process? – When I was younger,
you know I had to keep up appearances but as I’ve grown older I don’t give a (beep). If you don’t like me I don’t care. – There you have it. (speaks in foreign language) My aunt currently has just
the silhouette of a woman and that is unacceptable. (speaks in foreign language) Like this. (speaks in foreign language) – Is the word third? Like three? Or thirst? – [Fernando] Thirst like in thirsty. – Thirst, and then strap? – [Fernando] Trap. – Oh like you’re trapping an animal? – [Fernando] Yes. – That kind of trap? I’ve never heard these words before. – John took his photo. We have the photos ready. John come in. What do you think? – Very nice, I really like those. – [Fernando] Do you think
you look like James Bond? – [John] Like James
Bond’s grandfather maybe. – Good looking grandfather. I need you to post this on Instagram ASAP. Get those likes and get
those follows so that you can be poppin’ in the
thirst trap community. Thank you, John. – Wow. (speaks in foreign language) – Well, she looks beautiful. I can’t stop looking at her pictures. (speaks in foreign language) – [Fernando] This experience
made me realize that although growing older might be difficult at times it does not have to be boring or sad. I hope that I can grow to
become as fun, as loving as these two and that maybe
I have someone to take my thirst traps too. Cause let’s be real. Their photos were tight as (beep) (upbeat music)

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