Star Citizen ★ Jump Points, Wormholes, & Exploration

Star Citizen ★ Jump Points, Wormholes, & Exploration

*laughing* Welcome back to DaGaimez! but the deck garth that is dead yes we’re going to be talking about
nothing that I don’t much talk I’m not done well at least need to community
so sit back and relax and drink a pint at the bar with me gonna be talking about jumped points
wormholes exploration the difference between jam points and jump gate what’s
going on what’s going on now I have no idea
what’s being talked about on these forums were I comb through it all hours upon hours a research looking at
it I even with I N stand on you guys that are going to be talking about space time we’re gonna be tired at
gravity we’re going to talk about it witnesses preview pic sticker cuz chris Roberts
love that realism salumi select buckle in our belts gearhead okay so the first thing I had to do was
go inside chris Roberts head because his Creator the game so let’s hear what he
has to say I well I mean I why the one that I
really like a sort of the jump point and the wormhole stuff which is we’ve
sort of been working on it for a while gotta a.m. visualization that we shared I
think people liked I but it’s really just is a great
dynamic for like how you navigate in fire and now it’s sorta and where basie
and also the procedural system where okay so that didn’t work necessarily cuz
he’s busy steered his hand a little too much to drink that night but he does explain a little bit better
in this video sorry chris said beloved a I demand that was kinda funny
tho here he explains it better basically it’s a sort of Tarrant
whatever you wanna call space-time continuum allows you to send going to solve space
between two places quite far apart like hundreds of
thousands of light-years upon you’ll see I like a different light for
Texas what it is you going around as all be thick enough to avoid issue
flying through gym all right let’s jump right in the shower
yeah a factory that consolation just migrated
there jerk now we just jumped into a junkie you can
explain to you upon the hours and hours every inning
what these things mean a sketch a pencil sharpening ready because we go down these ballpoint
pretty fast you gonna need to refer to this over and over again Jim points i referring to the entry and
exit points within the systems they are connected to you Inc a worm holes per chris Roberts stars
would be the interspace in between jump points k the animation
to the graphics are they were the shit flying through that tunnel that inner space or warm what you’re
going through it jump point act as highways to other systems some
jump points will be already embedded in new UI piano like the job gates larger staffs trader
at what other headin waiting for explores the final we’ll
talk about that very cool jim place where different sizes filtering what ships can shone through
in which ships can’t very cool jump point center discovered will be
very valuable and explorers who find them can keep ur so the data we’re going
to talk about that too jump drives will be available on only
some ships so be careful guy some chips when I have jumped rise therefore you cannot jump systems system
ray some ships you can add that to you and finally jumped points are fixed as far as the short jump my system
systems will be fixed and never move no change in size while most but perhaps
not all long jump points that are discoverable by explorers will be there
a born location size interracial in meaning that somebody’s
jump point in disappear making the daily just found worth
nothing and nobody likes that now added UK’s get
all those pull up with my good it was taking a bribe well my goodness hours upon hours
reading information making should that data making sure that that is all
correct for you guys close as I can get it from sick post step posts everything so
that information is pretty accurate New York find any YouTube videos out there
that can be that information I’ve slowed this particular video down to get
into the physics the physical a lot of people say is is the inner
space between in the pointy NP and his job with this inner spaces were most cases accurate is
this real we know the chris Roberts loves realism
and I think this is arrested break down rain here because I’m in the
camp where there is no weren’t more ample space no inner space
okay but we’re gonna look at about differences between the
two &a I think would explain it fairly simply the star and they were
gonna have videos that show really cool videos actually that
explains space-time and gravity and so just stay tuned guys is a school
of the Art into this part of their just ask for demand guys I hope you’re
enjoying yourselves the style what are my favorite videos
have done for star citizen so just sit back and relax and watch
relevant videos dealing with space-time and gravity which deal with pretty much john points I’m stein came to think up to three dimensions of
space and single dimension of time as bound together in a single fabric of
space-time 0 it was has how by understanding the geometry were
dimensional fabric of space-time that he could simply talk about things
moving along surfaces in this space-time fabric I’ll like the surface of a trampoline this Unified Fabric is war and stretched by heavy objects like planets and stars and it’s this working or curving
space-time that creates what we feel as gravity the net-net in itself is space and gravity in itself can fold space were in theory together so that point a
newbie are pushed together and I think did making the inner space theory completely for us which I think this
1987 movie event horizon explains perfectly well it’s it’s difficult it’s all math
try to start right well using layman’s terms use a rotating magnetic field fred is in our
opinion Gravatar these in turn fold space time consistent
with rail transit dynamics until the spacetime curvature becomes
infinitely large and you produce a singularity now singular layman’s terms well Martin Amis firms do you speak English
I’m imagine for a minute that this piece of paper
scares me that’s an S&S mine tracked this paper represents space time and you
want to get from point a heeeelp might be their I want that shortest
distance between two points a straight line bro shortest distance between two points is era and that’s what the Gateway yes
it polls space so that point A to point B coexist in the same space and time
spacecraft passes through the gateway space returns
to normal called gravity drive but I’m not gonna
be a stickler let’s take the Stargate example for instance the say we have a perfected anything
where we can take cavity in for or against each other so there is no
distance between the say there is some distance between then we would have to travel faster than
the speed a late we have the Stargate example bow so we could do it that way too so let’s
not get too into this whatever the case is it that flying in between is gonna be pretty sweet that those bars
gay place concern I’m down with it that is kinda want to give you guys a
little science lesson hope that was helpful know this kid in the exploration yea at least let us know chris Roberts
explained to us what he sees with exploration has a ducked off the bus by Mark up about us
explorers of stock tablets okay back to okay now at this quite a few extra things that we’re
doing for exploring Sarah me actually one thing that’s interesting for
everyone here is that when we finish when we that the initial
crack running we did a survey far of backers say what you want to do
in the game you want to be a bounty hunter higher to match share flora and I was thinking
well maybe most people like her have combat happened actually
sixty-seven percent of the people who responded wanted to explore it so which is really Caracol so based on that
we actually started thinking about are things that we could do for explore
asthmatic at Awana great thanks for having the community party about so LA isn’t that what some points bball
so besides just discovering jumped points there’s a lot of extra stuff where any
sister well have some areas had a bit that have basically charted that’s a lot
of areas along you have to fly into space the Mac ACA
maybe discover like an asteroid field asteroid field I have minerals in it and
then you could as map it it will show up on your your
navigation app on your computer and you can’t stand those points to your
friends all you could potentially Saleh to must offer that ballot one out
and you get a royalty for so you can’t do mapping beyond just
discovering jumped points a as some other things I’m working on
the exploration basically there’s a fair amount of ashen
discovery that we relax far so the ID risen almost seventy percent the actual usable space is unexplored and said the experience
can certify rounded a lot of it may just be empty space but then you’ll occasionally fact
something special ira an alien cracked are you now Africa like a separate mineral veil at
at at you’ll have added you want to share a
few friends in up and this is what makes the game completely amazing to me is
this any percent unexplored and imagined the opportunities you have is a pilot
who’s doing exploration you can actually sell it to a player German economy where you have found and ashtrays field with minerals for
minors they would pay you a lot of money for that word these jump
points and a jump with that would take you out to to a system that the route was like
Terry Jones but this was from boom boom that to to jump from one job
in but that but here’s the cool thing about
when he finds shown points Ray you get that the certificate shows it’s
really cool it tells you you know the backstory here
which is really need hey find a job points with the scanner
I’ve read all this but the really cool thing a guy from this was that only you
will have access to the information that you found protect I find it absolutely
is just on edges mind-bending 11 you know some Asian point will disappear
so they’re not with anything but you know he find alien technology or she
find make a or field or if you do find a job point
that is consistently their take you so far away that would be with
so much money and then you have to fly through these
and fly back so you have to go to inner space you cannot die in if you die in their
game over did you know how to death mechanics where he go rate to you next character who’s your
you never use a change in its character and you lose everything that you had
some things you would hear it but like that is massively huge that is such a
risk that I think they’re going to have to
make these very very important is very very valuable to be an explorer is gonna
be like Precor the game I you know they give you like these the
school Lake rewards for doing it and you know you’d need to keep the
information or sell it some to corporation pitch imagine how
who dat gonna be I have my contest so cool and the ships
that you can have to do you exposure think were deal with two ships here a deal
with the consolation which is your primo top-of-the-line exploration tape ship and you were freely answer which is you
know you don’t have as much money it but
still call this is being your passion eight-years-old you that were influenced by Star Wars you
make sex and you go up in Manchester you live in the US what is it about this world that you
feel is so important to get a share with other people I its is hot sand voiceless k prism so I’ve loved other
worlds me when I grow up I left you know reading talk and reading
Heinlein and I’m as a martian and so going to
different places and you know I love night I spent much time in the film
business and and crating world’s is something that I’m really into and maybe cuz i graph Manchester in the
weather’s really miss you X-ray he say to the pianist I dreaming
and other things and but so I I said I’ve that you made my career
back to training other worlds and as host I think Starz’s sort of the
ultimate version of that because is creating this world this universe on
a level that I have a credibility the Creperie v6 I did not have the resources
or the technology was in there and that’s great on I’m them go home go home the no into space dunno everyone okay alfonse exiting interspace the GC did you hear that and
that’s how I imagine a boom they found themselves a John point they
went through interspace successfully and now they don’t know where they’re at and
that’s exactly what I want this game to be I want there to be be more amount systems them why has been
artisteer which i think we’re a few hundred but I would like there to be more
systems out there and I hope we think I do think they will expand upon that
for exploration sake in this exploration is like no other because this
information you can’t sell any means something decision legally
dangerous exploration this is like real exploration in from so I really really appreciate
this aspect to the game unlike no other anime I am a traitor dust realist a heart with PvP background and and
other side in this opens up exploration away on that makes
me excited and as you heard in the video prior
sixty-seven percent of people wanted just to explore so this gives the
exploration feel but I want the exploration for be dangerous as well I don’t everybody just you know I found
this and I found this and I found this in it and there you know like I want people to die why
the Explorer that’s what makes it exciting and there were people whining about it they could do an early
dangers loom who QB you killed me you know what grow up
its pace you’re in a spaceship if you’re brave enough to get in the
ship then you’re brave enough to die looking for something its new out there
you now look at these aliens you think they’re gonna live who knows I don’t know but that’s what
makes interesting and think about all these worlds and the
ecology on these roads just mind-bending have no idea how these even accomplishes
but the reason why I play it the video where he was in the newsroom
is cuz it’s relevant he’s excited he’s passionate about it and you guys have to give this me in
sometime he can do it you can do it he could do it do not push him just let him continued
to develop this game in let me continue make these mazing videos be guys and love doing
this its on them it its since it takes a team meetings in
years c’mon indeed to how much we can learn in this
them me you guys are great thank you guys now
and if you get what you doing year of the cancellation charge love it please go to my page and page and pledge
please please please and I will buy the ship and I would do a review on it and if it sucks up hyatt’s expert I will
give my stance on guys thanks for watching dick games thanks for being there for me back
happen thanks for support a time when ignore the communion appears cool is a moving as inclusions you guys love your comments I love everything
about you guys because you are the reason why we are growing we’re almost a
thousand subscribers almost a thousand guys just a month ago
I made that video about a free game here 501 nearly two thousand years doing so
fast do not forget to join our Steam Community do not forget to like my facebook page
in a few guys did I would put more content on my Facebook page read mates should I think schools I’ve been
begins on a ship moored more gains on why worse star citizen whatever’s bad maybe little bit farther away from each other stars ministers is
as good as opposed to be down during gap owned by we may have
points guys are in system I didn’t mention that
nafta point in system autopilot you talking about maybe porno community to drive consider reviews but
has now confirmed yeah winter in this is re: gas day fine radio here and I really enjoyed
it and I hope you guys did always cool always fine tell your friends thanks for
your support add do do and


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    About your channel: I really like the fact that you're almost at a 1000 subscribers and still communicate with your viewers. You react on our reactions and listen to what we have to say. I miss that part of YouTube when I watch bigger youtubers. I like to see that's not the case at dagaimez!

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    As a Carrack owner I am slightly miffed that you did not place it at the top of the explorer craft. As someone who studies astrophysics I am greatly impressed at the lengths that you went to to put this vid together, so I can easily let the minor Carrack faux pas slide.:-)
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    They do complain about it in Elite?  They never had their avatars dying in other MMOs before?

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     Oh and BTW dude your voice is BA. You sound like the joker. XD

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    Love that you've pulled focus on this aspect of gameplay. Great job. You point out that you don't subscribe to CR's approach for "wormholes" as science fact, rather than just bending space/time to bring two points together. Agree. At the same time, others have pointed out problems with his propulsion "science". Related to the interview at 12:35, he talks about growing up Asimov, Heinlein, Tolkien… well, me too, same age, I read all the same books. The problem with that is… those guys mostly were pulp fiction mixed with some science. Young Johhny the rocket hero, and people exploring the universe through gateways (star gates), etc. etc. There was as much fiction as science. Also, most of their content was directed at letting the reader imagine "what life is like in those settings" and "characters", not space combat… while in contrast CR is focusing on combat, ship mechanics and related minutia, and he is not building out an MMO sandbox (letting the gamer experience the universe as Heinlein did through words in a book).

    The problem is… we know much more today than Asimov and Heinlein did when they wrote that. We know much more than we did when Star Wars first hit the screen when we didn't even have personal computers yet. Our Navy has computer controlled turrets on their decks TODAY that can be assigned a target, whether a missile or a jet fighter or a drone TODAY and instantly and accurately take them out of the sky. Yet CR seems to be stuck in the Heinlein and original Star Wars days where he is ignorant of science; whether on the topic of space travel, propulsion, or weapons systems.

    CR is stuck on giving us "old-school manual (computer unassisted) aircraft in space." There are some things he can do foundationally to give the game credibility without materially changing its nature, but he's been closed to those discussions. He will deliver "planes in space," and the game and its players will suffer the consequences.

    The more I hear, the foundations, the focus, the minutia and focus on ships and ship details and ship functions … ship ship ship, the more I lose confidence in the direction of the game, as an irrational game on rails. The more I sell off my fleet.

    I'm not looking for a science-accurate boring game. I'm looking for a fun game that is largely rational with emphasis in the right places. The game is mostly fine, but on 'some' bad foundations that can be remedied. The most important ones being whether it is more sandbox and less themepark on rails. Sounds like we're heavily skewed to the latter, and it will be skewered for its anachronistic science that could have been addressed without materially changing game experiences. After all, small craft would likely not have or afford technology such as multi-million dollar turret weapon systems like our Navy employs today in 2015, but larger craft would certainly have that opportunity if they could afford it. Gimbled gun systems on a small craft that are highly accurate when a target is assigned and locked? Absolutely, if you can afford it. Drones like we have today but with brutal accuracy? You bet, if you can afford them and the control systems. All of which is not in the anachronistic game we're being given. We have them today in 2015, but somehow won't have them 800 years in the future.

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    Evades Dreadd

    Epic the Guild is looking to recruit more great people for Stat Citizen. We have truly great people who are like family. We intend to enjoy every aspect of the game from exploring, to PvP, to PvE, to crafting and professions and more. We have several large ships such as an Endeavor with many modules, an Orion mining platform, a Carrack, a Bomber retaliator, and more.
    You are welcome to live aboard any of our ships if you choose. We accept all schedules and playstyles, and will never force you to do anything you would not want to do. If interested, simply private message me, or apply at www.Epic–the– – looking forward to hearing from you.

    ( PS, if you are looking to buy a SC game package, use this referral code to get 5,000 ingame credits for free, when you purchase your game package. STAR-RZTG-CV47 ) If you own a Star citizen game package, Apply to Epic the Guild here or both!

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    Chris Robert's MMO Wing Commander. Privateer and WC used the wormholes(jump points) but in local space you need a quick way to travel in a given solar system, that would be the Independence war solution, LDS(Linear Displacement Drive) a cool racy speed jump using a mini-universe around your ship powered by your ship, not the jump gate. An LDS is aboard your ship(or you have to buy it or whatever) used solely for purpose of jumping between planets in one given system. to jump stars you need a jump gate, a "jump drive" really isn't necessary unless you are talking about shielding your craft from the jump worm hole's interior being hazardous to a ship's outer hull(and the astronauts too) as for accuracy, there is hard science even if some scientists TABU it. just because it isn't in 21 century science, it doesn't mean what we Do NOT understand doesn't exist, one day it will be found it can happen. and Einstein is a narcissist. in order to understand true science you have to think outside the bun, to the future of discovery gained by open minds, not closed ones restricted to the 21st century, or the 20th since Einstein is old and so are 1997 idioms and zombie sleepers quoting Einstein as if he were god and calling themselves "scientists". that is a baby boomer thing, not our thing!

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    i have a quick question if you dont mind responding on star citizen is that jump gate real in the universe can i get there in 1.5 i have a constellation but not sure if this gameplay is out yet im talking about that big circle looks like a base in your video you called it a jump gate also im wondering about the starmap what is that for, can i really travel that far from planet to planet or is the game not ready for any of this yet thanks.

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    Nathan Smith

    It would be interesting if jump points were like EVE wormholes, and decayed over time, or the amount of mass transported.

  88. Post

    a jump would be a bend in space from one point to another so it's not a tunnel you would simply bend between point a and b
    … wow I started typing this as you get to the 6min mark .. yes. I agree

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    Brother Wise

    The "folding" of space so that to location exist in the same location is not science. It's wishful thinking. It is dumb and that's why no one says it. "We are going to fold space and time". LMAO. The theory is not a theory. Lets just stick with worm wholes and super speed engines.

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    Freddy Karlsson

    Hi all Star Citizen. I'm very interested in Exploring the Galactic in Star Citizen. I never see any movies from exploring.
    I want to see more movies from such missions. What ship you use. What you discover and so on.

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