Shiv’s Practice Citizenship Interview

Shiv’s Practice Citizenship Interview

I’m Officer Jennifer. I will be interviewing you today. Why are you here today? Can you speak up a little? I am here for US Citizenship. How did you get here today? I drove. What do you miss about your old country? Family Are you ready do you have any questions? I’m ready. Please raise your right hand: Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yes. Good. Put down your hand. What did you promise? I promise to tell the truth, Good please sit down Please show me your Green Card, your driver’s license, and a photo ID. Explain how you are eligible to become a U.S. Citizen. I have been a legal permanent resident for five years. What is your current legal name? Shiv Gurunathan Is the name on your Green Card the same as your legal name? Good. What is the date of your birth? It’s August 15, 1947. 1947? Really? How about… 1997 or 1987? Ok, 1987. What date did you become a legal permanent resident? July 4, 2012 What is your country of birth? India. What is your country of nationality? India. Are you requesting an accommodation because of a disability? No. Do you have a daytime phone number? Do you currently live in San Jose, Milpitas, or Fremont? Milpitas. Do you have a previous home address? Were did you live before Santa Clara? How many years did you live in Santa Clara? And then when did you move to Milpitas? Was your mother or father a US citizen before your 18th birthday? Do you work? Where do you work? I’m gonna ask you about your trips. Have you taken any trips outside the United States in the past five years? How many total days were you outside of the United States? Two hundred days? How many trips have you taken in the past five years? Six trips? Tell me about your last trip: when did you leave and when did you come back? Thirty or forty days? You went to India ? What is your current marital status? What is your wife’s name? What is the date of your marriage? Is she an American citizen? When will she become an American Citizen? So are you (both) testing on the same day? Good luck to your wife. Do you have any children? How many children do you have? Okay, and what is the name of your first son’s first name? What is the name of your second son? Were they born in America (or in India)? Let me continue. We’re going to Part 12. Have you ever claimed to be a US citizen? Have you ever voted in any US elections? Do you have any title of nobility in a foreign country? Have you ever been declared legally incompetent? Have you ever failed to file your taxes? Do you owe any taxes? Do you belong to any groups or organizations? Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? Have you ever been a terrorist? Have you ever participated in a rebel group, militia, or army? Have you ever been a member of a gang? Have you ever received military or weapons training? Have you ever forced a child under 15 to become a soldier? Have you ever been arrested or committed a crime? Have you ever been a habitual drunkard? Have you ever sold or smuggled illegal drugs or narcotics? Have you ever helped anyone enter the United States illegally? Have you ever gambled illegally? Have you ever lied to the US government to get public benefits? Have you ever been deported? Do you support the Constitution and the form of government of the United States? Do you understand the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States government? Yes Are you willing to take the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States government? If the law requires it are you to bear arms and the US Armed Forces? What is bear arms? Carry a weapon to protect the US. Are you willing to perform noncombatant services in the US Armed Forces? What is noncombatant? A person who works in the army but does not use a weapon. Are you willing to help the government during a national emergency? Do you promise everything you say is true? Let me let me give you the (civics) questions instead. Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States. Named one a state that borders Canada Name one state their borders Mexico. Have you been to Arizona? You have to go to the Grand Canyon. Name one U.S. Territory. Name two national U.S. Holidays Okay, wait a minute…What Independence Day are we talking about we’re talking about? India? Or are we talking about the United States? What day is Independence Day in the United States? What is the name of our national anthem? What ocean is on the east coast of the United States? What ocean is on the west coast of the United States? Where is the Statue of Liberty? Congratulations you passed. Thank you so much!


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