Star Citizen 3.7 | Abbreviated Reviews

Star Citizen 3.7 | Abbreviated Reviews

It’s that time of year when the air starts
getting brisk and the leaves start to change. The time when we flip on the heater in out
cockpits when the sun goes down. That’s right, it’s the end of the third
quarter and time for Star Citizen Alpha 3.7! Strap yourself in your ship and get ready
for another heaping scoop of content and updates to the game we’ve all bought a promise ring
for years ago and expect to be rounding third base any day now… Let’s start out with the all new re-re-desgined
character creation system! Now instead of just morphing faces into new
faces, you can morph individual pieces of each face into your face to make an even more
unique average looking person. Lock in that mediocre mug and make your way
to Port Olisar to start checking out the new ships! First up is the all new Banu Defender! The first ship of this alien race makes its
way into the game and shows off that oh-so-Alien aesthetic! Just look at those curvy ridged walls! Jump in the pilot or co-pilot seat and wave
across the void to your partner in this isolated cockpit design. Admire the beauty of two giant arms leading
the way that really shows the world how little you care about what’s to your left and right. You can even shoot these neat looking Tachyon
cannons! Pew! Next up is a quantum shift in how we quantum
travel… or perhaps how we stop quantum travel, the RSI Mantis! This unassuming ship secretly holds within
its torso a giant metaphorical net that allows players to pull ships out of quantum drive
and keeps them from jumping away. It has all the amenities, a food processor,
ample room for dancing, and a strut-free window. You can even lie down and take a nap when
you’re done shutting down quantum drives! Just be sure you have friends around when
you catch someone because you’ll probably get your ass kicked by most ships you encounter! The pilot and human AI has been updated as
well, so now you can step in Pirate Swarmand get shredded like you always wanted to. Or find yourself some guys on foot and admire
their new ability to charge at you and shoot you in the back! Now it’s time for the real star of the show…
glowsticks! Finally the tool we’ve all been waiting
for is available in game. You can either head to downtown ArcCorp and
attend an all-night rave, or you can take part in another new addition to the game. Spelunking! That’s right, caves have been carved into
many of the planets and moons and they’re ready for you to lube up and dive right in. Live out all of your previously unknown anxiety
issues of getting lost in a dark cave as you twist and turn deep into these uncharted tunnels. On the way, make sure you pick up some of
the new collectible resources like weird funguses and put them in your Death’s Stranding backpack,
or try out the brand new first person mining! Now rather than mine from the safety of your
Prospector, get down and dirty with your multi-tool blasting away at rocks and collecting pretty
gems for extra cash. Cash you can now spend on renting ships in
game! That’s right, if buying ships for millions
of credits was stretching your virtual wallet too thin, you can now rent them temporarily
for only a fraction of the cost. Experience all the fun of owning a ship, but
with hardly any of the long term consequences when you get it ripped to pieces in combat
or accidentally slam into the ground! Star Citizen Alpha 3.7, when you’ve explored
the universe, and the surface world, it’s time to go underground… but don’t forget
the glowsticks. If you want to get in on this insanity, you
can find out more from the links in the description. It’s got all the fun of space AND all the
fun of the things on the ground. That’s everything you could ask for, and


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    Abbreviated Reviews

    Posting this on a Sunday afternoon well after the actual release may not be the smartest plan I've ever had, but who am I to hog all the good decisions in the world? Regardless, here's 3.7 in all of its glory. Have fun exploring spooky caves and interrupting everyone's naps while in quantum.

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    I feel like they've added more content to the store than the actual game:/

    Maybe my IQ isn't high enough to appreciate the grand scale of this design, I sure hope so.

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    David Asene

    Really great work. Hopefully this video series for star citizen is a long term endeavour. If so I'm looking forward to more.

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    The ReReRedesigned character creator looks awesome but I'm probably gonna hold out for the ReReReRedesigned character creator.

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