Star Citizen 3.8 | Abbreviated Reviews

Star Citizen 3.8 | Abbreviated Reviews

Are you ready to bundle up in your favorite
space themed Christmas sweater and head to the outer reaches of the solar system? Well then you know it’s the end of the fourth
quarter and time for Star Citizen Alpha 3.8! Dive into a patch that doesn’t look all
that exciting on the roadmap, but is actually filled with all sorts of goodies that will
make playing an alpha version of a game still in development a little less frustrating! Start out straight away with the new option
to select your starting location! Finally you can wake up from your space dreams
somewhere other than Port Olisar when starting out! Now that you’ve chosen Port Olisar since
it’s the place you can most quickly get into space, let’s spawn a ship and see what
else we’ve got in store! Take off on a journey to the very edge of
the Stanton system to visit the brand new icy planet of Microtech! But before you venture into its frigid atmosphere,
make sure to admire the now fully realized interiors for the new stations added to the
orbits each main planet! Now you can set yourself to spawn in a station
with equally quick access to the vacuum of space without having to get lost in the alleyways
of Area 18 or suffocate on with a bag on your head in Hurston. You can even venture into the beautiful unique
shopping districts for each station and look at all of the cool things you can’t interact
with yet! Swoop down from your orbiting platform into
the frosty clouds of Microtech to check out the brand new planet and its capital city,
New Babbage. Take in the majesty of frozen buildings and
their ample existence as you set the countdown timer for 3.9 when the interiors are implemented
for all the buildings. That’s no problem though, the real glory
of of 3.8 is in the Planet Tech version 4 updates along with the addition of upgraded
weather effects. Microtech is the feature planet for both of
these with its lush snowy pine forests, rocky tundra, and even whimsical Disney-like fields
of wildflowers fit for frolicking. Don’t stay outside too long though, because
you might get lost in a giant realistically scaled snowstorm that totally blinds you. Before you lose your way and wander off a
cliff, take note of the cool snow and ice buildup on your helmet visor and how it melts
when you come inside! Neat! If you get tired of flying around looking
at all of the upgraded planet designs through the bobbing head of the nausea inducing look
ahead system, you can take part in brand new 890 Jump rescue mission. That’s right, now you can save a rich bastards
pleasure yacht in one of the first missions involving boarding a ship in space and doing
first person combat. Creep through the halls with your friends
and blast some NPCs standing around waiting for death to earn extra money and save the
day! If you’re really feeling brave, you can
even try out the new melee combat updates including stabbing the sweet hell out of people
and everyone’s favorite pastime, punching dudes in the face! Why go around blasting people all day when
you can just give them a right hook to the jaw and repeatedly stab their unconscious
body? While there are other fun additions like an
improved crime system including fines and a new ruggedly designed middle tier mining
ship with the Argo Mole, most of the ships like the Carrack have been delayed for a mid-quarter
patch. (awww). However, the biggest update of all is one
you probably won’t notice. It’s everyone’s favorite Christmas present… SOCKS! That of course stands for Server-side Object
Container Streaming. While this advanced process doesn’t have
a lot to show off, it’s actually foundational technology that reduces server load and allows
for the game to get ever more expansive and complex. Now CIG can add new content without needing
most of the server memory and processing power on the planet to keep it running. For all intents and purposes, it’s magic
that makes the game work better. Magic Socks! Star Citizen Alpha 3.8, giving you a white
Christmas no matter where you are, as long as you’re in Microtech. Well that’s it for 2019 Star Citizen updates! Make sure to check out the rest of my videos
on the game for more hot takes on each patch and what may or may not actually be in them.


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    Murder Doll

    "Why go around blasting people all day when you can just give them a right hook to the jaw and repeatedly stab their unconscious body?"

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    Abbreviated Reviews

    I had this cool idea to post this as soon as the patch came out… clearly that wasn't as good of an idea as it seemed in my head…
    But if we're talking about bad ideas, who at CIG decided a three laser mining truck was a better plan than salvage and the vulture?

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