STAC’s Giving Tuesday

Today’s Giving Tuesday, donate to STAC. (upbeat music) Thank you to the alumni, who have been continuously
donating to STAC, has helped me become the
young woman that I am today. – All that they do
post-grad is really helpful to the program and the school, as a whole. – Definitely helped with scholarships, definitely will help with
trips, like going into the city, professor’s materials and
updating the buildings. Thank you for everything and thank you for allowing me to have this type of
experience, like you guys did. – As the institution continues to grow here at St. Thomas Aquinas College, what that means to you, as alumni, is that the value of your
education is continuing to rise. People are recognizing STAC,
even more in the community. And they’re willing to
make an investment here at STAC and so should you. – [All] Go STAC! (cheerleaders cheering) – Give today and you can
get a fantastic STAC prize. (upbeat music)

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