SOCIETY SUCKS SOULS | We Made An Escape Plan & Walked Away 🏔 Boho Diary Nepal

SOCIETY SUCKS SOULS | We Made An Escape Plan & Walked Away 🏔 Boho Diary Nepal


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    Boho Beautiful

    To chase a dream, is the art of freedom ☮️

    So much appreciation and love to all the light warriors watching this video.

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    Andrey Motorichev

    yo, guys thank you for Sharing <3 This is my fav video from your channel.
    Inspires me to make changes now! I'm 34, street dancer, and freelance fashion videos creator, and I really want to live my hometown, where I feel so stuck, and find a different life and grow.
    Love from Lithuania

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    Eden Garden

    Crying typing this… I just noticed that i am unhappy, when i thought i was happy. Yeah i have a good life, but i need ‘more’. I work 5 days a week, 2 days off. It’s eat, sleep work repeat. 2 days off, being sooo tired! 2 week holiday and everything will repeat again.. We are working on our own company, i really pray to God to help us, to give me more. I want to travel, i feel like i am not alive but surviving. I believe in the Christian God so i do believe He will help me. Guys you are awesome, stay who you are.

    Many blessings to you.

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    Abigael Mawby

    I recognised this mountain as I was doing the yoga video… and checked, surely enough it was Mardi Himal! I climbed it this time last year, thank you for bringing it back to me. Just wondering what the soundtrack to this video is at the end?

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    Fabienne Dore

    it reminds me one of the Inca trails we did in Peru, a non touristic one, it was just us and nature and locals… and you realise — yes this is life, take your time and enjoy, dream, explore and get connected !! so we jumped and change our life after our dream travel all along the panamerican for 2 years … still living in the mountains.. but connected ..

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    does anyone else think he sounds like jordan peterson? anyway thanks for this synchronistic video, im currently making a vision board, with one of my main goals, to trek the himalayas and to find a yogi|guru to ask for guidance, in the mean time your videos are great yoga content! and meditation i need no one but myself, how beautiful 🙂

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    Adam Isaac

    i am a 45 year old man living in madison wi. i have been feeling this longing in my heart for a longtime.
    time for a change. the autumn is coming and it always brings this sense of longing.
    so much yearning. i want to walk away, and never look back.
    into the great abyss.

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    I wish you could tell me where I'm supposed to go when I listen to the voice inside- it doesn't seem to know, it just says "not here". Will that change when I start to move around? I have no idea

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    What a beautiful video! Also, if you guys ever decided to have kids, how cool is it that they would have these videos to see your life.

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    Kristin Gaither

    I’ve been watching your yoga videos for about 6 years now and was more interested in the story recently. This video spoke so loud to me. I work in a bar/ club scene and have noticed it can be spiritually draining. Yoga helps me revitalize my spirit. It’s awesome to know that someone experienced the same thing. Don’t let any negative comments bring you two down. What you two do is beautiful and inspiring.

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    Ds 4life

    I feel completely opposite. Want to live the pressure, want to go fast. No more easy or small town in the middle of nothing

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    Igor Krasevic

    Where did you guys learn the craft for the videos, I really like the style they are made. Whats the Equipment you guys use?

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    You guys are amazing and life changing and you are more than your exercise videos I love your personal videos. I love how deep and raw you guys are. People that have a problem with that have a problem within. Keep being you

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    Breanna Martin

    I have a recommendation for when you're hiking; take off your shoes. It's called grounding. Walking barefoot on the ground with nothing to separate allows the flow of energy from the earth to enter your body through the soles of your feet. I do it pretty often, and it irritates your feet at first but you feel so much more energized. It's really cool, you should try it.

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    Inge Klein ganseij

    thank you for opening my eyes the moment i needed this and for being reminded that making mistakes takes you further

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    Ellen Hughes

    What a glorious video! We are traveling and my hamstrings and glute muscles are so tight from walking! I have been coming back to this every morning. It’s made the excursions so much easier on my body. I am glad that you’re u are traveling with me!❤️

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    amanda Tkids

    How profound that I watch this, after a Boho yin yoga session, as my husband and I are actively trying to figure out a way to pack up and leave. Very inspirational, thank you. And beautiful!

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