Social accountability | Meals on Wheels grant provides food | Good Samaritan Society

Generations has a lot of the same values
or missions and goals that we do as Good Samaritan Society – Northwood Retirement Community and the Society as a whole and it was very easy picking Generations they help us
with numerous things that we do out in the community in Jasper and as a whole
as a in Dubois County as a small community in southern Indiana we’re very
proud of it we’re proud of the people that live here so they do a lot of what
we love and enjoy and we just thought it’d be good to partner together and help them
out thanks to this grant by the Good Samaritan Society and other grants like
it we can serve our clients without having to put them on the waiting list
because nobody wants to answer that phone and say “I’m sorry we cannot help
you,” especially if nutrition is the main
concern if you can’t get out and about if someone’s bringing you a hot warm
meal isn’t that awesome Meals on Wheels program will help do

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