Small changes help make a dementia friendly community – Alzheimer’s Society

Small changes help make a dementia friendly community – Alzheimer’s Society

Radio: On air as the sun rises tomorrow
morning form seven o’clock here on 107.9FM. Mary: Right. Mary: It’s not raining, good. Mary: Erm, what… shall I? I’ve forgotten… erm… should I? Driver: Listen, just go and sit down,
just go and sit down. Mary: Yeah… right. Mary: Erm. Oh… that way… I don’t… what? four… I don’t know… could you pl… I… Mary: Here’s my list. Should I go..? Because I don’t know quite what… Oh dear… Mary: Chicken cheese. Shop assistant: What? Mary: Chicken cheese? Shop assistant: Sorry. Mary: Chi… oh! I… Mary: I don’t know..! Mary: People with dementia have experiences like this every day.
A little bit of understanding, tolerance and patience can make all the difference.
Driver: Shops? I’ll tell you what, if you go into the seats just there,
when we get there I’ll call you, ok? Bank staff: Are you ok madam? Mary: I can’t get, I can’t get, I can’t get the card… Bank staff: Ok, let me help you. This way. Mary: Thank you. Shop assistant: Can I have a look at that list? Is it chicken and cheese? Mary: Oh! Shop assistant: Let’s go this way. Mary: Thank you Mary: Find out how to become dementia friendly.
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    Alzheimer's Society

    Take a look at this film where we see Mary, who has dementia, encounter people in her community. It demonstrates how a little bit of time and consideration can make all the difference to the daily lives of people with dementia. The film aims to encourage small businesses and organisations take steps towards becoming dementia friendly.

    You can find out more about the Dementia Friendly Communities initiative here:

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