SenSource People Counters for Libraries

We just need to know how many people are coming
into the library and SenSource does that for us.
We were just doing a tally, a little hash-mark We chose SenSource and their people counter
because they solved a lot of the issues We started with the people counter in April
2008 and it’s really just been fantastic it’s setup well for the type of doors we
have. We use SenSource people counters to help us
report our yearly statistics to the state and also use the people counters in order
to help us maintain a good staffing level. We’re trying to get all of the work done
in the library and we don’t have to stop and think, “oh I forgot to count these people,
how many people are here”. So it was a trigger for us to look for an easier way to do this.
So we gathered information about all the different people counters and we felt that this one
was going to work well for us. We decided to implement the SenSource people
counter product in July 2009 to help us calculate the number of people that come into the library
and we use those figures to report for funding statistics as well as to make sure we’re
a successful library. The state requires us to give an estimation of how many people come
into the library. The data of the amount of people who come into the library is collected
periodically throughout the month. We chose SenSource people counters as a solution
for a public display to show how many people are coming into and out of the building throughout
the day. And the product reputation that is talked about on the website made it a no-brainer.
We definitely use the data to be able to see whether or not we need to increase the number
of hours we’re open or closed, the level of staffing, if anything we’ve talked about
purchasing another unit to watch the circ desk. We use the SenSource data and then we
point that back to our library administration and then they report that back to university
administration. The SenSource people counter data we not only have displaying on our public
display, but we also have it displayed on our library’s website.
I would highly recommend the SenSource people counters to any library that would need a
people counter. When other libraries ask about people counters,
I always speak up and say, “Oh we’ve got SenSource, they’re fantastic and you should
really look into them.”

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