Star Citizen 3.6 | Abbreviated Reviews

Star Citizen 3.6 | Abbreviated Reviews

Have you been waiting patiently for the past
three months for the next Star Citizen patch? Are you ready to get down and dirty in the
penal system? Well get ready because it’s time for Star
Citizen Alpha 3.6! Awake from your sleep pod and grab your space
coffee as you once again step into the ongoing magic of early access game development. Start out by checking out all of the new ships
– of which there is really only one since the fancypants 890 jump was pushed to the
next patch. Jump in to the all new Archimedes, a ship
designed to have all of the compensation you could ever want in its beautiful phallic design. Or, if you’d rather live your life rolling
around on the ground like a caveman, hop in the brand new Anvil Ballista, a giant anti-ship
missile platform that you can use to defend any dirt you find appealing on the surface
of a planet. Check out the revised Vanguard Warden with
it’s exciting addition of glowing engine intakes and weird impractical tank tread landing gear. Now you can head off to a planet and enjoy
the fun of floating around like a helicopter with the new hover mode! That means o more awkwardly floating at weird
angles all over the sky like a creepy UFO. That is assuming you can get there without
getting pulled out of quantum drive by the police, because 3.6 is the first implementation
of the LAW system. (Dredd Clip) That’s right, now we’ve got the
cops involved. They’re not taking prisoners though, so don’t
start looking for that orange jumpsuit. If you break the law they’re coming for blood
and if you fight them off, you’re only getting in more trouble. They’ll even scan your ship for stolen or
black market items as well. No more smuggling WiDoW up your butt out to
Grim Hex! On your way across the system, you can stop
and enjoy the massive exterior reworks of the rest stops. Now you can fly around all of the cool science
fiction space stations designs you’ve ever imagined while they try to kill you for breaking
so many laws. You may want to keep taking those risks for
maximum profitability because now you’ve got even more stuff to spend UEC on. Instead of just buying big guns, cool funky
armors, and random ship parts, you can also get weapon attachments to further customize
your gear. Or if you’re really overwhelmed with how much
cash you have, you can finally drop a few million on buying a ship in game! A wonderful commodity to lose three months
later when the next patch drops. Enjoy all of this new content and a few more
cool odds and ends that this patch has delivered. Star Citizen Alpha 3.6, giving us the building
blocks necessary to start our own criminal enterprise and also the ability to hover. If you want to get in on Star Citizen, check
out the link below to learn how. Then you can join me in the exciting quarterly
release schedule and subsequent three month hibernation period!


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    Abbreviated Reviews

    Star Citizen, should you play it? Maybe. Maybe if you're really patient. Maybe if you really like space shit. Maybe if you've got a PC that can survive the raw vicious assault of running it.
    But if you want to, you can do it here and get another 5000 UEC in the process:
    Informational Link:

    Direct Link:

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    Primordial Entropy

    Lol I saw the thumbnail and thought "oh man this is gonna be good" and you didn't disappoint. Do you ever stream? Listening to your commentary while playing some games is something I can get behind

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    Kana's Castle

    That was a fun video you made for patch 3.6, and also you got the perfect voice for it! Can't wait to see the next video after the "3 month hibernation period"!

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