Servicemembers become U.S. citizens

Servicemembers become U.S. citizens

[SPC J. Taylor] Recently, 25 military members
became American citizens during a naturalization ceremony
at Camp Mabry in Austin. Servicemembers from 16 different countries
earned their citizenship at the annual American Heroes Celebration
by swearing their loyalty to the United States for the second time in their life.
I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time–officially.
And…I’m sorry. I’m emotional. I’m really excited that actually I became
a US citizen. And I’ll serve any day, at any time, in any
place. [Taylor] The backdrop for the ceremony was
the moving Vietnam War Memorial Wall. The half-scale replica contains over 58,000
names of men and women killed or missing in action from Vietnam.
It’s just an honor to have that wall in front of us.
And I’m glad I’m serving for them and fighting for our country.


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    @STarFishUltra one has to have a valid green card to be eligible for service. So there are no illegal aliens there. and speaking about foreigners: US was founded by foreigners

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    @STarFishUltra Just look at it this way. There's now no way that anyone can say these new citizens didn't earn their place in America. The way I look at it, if you think this country is so great that you'd be willing to sacrifice for it even though you aren't even part of this country, much respect to you. There are U.S. citizens that don't even appreciate what they have here.

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    Johnny Watts

    Think about it: is citizenship all that important to serving the United States armed forces? If you're going to Iraq, how many US citizens serving in your forces are going to know how to speak the local language? Know the terrain? It makes sense to open service to foreigners.

    If you're concerned about betrayal, I'm pretty sure the military isn't stupid enough to give away critical info to foreigners who serve. It's not like you have a General who isn't a citizen.

    At the end of the day, these foreigners put their lives on the line to defend the interests of the United States. They deserve citizenship, because they've certainly done more for the country than most who are citizens by birth.

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    The current administration made this process difficult but giving back to the American people will always come first.

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