Societies at UCL

Societies at UCL

One good thing that you’ve gotta do as soon
as you get here is get involved in societies. It can be a good way for you to get to
know people that you’ll never meet possibly until later in your
degree and get really settled in very quickly UCL has a ridiculous amount of
extracurricular activities in fact there is even a dinosaurs
appreciation society I’m not sure about the official but it’s definitely on Facebook. So my first year I joined the women’s football team and that was so fun, quite intense
training but it gives you the break of meeting people on different courses and getting to know people in different
years which is really important for me to get to know the university and then I joined the MODO fashion society last
year and I’m now pursuing PR or head of PR
next year in my final year and preparing to organise all the
events for next year and for me it gives me an amazing opportunity to kind of mix my passion for fashion with my passion for politics. Film society is
something I’ve been quite involved in and they hold like monthly screenings,
they have these workshops where you can get started on whatever you want to be interested in like directing or writing And art society have actually recently held an
exhibition in which they encourage all students to get involved and submit a piece of artwork I was really lucky to be a part of that as well and they had a really nice opening with the jazz society who got involved. You can really start meeting a whole bunch of new people. I signed up to the rowing club and it’s come on quite a way since then we train 3-4 times a week, Wednesday afternoon like all sports teams Saturday and Sunday and when it’s coming up to race season we throw in some extra sessions Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, some early wake ups- 5 am sometimes but it’s a great way to wake up, you go out on
the Thames, you see the sunrise get set for a great day and you can be back in central London for about 9 am ready for your lectures and ready for a full day. I’ve joined things that I never thought I’d join which is rugby I started rugby this year and I’m loving it so far, never
saw myself in a rugby field until this year and you also get to
know many people. The girls are lovely and we have lots of fun and I also do model United Nations and I’ve had the opportunity to go to Nottingham and Warwick and also another conference in London, which again you get to know lots of people and you get to
think in a different way about many different things and I also joined the orchestra in January, I play the violin and the people again are so nice.


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    Eli Sooker

    I personally think it's important to balance your studies with something else, clubs etc. I do Tae Kwon Do and really recommend it! I even wrote an article for students about it:

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