Star Citizen | 600i vs Constellation Aquila

Hello everybody welcome back, when the 600i
was announced for the very first time, was met with enthusiasm not only for its great
looks but its promised capabilities, its promised gameplay as well. After the recent Q&A though that enthusiasm
has disappeared and not many backers still believe that the 600i has a place in the verse. What was made apparent to me after that Q&A,
even more than before, was the fact that the main competitors of the 600i in the verse
are going to be the Constellations and to be more precise the Aquila and the Phoenix. So today i would like to take a closer look,
a better look at these 3 vessels and try to understand what is the role of the 600i in
the verse and if it can be a nice alternative to these 2 constellations. The 600i is a multi role luxury vessel from
Origin built with a cutting edge modular technology and the goal is for the owner to be able to
swap modules whenever he wants, later in the future, so he can follow the career he wants
the most at that certain time. Right now that is not possible and because
of this the 600i is offering 2 variants, a touring and an exploration one. We could say that the heart of the 600i is
the module that you will choose to place in its interior and the module that will give
you the possibility, the ability to follow one or the other activity, to follow the activity
of exploration or the activity of passenger transport, although after the latest Q&A that
may not be the case. No matter which one of these 2 modules you
will choose to place in your 600i the base model is built with bold and elegant lines
and its focus is on sleek looks and luxury in the interior but the exterior as well. Its wraparound single piece canopy also offers
great visibility and situational awareness making it perfect for both roles and helping
you achieve your goals, no matter if that is exploration or just admiring the beautiful
vistas of star citizen. The constellation Aquila on the other hand
is the exploration variant of the constellation series and it is built in such a way and comes
with a plethora of tools in order to help you achieve your goals while following the
activity, the profession of exploration in the verse. According to the Q&A the 600i is a fully capable
exploration vessel but we have absolutely no idea what that means in terms of range
and fuel efficiency while we know that the aquila comes with an expanded fuel tank, auxiliary
fuel cells that will help you stay out there for longer and perform this activity for more. Both vessels seem to be very well equipped
for the role of exploration and the aquila comes with a navigational E7 long range scanner
but also jump point navigation sensors from WillsOps that will help you locate even the
hardest to find jump points. The exploration module on the 600i will give
you an additional radar-scanning station and will offer you a suite of mapping systems
and scanning gear for your exploration needs. With the exploration module on the 600i you
also get additional external utility points for extra arrays, something that will make
your exploration job a lot easier. We cannot really say that the 600i has better
exploration gear than the aquila or the aquila has better exploration gear than the 600i
because we simply have no idea how exploration is going to work and how each and every one
of these tools are going to work either. They both seem more than capable to perform
exploration if you want to go out there and follow this career and to be totally honest
from the description of the tools, i think the 600i here has an advantage simply because
it is offering a suite of mapping systems and the only other vessel in star citizen
right now that is offering a mapping table is the carrack. In terms of utility the 600i can also carry
a rover from origin and in the future will have the ability to carry not only that rover
but the x1, an open canopy vessel/vehicle from Origin as well. The Aquila on the other hand can carry right
now the ursa rover and a merlin snub fighter giving you more options to explore but also
assist your main vessel. The biggest argument around the 600i has to
do with the cargo capacity and its speed and maneuverability so let’s go ahead and start
with the cargo capacity. The exploration module on the 600i is also
giving you 36 SCU of cargo capacity, the catch here is that you get these 36 units only if
you don’t have the rover with you, if you have the rover in the cargohold, in the module
then your cargo capacity will be much lower. We have no idea how much lower it will be
but it will not be 36 units for sure. The aquila is reported to have 134 SCU of
cargo capacity which make it the better option, which make it the better vessel to choose
if you want to go out there and collect loot, collect samples but there is a catch here
as well. As we have seen in the recent gamescom presentation
the ursa rover takes pretty much all the space in the cargo hold, so if you want to have
the ursa rover with you the cargo capacity of the aquila will be around 0, maybe not
exactly 0 but it will be less than 10 units. So if you want to go out there and you have
to have a rover with you the best option for you, if you still want to have some cargo
capacity is the 600i. Now if you choose to replace the rover with
another vehicle, with an X1 in the future or a Nox or Dragonfly right now then it is
apparent that the aquila is going to offer you more cargo capacity. We don’t know the exact number yet but it
will be better than the 600i. Another aspect of the aquila that will make
it a very good option if you don’t wish to just perform exploration but want to mix your
activities a bit, is the fact that it comes with a science station on top that can be
swapped with an actual turret for more firepower. It also has a climate controlled sample storage
unit that will allow you to perform science field work. Because of this we could say that the aquila
is a more multi role vessel than the 600 is since it can perform more than just the exploration
activity at the same time. From the stats we have right now it is obvious
that the aquila is a much lighter vessel than the 600i and will have much better maneuverability,
something that has also been confirmed with the Q&A. The 600i on the other hand can achieve better
speeds in a straight line, can go faster in a straight line than the aquila and this is
probably thanks to the glax plating technology it is using. So what does that mean? If you have fought with the constellation
Andromeda and if the constellation Andromeda is any indication of how the aquila will be
fighting in the persistent universe when it will come in the game, then you will know
that the maneuverability of the constellation series means absolutely nothing and if you
are under attack from a swarm of fighters, not a swarm 2 or 3 fighters, you are pretty
much dead. In this case i would prefer the better speed
of the 600i that will give me the option to get out of the area as fast as possible and
quantum jump out of there and into safety. This is of course my personal opinion and
some others might prefer the extra maneuverability that the aquila is going to offer them. In terms of firepower these 2 vessels are
quite similar, the 600i comes with 3 size 5 hardpoints that can have size 5 fixed weapons
or size 4 and bellow gimballed weapons, 2 size 2 turrets and 16 size 3 missiles, the
missile weaponry is quite potent on the 600i. The aquila on the other hand comes with 4
size 4 weapons, 2 size 4 turrets, 1 actual turret and the other is the science station
that can be swapped with an actual turret increasing the firepower and again if the
stats are to be trusted, 2 size 2 missile racks that can carry up to 20 size 2 missiles. So we can see that these 2 vessels have a
very similar firepower and if we compare them one to each other, in a fight one to each
other, then yes the maneuverability of the aquila will help you win against the 600i
but this is not the role of these 2 vessels, they were not built in order to fight each
other, they were built in order to perform exploration and survive in the verse, survive
from a pack of pirates, from a pack of fighter vessels that will attack you and try to disable
you or destroy you and i think that the placement of the turrets on the 600i is slightly better
than that of the aquila but also like more the fact that the 600i has better speed in
a straight line that will, hopefully, help you get out of the area faster. Another aspect we should also take into consideration
is the fact that the 600i is a very easy vessel to take out there alone, to solo pilot and
perform exploration. The real disappointment regarding the 600i
comes from the touring module and the fact that CIG has announced that it will not be
suitable for VIP passenger transport. What the touring module actually offers to
the 600i is just a lounge area, to entertain your guests and a great view from the rear
window that will help you enjoy the beautiful wonders and vistas of star citizen while you
are traveling. If we compare the touring module to the constellation
Phoenix it is in every possible way inferior and this is because the Phoenix is the touring
variant, the luxury touring variant of the constellation series that is offering everything
required to transport VIP guests, passengers and make money out of this activity. The Phoenix is giving emphasis on luxury like
the 600i touring module but it also comes with a dining area, guest cabins, hot-tub,
kitchen and a bar. At the same time the phoenix can carry a Lynx
rover and a P-72 Archimedes snub fighter increasing the utility it can offer but it can also be
used as a command ship, as a flagship for an organization, something that we cannot
say for the 600i touring.The phoenix also includes a hidden sensor dampened area for
precious cargo that you can use in order to store the valuable items of your guests or
for smuggling purposes. Regarding the weapons and the speed and maneuverability
of the phoenix they are quite similar to the aquila with some slight differences on the
missiles but we could say that the arguments we had on the 600i exploration versus aquila
are pretty much the same with the 600i touring and phoenix. Yes the phoenix has better maneuverability
but the 600i seems to be faster in a straight line and that will get you faster to safety. So to reach a conclusion, based on the info
we have, the latest info we got from the Q&A and the stats of these vessels, if you are
after the passenger transport activity and this is what interests you the most you should
ignore the 600i touring variant and go for the constellation phoenix, it will offer you
more options and it will help you make a lot more money out of this activity but if you
are looking for an exploration vessel at the size of the 600i or the aquila then both are
great options and i dare say that the 600i can perform certain aspects of exploration
slightly better than the aquila, the aquila will just offer you some more options in terms
of multi role identity, you will be able to perform some science and you will be able
to have more cargo capacity if you don’t bring a rover with you. Other than that they both seem to be very
capable exploration vessels. So what do you think of the touring and the
exploration module of the 600i and which one would you prefer? A constellation variant or one of the 600i
variants if you were going out there in the verse to explore or admire the beauties of
star citizen. I would love to hear your opinion. Thank you very much for joining me, if you
enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove
and i will see you around the verse,bye bye.

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