Society: Relationship between two people. Part 2 Willingness to listen -Sakyong Mipham. Shambhala

And I feel that what we have begun here, the rebuilding of society, begins with basic dialog; it begins with us actually willing to take time to listen to each other; and not to listen by not listening and by quickly coming with an answer; but by spending time. If we appreciate ourselves and we appreciate humanity, as we sit there with one person and listen, even though it may be brief, we have to realize that that moment is invaluable; if we think, “They‘re not worthwhile; I’ve got to move on”, we in a sense have dropped our respect for humanity down. Just by being there, just by literally just allowing ourselves to be in the space, we develop patience. By giving a little bit of time, we develop generosity. By willing to feel what somebody else is feeling, we develop empathy. When we can sympathize we develop compassion. When we share we can develop kindness. So when we’re talking about the social transformation, I believe that if we begin at this simple level of respecting what we think about ourselves, and therefore respecting others, that dynamic is powerful. And if we actually look around to a lot of the world issues, it has come down to the issue of simply sometimes one person not being respected, and feeling hurt, and then that builds up. So at a very human level there is, I believe what we’re saying here is that it goes beyond any kind of culture, religion; but it comes down to a human to human situation.

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