Society Struggling with Emergent Economic Understandings

Society Struggling with Emergent Economic Understandings


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    Philip Mc Adam

    What super informative video. I am so with you on all you say. I have always said that what we have done in the past must be changed. But the system as it stands is purely self serving. And the main stream media will not share this message where it needs to be seen. We first have to get rid of greed.

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    Elaine Fletcher

    This has been my thinking for a long time and I am trying to get others to think the same. We have Got to act, and act NOW, if we, and this marvellous planet, are going to survive

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    Long Genes

    awesome video!  thanks!   Amazing message!I also like the instrumental tune playing in the background.. can anyone tell me the title?

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    Mrs D

    The word 'economy' comes from the Greek = household management and our house (the earth) is not being managed properly. A Resource Based Economy, to me, (one who's a gramma now at age 67 w/much life experience) is the only win/win i've found 4 the earth, it's resources & all inhabitants. We can make manifest the lyrics of John Lennon's "Imagine". Along w/this video, please check out or Let's make a better future for future generations. Regards, Gramma D "^_^"

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    Excellent video, explained so well. We've begun a revolution of values. A sustainability revolution. Keep pushing forward, we're getting there.

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