Seoul to provide ‘Free Public Wifi’ all over the city

Seoul to provide ‘Free Public Wifi’ all over the city

now if you have ever been to Seoul or
South Korea you already know that this is one of the most wired cities or
countries on earth but in just about three years from now all Wi-Fi use
everyone in Seoul will be able to use free Wi-Fi everywhere in the capital
Seoul’s local government announced plans last week to establish a network a
broadband network covering the entire city free of charge and ArtRage immune
tells us more about this 9 out of 10 Koreans use smartphones but at the same
time Koreans pay comparatively a large amount of money to use the internet on
their mobile phones recent reports show that 1 gigabyte of data costs around 15
u.s. dollars in Korea which is the most expensive price tag among countries with
high smartphone penetration rate this costly mobile price has created visual
inequality among Koreans leading to so called Wi-Fi refugees who move around
places to find Wi-Fi data is always not enough I sometimes pay extra for
overusing data so when I’m out I only use my smartphone where Wi-Fi is
provided free public Wi-Fi now is concentrated in subways buses and main
streets she expand the range of public Wi-Fi
Seoul has announced its plan to build a data free city establishing more than
4,000 kilometers of municipal broadband networks currently holds network covers
30% of the city and is mostly limited to administration business uses we plan to
install more than 16,000 public Wi-Fi application processors around the city
by 2022 extending the coverage area to 100% the administration says the 12
million foreigners who visit Seoul every year will also benefit from the plan as
everyone can access the free Wi-Fi course you can save a lot of money and
otherwise you have to pay your provider and it’s very expensive if you are out
of your country if you use your cell phone the Kenyan government does not
provide free Wi-Fi to tourists so most of it I’m tourists or even if
they are there for short visit are forced to register SIM cards so that
they are able to have internet on their phones this marks a first for any city
in the world building a municipal broadband network
that covers its entire metropolitan area once complete citizens and tourists
alike will have access to free public Wi-Fi even in some small back streets
like this Seoul expects this project to save around 40 US dollars per user
leading to around 30 billion dollars of total benefits choi jungmoon arirang


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    Great achievement, congratulations. A friend of mine had a project for this lot of years ago, We have free signal for all the government and public educational buildings, but not for all the city, that's great, her project was this but it hadn't done yet, maybe we will reconsider it now here in Uruguay, now that we are going to have 5G. Thank you.

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