Exactly 15 minutes ago, a factory
exploded and completely destroyed the suburbs of Megalopolisville, with absolutely no warning and taking authorities and the population completely by surprise and everyone wondered; where is the Society of Virtue when no one even knew they needed them I can’t believe this, thousands of dead people And it’s not just thousands of people… There are thousands of that kind that we believe deserve hashtags on Twitter We have to do something! Yeah, the only problem is that it is usually more efficient to do something before something happens It gives a much better result That’s exactly my idea! What do you mean? What if, Big Bang started flying around
the earth, taking several laps around the planet I don’t know if I understand… If he flies fast enough, he can make the earth start spinning backwards and then everything will start to go back as well As if he was going back in time and we
can stop the explosion at the factory Back in time? He can do that? Oh wait up,
so you’re saying that time that that bomb went off because I got there late, or that truck that hit the school because I wasn’t paying attention and went to the wrong address or that fire that I couldn’t put out because I had an insane hangover, it was all Big Bangs fault?? My fault? So you could have kept me from taking those pictures of Black Badness sleeping naked with my cell phone that was stolen last week? My god! How have you been so irresponsible, Big Bang? Wait, what? Every time the elevator door closed in
my face when I was late, every time I spilled soy sauce on my shirt, every time I hit my toe on my bed, you could have avoided all this by turning the planet Earth around and making all humanity go back in time You’re a monster Big Bang! A
monster! Guys you don’t understand, this is not how this works Oh really, now you’re gonna say it’s scientifically impossible to go back in time by making the earth spin backwards? What are you talking about? That’s one of
the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard! Doesn’t make any sense! Of course it doesn’t, you know why? There is no terrestrial globe! The earth is flat! I didn’t want to freak you out but that’s the truth The earth is an island n the middle of space, with ice around it for water not to fall off, with a glass vial on top as if it were Tupperware There is no way to spin a flat earth the other way! okay, so that makes a lot more sense now. I discovered this when I wanted to go to the moon to find evidence of man landing there but I found out that this was also a lie created by the government to hide the
truth In fact it’s all very obvious, clear and very well grounded with facts and evidence What is the truth that the government wants to hide, then? Nobody has a clue! I can’t believe you’re making this up
just so you don’t have to go back in time and keep me from spending $300 on
the color bombs in candy crush, using Majestic Credit card What?! If the earth is like a disc, you can spin
it backwards like a DJ! The earth doesn’t spin! If it did, people and things would just fall off What about the Sun? You can see we move because of it The Sun and the moon keep moving above the earth Hmm now you lost me a bit… how does the Sun not melt the glass then Exactly because the Sun keeps moving, so that way the glass doesn’t get hot enough to melt

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