Slum Chronicles: We pay 5k for houses without toilets, bathroom | Legit TV

Slum Chronicles: We pay 5k for houses without toilets, bathroom | Legit TV

Q: How long have you been here? A: I’ve been here for
about four years. Q: Why did you move here?
Where were you before? A: I used to live at Bariga. Where I used to live
before got burnt. There was no money after it
got burnt so I moved here. Now I live here in
order to manage for a while till God’s
mercy finds me. That was how I got here. Q: Is it true that the house
rent here is up to N4000
monthly? How much do you pay for
rent here? A: About this place, some pay as much as N34,000 per
year because of agreement and
commission. They pay as much
as that in a year. That’s more than
N2000 per month. On the other hand, some pay
N3000 per month if the house is
standard. That is if it is made with
plywood. They can pay as much as
N3000. That’s how the rent is here.


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    Legit TV

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    Ahman Ahm

    Why do nigerians always blame their government? Your gov are crooks and only do for self. Theres a generational curse on these ppl or a spirit poverty dominating that area. But i mostly think their ancestors have rob them thru satan.

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    John Smith

    Why is your home someone else's problem? If you are willing to impose on others for your home then you are never going to advance.

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    Zinedine Mourice

    My brethren look for land and build your own little dwelling. You are citizens of Nigeria their are crown lands there do something for yourselves. In my neck of the many cannot buy government houses we go build for ourselves and lobby government agency to sell us over a 20years period. Try and help yourselves man.

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    Bob mike tv

    This Government is busy stealing money
    Why should they abandon poor people to live in this type of conditions
    God will punish this APC government

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