Skyrim Mods – Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

Alright, we’re back for another Skyrim Mods video this time let’s talk about this mod a lot interesting, I already mentioned him in one of the videos but we haven’t talked about him at LE yet are different games, there are mods of LE, which is not in SE and SE mods that don’t have in LE, but we will always talk about them in both games it will change and improve, artificial intelligence of the game’s NPCs, this is cool as it will increase the player’s immersion in the game, and you will realize more human reactions in NPCs, whether with the environment or against aggressors, we have translations here, and Portuguese too for those who want it, that’s really cool and his requirement is just DLC, so the full game will supply all this, here we have the mod description who wants to read will explain everything, will add a NPCs, survival is very interesting it’s a result of a long time of service to transform all of this into the game artificial intelligence will get more realistic, more humane NPCs, reacting to weather, dangerous situations to the player himself, even parties this made the game much more interesting to play you can see the differences, right in the first city Whiterun and it will be very different, the Npcs will join in a tavern, join there’s a lot of stuff other than the standard skyrim you will notice a lot in the details really for those who have saved the game thousands of times it’s complicated because it has decorated the whole game but that’s why mods are interesting, they provide new experiences in a game we have already saved, and this is very important and a highly recommended mod, well I’m ending video here if you like it leave the like and subscribe to the channel to the next

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