Space and Society Project

Jacques Lemercier: European space policy is clearly, by its very nature, of international and world-wide interest, but it is also in fact very close to the interests of the European public, particularly due to the huge number of jobs it has generated in small and medium sized firms. In Toulouse, for example, there are dozens of SMEs working with the aerospace industry, allowing young people to create start-ups, especially in this future-oriented sector. There we have it: aerospace is a matter which concerns everyone! Joost van Iersel: Small and medium-sized companies are very much in favour of the programmes of the European Union. There are two major points: first of all, they want launching customers both from the Commission and the Member States – they are lacking; and secondly, the financial arrangements are very extended and take a long time, and they are not able to prefinance all that, and that stops their participation in space. Mindaugas Maciulevičius: Space and Society is a good bridge for the small SMEs and educational institutions to start the developments in the space industry, and especially from the small countries like Lithuania. Gerd Wolf: Visiting the Cologne site of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the facilities of the European Space Agency (ESA) located there provided insight into their very impressive activities. It demonstrated in particular the many successful programmes and installations to motivate young people for science and space, and to educate them in these fields. Mihai Manoliu: The So long ago in the future exhibition was an invitation to a place where dreams take shape and time is infinite. We saw space through the eyes and paintings of the children and teachers from the Nicolae Tonitza school. Edgardo Iozia: The European Space Community: an alliance of citizens, businesses, universities, research centres and space agencies, in support of a European policy for scientific, economic, environmental and social progress.

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