Solving Equalities – One-step Equations [CC] – Free Civil Service Review

Solving Equalities – One-step Equations [CC] – Free Civil Service Review

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my channel! Thank you for clicking on this video! Today we’re going to talk about equalities, why are we doing that kasi this is still part of the series of the videos I’m posting to try to help people out aptitude test and in math its very important for you to know the concepts and what are the things you have to do in order to solve equalities kasi these are the same things that you’re going to deal with when your talking about word problems, algebra and stuff like that, na lagi at marami ang lumalabas sa exam. Okay so today para mapakita ko sa inyo better I’m going to switch over to my PC so I can show you how this is part one of our series on Equalities. See you in a bit! About equalities, single step equation muna tayo ibig sabihin ito iyong pinaka basic ano di ko muna natin dadagdagan ng isa pang equation kasi I just want you to have a solid understanding of this before you even move forward so again una palang ito make sure you subscribe to watch the next one to find out yung more complicated one. Okay! So let’s talk about addition muna ito yung equality na tinatawag kaya sya equality kasi equal yung sign yun lang naman talaga yung reason for that. So when you’re solving equalities, basically what you’re doing is finding x okay again this is something something na ginagawa natin sa Math pero hindi sa totoong buhay. Okay? So finding x ibig sabihin hahanapin natin kung ano yung value nung X Y, Z or kung ano man ang tawag sa kanya basta basically yung nawawalang number and the way for you to do that is to eliminate all of the things na nasa side ng x para mangyari maiiwan yung x is equal to, okay? so that is what we’re going to do here, ngayon when
you’re dealing with an addition doon sa x ang pinaka rule kasi when in comes to equalities is whatever yung gagawin mo dito gagawin mo din sa kabila kasi nga
equal dapat so kungwari dinagdagan mo dito sa kabila babawasan mo sa kabila hindi pwede ‘yon, kailangan dadagdagan mo dito babawasan mo dito kaya ang running concept nyan is para maiwan yung x kailangan ma-eliminate mo yung 15 at para mawala yun gagawin mo yung kabaligtaran nya minus 15, so ang mangyayari X plus 15 minus 15 is equal to at dahil ginawa mo tong minus 15 dito gagawin mo dito sa kabilang side 90 minus 15 din and that will eliminate
this kasi ang plus 15 plus negative 15 magiging zero so X plus zero is
equal to 90 minus 15 which is going to give us 75, X is equal to 75 yun yung
concept nya kaya sya nagiging ganun but there is an easier way, ang easier way is
basically gawin ang kabaligtaran so kung ang addition nito parang sa backtracking,
addition on equation ang gagawin mo yung kabaligtaran nya which is subtraction so
X plus 15 para mawala sya gagawin nating X ililipat natin sya sa kabilang side dito nanggagaling yung sinasabing lilipat at pag nalipat mo sya sa kabila magiging kabaligtaran sya nung addition so X is equal to 90 kabaligtaran ng addition
is subtraction 90 minus 15 X is equal to 75 so same din ang answer again kung ano yung nangyari sa left side gagawin mo rin sa right side kung naglipat ka ng pwesto kabaligtaran ang gagawin mo. Okay? So I want you to try it out for yourself first
okay so hit pause now! Alright! kung medyo naguluhan tayo ng konti, bakit ito kasi nasa right side, it doesn’t matter really, etong entire thing na’to pwede mo syang i-rewrite as X plus 22 is equal to 88 pareho lang yun, okay parang sinabi mo lang yung na three is equal to threes 3s equal to 3 kahit pagbaligtarin mo pareho lang din, so ibig sabihin nun same concept pa rin that applies, plus 22 ililipat mo sya sa kabilang side kung ano sya kabaligtaran dapat sa kabila ang mangyayari so magiging 88 minus 22 is equal to X the answer becomes 66, I
hope you got that right okay if you didn’t, make sure that you try again
para ma-gets nyo sya ulit, again whether nasa left side or right side kung ang addition ibabaliktad mo sya magiging subtraction sa kabilang side, kung subtraction naman
dahil napag-usapan natin kanina di ba yung addition naging subtraction
kung yung subtraction naman kaya ano ang mangyayari syempre yung kabaligtaran nya which is addition, so kung ito X minus 15, etong entire thing ililipat natin sya sa kabila magiging X is
equal to 90 dahil minus magiging plus, plus 15, X is equal to 105, its that simple really, okay again kung ano yung equation dito kung ano yung sign diyan kabaligtaran ang gagawin mo sa kabila, okay! Eto naman okay I want you to try it out for yourself hit pause
now! Okay let’s see how you did.
88 is equal to X minus 22, minus 22 etong entire thing lilipat natin sa kabila minus sya dati gagawin natin magiging plus so 88 plus 22 is equal to X this is
going to be 110 is equal to X, okay so again ang gagawin lang kabaligtaran kung ano yung ginawa kung ano yung sign nya sa kabila magiging kabaligtaran sa kabila and that concept actually repeats itself sa multiplication and sa division okay eto
multiplication Y times 15 is equal to 90 ang gagawin natin dahil multiplication sya kung ano kabaligtaran yun ang gagawin natin so
X or multiplication magiging division, okay kabaligtaran, ngayon paano natin yun gagawin? ganito yun Y times 15 or minsan 15y is equal to 90 kasi yan ay multiplication ang gagawin natin i-di-divided natin sya okay and when you divided, you divide everything ibig sabihin divide everything by 15 and pag dinivide mo sya sa 15 magiging 15 times 15 parang ganito yan kung pag na-expand natin para lang makita natin yung theory ano? 15y is equal to 90 magiging 15 over 15 times y over 15 is equal to 90 over 15 and
then 15 over 15 na yan pwede natin i-cancel kasi pareho lang naman sila magiging one kasi 15 divided 15 is 1 and then now that you have that ok, at maka-cancel na natin itong nasa ilalim nitong dalawang ito okay, matatangal na natin yan dito na tayo sa matitira so Y is equal to 90 over 15 which is going to give us six okay? So again ang key here really is just to know what to do, pag nakarating kayo dito ika-cancel nyo yung nandyaan 90 divided by 15 lang para maging 6, so I want you to try it out for yourself, dito tayo 88 is equal to Y
times 22, hit pause now! Alright let’s see how you did so 88, Y times 22 or 22y okay nire-rewrite ko lang para for visual
reference, over i-di-divide natin sya both sides sa 22 maka-cancel ito
this is going to be 4 is equal to Y the answer is 4 okay? And
that is pag multiplication, pag division okay, now without even knowing
kung ano yung gagawin, division ito kung division ano gagawin ninyo, okay napag-usapan na naman natin yung unang tatlong operation, what do you think? Okay syempre kabaligtaran so division kabaligtaran nya is
multiplication so yun din ang mangyayari for example ito, Y over 15 is equal to 90
division yan Y divided by 15 ang gagawin mo ngayon i-mu-multiply ngayon mo sya dun sa gusto mong mawala so both sides i-mu-multiply mo sa 15 pag-minultiply mo sya sa 15 eto magiging 15Y over 15 maka-cancel yan, so magiging Y nalang is equal to 90 divided by 15 which is (6 ay hindi 90 times sori) 90 times 15 which is going to be okay Y is equal to that is going to give us
90 times 10 which is 900 plus 90 times 5 which is going to be 450 pagsasamahin mo lang that will give us 1,350 okay? Kasi again kung ano ginawa mo sa left side gagawin mo din sa kabila, minultiply natin sya sa 15 so i-mu-multiply mo rin yung kabila sa 15 okay? So using that try to
solve this one by yourself hit pause now! Alright let’s see how you did okay!
88 is equal to Y over 22 again same concept lang din both sides i-mu-multiply natin sa 22 para ma-eliminate natin ito, so maka-cancel ito maiiwan yung Y this is going to be 88 times 22 okay so how do we do that you can do it like
this 880, 880 kasi dalawang times 10 yan, times 10 times 10, tas isang times 2 times 2 is 160 plus 16=176, i-a-add lang natin sya together so 6 and then you have 15 plus 8
that is going to be 23, this is going to be 19 so 1,936 or i-long cut natin 88
times 22, 16, 17, 16 this is going to be 16 din 17, so this is 6 this is 13 9 1 so
same din 1,936 so the answer here is 1,936 1,936, okay so again ang concept lang is kung ano yung operation na gusto mo matanggal kabaligtaran ang gagawin mo para ma- eliminate mo sya, at makacancel mo sya.
Okay! So again kung hindi natin makuha practice! practice! practice!
Hanggang makuha ninyo sya. This is very important, pag dating kasi sa word problems yan lang lahat gagawin ninyo algebra equalities, so kung hindi kayo sanay dyan mahihirapan tayo mag-solve ng mga equations, okay? Alright I hope you
learn something new today, if you did click thumbs up, make sure you share this video with your friends, lalo na kung may mga kakilala kayo na mag-eexam din, and if you want to watch me teach live and if you want to learn from me directly you can go to to find out all of the upcoming review events also if you want to have a copy of the workbook and the other practice testbooklets make sure that you send a message there din para malaman ninyo kung paano kayo makakakuha ng copy of your own. So thank you guys for
watching and God bless, so subscribe to this channel, hit the bell icon para malaman nyo as soon the new video posts and I’m going to talk about more complicated equalities in the next video. Thank you guys! Aja! aja! Kaya nyo yan!
God bless and I’ll see you on my next video bye for now!


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