Sesame Street: People in Your Neighborhood

Sesame Street: People in Your Neighborhood

BOB: You know, there are all
kinds of interesting people that live right around your
neighborhood, like, oh, the post man, and the police
man, and– GROCER: Hey, did you order
these groceries here? BOB: Oh, hi there. Yes, as a matter
of fact, I did. GROCER: Yeah, these are
your groceries here. BOB: Have you got everything
I ordered? The, uh– GROCER: No, no. BOB: How about the parsley? GROCER: No, we didn’t
have the parsley. BOB: Oh, you didn’t
have the parsley. GROCER: No, we brought some
other stuff instead, though. BOB: What did you
bring instead? GROCER: Well, let’s see. I brought some, uh,
brussels sprouts. BOB: Brussels sprouts. All right. GROCER: Yes, I got some
turnip greens. BOB: Turnip greens. GROCER: I got some kale. BOB: Kale? GROCER: Yes, we were having
a big sale on kale. BOB: Oh, a big kale sale? GROCER: You’ve heard about it? BOB: I’ve heard about it. GROCER: Yes, indeed. Well, I brought you
a lot of that. BOB: Hey, listen. I was just talking about some of
the people who lived around our neighborhood, and– GROCER: You were? BOB: Yeah. As long as you look sort of
like, well, a grocer, one of those people around the
neighborhood, why don’t we do that song about the people
in your neighborhood? GROCER: Well, I’d rather
not, actually. BOB: Aw, come on. It’s a nice song. GROCER: Well, OK, but
you start off. BOB: All right. I’ll start off. (SINGING) Well, now, who
are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? Say, who are the people
in your neighborhood? The people that you
meet each day. As long as you look like the
grocer, why don’t you tell us what a grocer does? All right? GROCER: OK. (SINGING) Oh, a grocer sells
the things you eat. Like cereal and cheese
and meat. Whatever food you’re looking
for, you’re sure to find it in my store. BOB: Because a grocer is a
person in your neighborhood. GROCER: In your neighborhood. BOB: He’s in your
neighborhood. BOTH: A grocer is a person
in your neighborhood. A person that you
meet each day. BOB: Well, nice to see ya. Oh, I know who you are. DOCTOR: Yeah, hi, Bob. BOB: You’re the doctor, right? DOCTOR: Yeah. (SINGING) Oh, a doctor works the
whole day long to keep you feeling well and strong. But if by chance you’re feeling
sick, I’ll try to make you well real quick. BOB: Because a doctor is a
person in your neighborhood. DOCTOR: In your neighborhood. BOB: He’s in your
neighborhood. GROCER: And a grocer is a person
in your neighborhood. BOB: You tell ’em, Grocer. The people that you meet. ALL: When you’re walking
down the street. They’re the people that
you meet each day.


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    Bob Mcgrath

    …Just scrolling through for the first time on this You Tube Channel watching some of the great guests that appeared over the years, and bumped into this piece I did with Frank Oz and Jim Henson so long ago. I almost forgot just how much fun we had doing all those "People In Your Neighborhood" segments. They were magical and more fun than you can imagine…(two geniuses & a tenor) .. 🙂 Hard to imagine a 50th anniversary is just around the corner….love to all our "Sesame Seeds"…Bob Mc.G.

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    Whenever I visit my hometown, my mom sings this when someone cuts my dad off in traffic and he starts swearing at them

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    Abigale Buss

    I'd forgotten all about this song until someone started running a PSA about a neighborhood that didn't vote.
    Bob was always my favorite from Sesame Street when I was growing up. I have a record from years ago with all of the original people from the show, it even has Mr. Hooper😊

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    Deaddy Fazpool

    I actually have my own Version, with a Foreman and a Bellhop
    Foreman Lyrics:
    Well my Workers have a Compact Meal
    They're Specialists with Wood and Steel
    Whether made of Lumber or Concrete
    Cause my Workers won't admit Defeat
    Bellhop Lyrics:
    Well I bring luggage straight to your Door
    Whether on the Bottom or Top Floor
    If Room Service ever Perks your Need
    I'll send you something and fulfill that Deed

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    Dass e

    I saw this man in the airport when I was about six years old. I was too shy to say hello. My mother walked up to him to get an autograph for me and he was such a nice man as you would expect.

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    I'm here for a completely different (albeit a bit silly) reason: Ever since my younger childhood days, my brother had a wind-up music box that was originally designed for toddlers (This was maybe around 1990-1992). I distinctly remembered the melody, but not a friend of mine after all this time seemed to know the melody! The only inkling of an idea I had was "in the ________," which I kept assuming might have been neighbourhood, or something silly. For a while I began to think "Oh, it was probably just a tune thought up during the toy's development, and not something you would see elsewhere." I am SO glad that I was able to find the song!

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    Nola Brewed Music

    When I was a kid about seven or eight years old, I would get ready for school and my mom would be playing the news in the background. Every morning before they showed the weather, this song would play and I'm 19 now so it's kind of been a long time since I've heard this song and just it brought me back to a better time even though my life is really great right now and life is as easy as it's going to get from here, it's still good to go back.

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    Levi Johnston

    If only this song was on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood…
    Unless I'm mistaken, that show is just about a year older than this one, right?

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    Nicolas Cannon

    Classic stuff, loved Sesame Street, the really old school early to mid 70’s era, really peas groundbreaking stuff, I credit Sesame Street for my first introduction to multiculturalism, if only Donald Trump Loved it as much as we did!

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