Star Citizen – A promise

Star Citizen – A promise

I was seven years old, the day Star
Wars hit the silver screen and boy, did that change my life. Whenever I
hear that John Williams rebel theme and I see that yellow scroller
fading into space it sends shivers down my spine. It
still does so today even after all those years. Even
after Jar Jar Binks. I have never seen anything like this before. Luke, although older than me, was just an
average boy that was thrown into this large than life adventure. Taking on a Deathstar in his tiny X-wing and blowing it all up. I was open mouthed in wonder. In my imagination Luke was not so different from me. I was
an average kid: Blonde, a dreamer. Maybe I could be like Luke. The force might come to me one day. I just
had to wait And then, Battlestar Galactica aired. Maybe
you remember the old movie series with Lorne Greene and Dirk Benedict as the hotshot-pilot Starbuck although not as grand in special effects
as the Star Wars movies I just loved Battlestar Galactica. The ship design was majestic and the soundtrack awe inspiring I loved those vipers, man. They were fast and
deadly and those afterburners just made them go
zooooom like an x-wing never did. The best of all
those pilots was of course Starbuck himself. He was cocky. Well he did not take orders too well. In that sense he was the opposite of Luke. More like Han, the guy who shot first. But he got away with it all because he was the definition of cool and was sincerely kicking some cylon ass. I had an x-wing and
a Galactica and all sort of Star Wars franchise. My
childhood was filled with wonderful memories of me and my friends playing
out those adventures in far away galaxies. Since then I’m an addict to space because space held a secret promise
for me the promise that one day my childhood
dreams would come true in some galaxy far far away I just had to get older. Grow up a little
and then the force would come to me somehow –
and I would safe the day. I just had to believe! In retrospective my childhood dreams
had come true although not the way I pictured it out as a
10-year-old of course I grew up with an open mind, I embraced
imagination and wonders. Ok, ok. Yeah, I guess I was a geek although, it wasn’t called that back then. My parents thought I was a little bit
crazy and strange but the good thing was: I was not the only
one my friends were just like me and still
we would know how to kick a ball around… so it wasn’t too grim looking for us. I learned many a lesson as a kid that
define the man I am today: I learned that you can overcome any obstacle, no matter how big: may it be a
Death Star or a cylon fleet If you just believed in yourself – and maybe had the force on your side. I learnt that friends are the most important things
in life yeah friends. That share your dreams and cover your back that you can call in the middle of the night
when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Starbuck had Apollo, Luke had Han and Han had of course Chewie. My childhood heroes could not have made it on their own. They had their wing mans to cover them up I learned that dreams are worth fighting for. That good will overcome evil even if it wears a black mask and that you
can overcome your fears in spite of being afraid. Fearful situations do come with opportunites if you just dare to take upon them. Years past and I grew into an adult I eventually got into computer
games the first x-wing came out, I was climbing
that cockpit I played tie-fighter vs x-wing too.
Although I enjoyed those games, they fell slightly short to
my expectations. These games were just a series of
“technical challenges” that I had to overcome. I was somewhat
missing the narrative, the hero to identify with… and
then out of nowhere came Wing Commander, a game by Chris Roberts. It was a narrative
epic! Well back in the days, and even by today’s standards maybe. You as a
fighter pilot on a carrier against an overwhelming enemy that wants to destroy mankind. I mean, this guy had just published game I had pictured in my mind for years
how could that possibly be? This was exactly like Battlestar
Galactica, but this time YOU could man the viper
yourself. There were characters that you could
relate and talk to. And it got better and better with each
Wing Commander in the series. Wing Commander 3 did see a return of
Mark Hamil – whom I really like and adore a lot – as the main
protagonist. The game featured life action cinematics between missions. This was just like the movies, but you
could influence where the story was going. Needless to
say I played all of them. I loved them…and then came Privateer, a sandbox game where you could make your fortune as a
merchant in space, pirate, bounty hunter, whatever you name
it. It had missions, things to explore, cinematics. You could
upgrade your ship and equipment. One could say: it was one of the first
single player open world games in a space setting, with maybe ELITE being the first …. but ELITE never had
this immersion like Privateer had. Years passed by and so did the Wing Commander series: it
vanished as did Chris Roberts, whom took a break
from the software industry just about when I got my first job. I have remained a passion for space games
since. With the triumph of Ultima Online and Everquest 2 sooner or later
multiplayer space games had to emerge I played Star Wars Galaxies. I hated and
loved it equally at the same time for what it was –
and for what it wasn´t I played Earth and Beyond for a
while but then the game got axed by Sony Online Entertainment. Thank
you! And finally I found my way into EvE
Online. I loveed the look of the game – but I didn´t like
the feel. The learning curve was steep. I dug into
it for some months but the game never clicked with me. I found
it strange that my avatar was a ship instead of a person. The game was
static and emotionally uninvolving. I finally
cancelled my subscription came back every now and then for a month
or two, but the game never managed to win me over. Well, life goes on and I can call myself
a happy man I am a husband and a father to two
wonderful sons We build Legos together and I tell them of Luke, and Darth and Bobba Fett. About the force and space and the promise it has in store for us if we dare to dream and imagine. And now all of a sudden Chris Roberts
comes out of the box, the only person that has ever managed
to come close to my childhood dreams. He will do a new space came: Star Citizen I am sure you have heard about it: the
forthcoming of the saviour of PC-gaming yiddi, yiddiy yadda and so on. It is totally crowd funded. I guess you
might have heard the buzz. But what will it be like? A new Wing
Commander, with better graphics? a new freelancer / privateer? His answer is: it will be all of it! It will be a long, narrative driven
single player campaign with choices, dialogs and cutscenes. It will feature multiplayer-ships, even capital ships, that you can
man with your buddies. top that of with a persistent
multiplayer universe with over 400, maybe 500 planets in a sandbox
game and you pretty much get the broader
picture here. In short Chris Roberts is trying to build the
game he already had pictured in his mind twenty years ago but could not do then because of budget
or technical limitations. Sounds nice, but should you or I believe
it, I ask? After all, I am no kid any longer. Nor am I fool. I’m a grown up man, that has heard too many promises from game developers or publishers in his life. I have witnessed the downfall of Star Wars
Galaxies, Earth and Beyond, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. None of these games have really lived up
to their promises for various reasons. If you as a
publisher can´t live up to the expectations you are
done with. Prepare for incoming shitstorms. You
really get no second chance for your first impression. so you bury the thing or you go
free to play with microtransactions and live somewhat longer.
But let’s face the fact: Your product did not live up to your
promises. With that in mind, why should I believe a
man, that I have not heard of in over 10
years? What if this is just scam? Well, I invite you: go over to the website of Star Citizen in fact any website with coverage of Star Citizen wil do. Take your time and listen to, or read Chris
Roberts interviews. That’s what I did! This man is driven by an inner fire, that is beyond salessmanship! This man is dead serious and passionate
about what he wants to do. His positive energy is invigorating both his crew but also the playerbase.
He will pass twenty million dollars in crowdfunding easily before years end. He wants this came to be made he ultimately wants to play it himself.
The development team really listens to the potential player base and the publisher is (pause) well you are! The players have a big say in development
and game features. That might just be the reason to win you over
if you haven’t backed yet. But if that still isn’t enough, I tell
you: I backed the game and why? I finally
realized, that Chris Roberts, when he was a kid
like me, he has been to the same movies like me. His and my childhood heroes are basically the
same. when he looked up to the stars as a kid, I’m
sure the stars held the same promise for him like they held for me. Chris Roberts is
building the game because he ultimately wants to play it himself. Now as
grown up, he will make his childhood wish come true. He might also do it for
you and me, but don’t be fooled: there’s some healthy egoism involved here and I think that’s a good thing. Will this game
live up to your dreams and expectations you might ask? Well I got news for you: prepare to be
disappointed! There are too many expectations that might
contradict each other I want a new Wing Commander, with better
graphics! I want EvE Online, but with a cockpit!
I want to blow things up in space! I want to run around planets and kill stuff!
I want to roleplay in stations! I want to craft stuff! I want a love-interest! I want my lightsaber! I want more boobs, I
want more booze! You might find, that the game will not
excactly mirror what you expect it or hope it to be, when it’s done. But it will be made and it will be worth the wait! Chris Roberts has a dreem, that might be very similar to yours, or mine. And one thing is for sure: prepared to be
immersed! All of Chris´ games are about immersion, story and believability. You will get
attached involved and addicted. You might get – or not
get boobs or booze. You might not get to blow
up as many things as you like in the end There might be not so much PvP as you have hoped for… but this will be a helluva game with scope and vision and nobody can deny it looks damn sexy already. if you have not backed yet, I invite you to
join and take a
look for yourself. You get daily updates on the development
process of the game you will never witness anything like
this game being made you can watch his baby grow –
day by day because they show it off: daily! hourly! And that alone is worth your
support and that´s a promise. See you in the ´verse Brigand, over and out


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    Gareth Instone

    Awesome balls, loved your vid and loved your narration and good pick on background track 😉 Beautiful piano piece!

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    I think I watch this video about once or twice a month because I believe it brings many of us back to the days of when we were younger. And even today it is still alright to be a kid when you want to.

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    Damon Hawkes

    Wow that was actually great. I'm impressed. And convinced. As many are saying, this really resonated with me.

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    Wow, This was everything i tried to explain to my friends and wife when I told them I was buying a ship that  didn't exist for a game that won't be released for another year but I can't wait to be  in the verse, and I have no fear of being disappointed .

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    Randall Mars

    Brigant70 you need to update this video and show what is new. I almost come to tears every time I watch this video. Your voice carries so much emotion that we and the public needs to see. I miss your videos, I hope you have some more in you.

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    This dream you have going is bigger than any one thing along the way,  even starcitizen,  from the sounds of it.  Games and films going to come and go and this dream in whatever form it evolves into is going to outlive each and every one.

    Was really nice to listen to and approve the warmth of your attitude and vision,  thankyou.

    Just a thought…
    Its a very large universe,  the laws of mathematics indicate there is certainly many other civilizations out there in totaly unknown forms,  we are almost certainly never going to detect another civilisation unless some one or a collective of someones figure out how to cheat ways around the laws of physics to travel, and possibly "See" faster than light allows (even then still a very difficult task possibly taking many centuries with many searchers) but they are out there, and probably many in a comparable situation to ourselves in their own way,  and probably also themselves know that the laws of mathematics applied to the observerable universe indicate that many civilisations are out there as well as their own.

    We are ourselves are another point of "alien" civilisation like all the rest out there scattered millions of stars apart,  most likely never to have what they know must be true according to mathematics actually confirmed with hard sensory data.

    I thought for a while,  knowing that there are other civilisations to carry the torch on our behalf should our own civilisation fall,  that it does not matter what happens here and not to worry too much about messing up here and destroying ourselves either accidentally out of fear and confusion with Fission/Fusion/other weapons….

    But then another pass on the process revealed that it does matter,  because if all the others came to the same conclusion that it does not matter what happens to them,  many or all could come to the same conclusion and be careless and fail.   So logically we need to look out for ourselves,  just so all the others do also yes?

    But not to be too carefull,  everything within reason,  better to live and die,  than to not live at all for fear of dying.

    I've found I enjoyed the webcomics Shlock Mercenary and Freefall.    Shlock mercenary's art starts off a little ameturish but develops great later on.

    If you know of any great webcomics that someone who likes Shlock mercenary and freefall would also like I'd like to know of it.

    For me gamewise I only really started playing games in the late 90's so I never played the wing commanders and other earlier games…..  But The game that stands out for me was StarLancer,  the prequel to Freelancer also by chris roberts.

    I loved getting immersed into that game when I played it,  don't remember how old I was,  whatever I use for a memory seems to have gone kablooey,  only remember shards of the game itself,  and snippets of the atmospheric music and the torpedo launching noise!   But I know it was great 🙂

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    Λ ғ ғ є ҡ s

    I wasn't born in time for star wars or wing commander, but having grown up with my dad playing games like Homeworld space has become my dream and ultimately my inspiration. Even though Im probably under half you age, I can still relate to every word you said. Thank you, this was really inspirational.

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    Dude, AMAZING video. I came here through this Reddit post i made yesterday:

    And you are just explaining the same things, about childhood dreams etc that i had in my mind about this game.

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    Maester Anon

    As a proper scifi nerd my self, and a member of their volunteer staff in Europe for 2 years in a row, i CONCUR !

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    Sai Wolfie

    Yes. Excellent video. Great narrative and describes the emotion we all feel and the hope we all share in anticipation or Star citizen. Thank you.

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    this is the video that convinced me to join the Star Citizen community, yes I did all that, viewing Star Wars New Hope and many other Sci Fi movies, some good and some really bad ones, but just the same, they were taking me on an adventure that was not here, but out there a amongst the stars. then I graduated college, gotta get that job. found myself playing Wing Commander series, then Privateer StarLancer (still have my computer stuffed in my closet, don't know why , but it's still there with Wing Commander on waiting)

    then a friend told me about Star Citizen and Chris Roberts, it look great but I was involved in some other issues, then I had seen this video, what a compelling video about what and why to join Star Citizen, there is more here that can not be explained, you either get it or you're just seeing a veneer of the game.

    what happens during construction of a large facility, construction is done in sections, the turbine floor, the auxiliary area, the control room, maintenance and then you have storage, man do you have storage, there are always future modifications to be done, time tables are never met, but the job gets completed. then the day you come walking in from the parking lot you see the facility, you realize it is done, waiting to flip the switch to bring to it life, what you and others have work on in the past few years

    yes, I know long story, very similar, especially a game as such as this, so large in scope, look at what we be able to do, SQ42, Planetside, FPS for those who want shoot things and blow them up, the simply gratification or more the long term involvement; trading , exploring, building cities or planets, with the idea of commerce. you know the easy stuff. there is much to do, you just sit down make a game plan (lol) on what you want to do and what you want accomplish, fun, long term commitment

    see you in the verse, I'll buy you beer or shot of tequila and beer chaser

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    Christian Heinrich

    This mate give me damn fuckn feels….I`ve never played played Wingcommander and so on because im much younger then u (about 25) but your Dream is like my Dream. Danke dafür

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    To anyone who is unsure whether or not to pledge for their starter pack to get into the game because they're not sure whether they will deliver and whether or not it will be a waste of your money:

    It's already worth the money. The game even as it stands now has something new to offer and is fun and replayable, especially recently as you have usable in-game credits. I'm not worried about the future because updates to the game recently made it worth the money already.

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    Thank you for this video. It explains perfectly how many of us feel and why we gave Chris Roberts so much money for this promise. It is a dream come true.

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    Brigant i still rewatch this video time and time again.
    Will you make more videos? Anyways hope its all well for you, hopefully meet soon "in the verse"

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    Vexed Films

    Great vid, great narration. I noticed you said retro-perspective, it should be 'retrospective' or "in retrospect", I guess it seems odd to say the way you said it is wrong as that's what it means… but hey English is weird.

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    Paul Barlow

    Thank you for your wonderful story, my story, Chris' story—our common story.
    I watched the same films and TV shows, and I played the same games, feeling the same emotions as everything that you described.

    I come to you now from the future. It is January, 2016. Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 is live, and it's amazing. This minor taste of what the future holds and what the completed package will offer, is already more content-packed than many current 'AAA' games on release.

    For ultimate immersion, play with a joystick and VR. o/

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    Alex Parris

    Watched it for the 5th time and damn man… Cant say I've ever had anyone get me all sentimental like that over games… But those games oh man did you pick the right ones. Sums up my entire life with only minor caveats haha. Thank you @Birgand70!!! You've made something great for the Star Citizen Community and beyond!

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    I personally am a big browncoat, and this game is to me the closest game I can get to resemble the firefly verse. I have
    created an organisation thats role is to salvage and transport, legal honest jobs as well as less honest smuggling.The cheapest game package at the moment of this upload is 45 usd and one get to choose between two starter ships. However, often star citizen run free fly over days or even a week, where anyone get to try several of the ships at no cost.
    So if you want to try it before you buy it, create a user and wait for that email that says free fly. Personally, I would
    stick with the cheapest ship at first, and if you then find out that this is a game you are going to play a lot and enjoy,
    only then you should consider upgrading your ship. Upgrading a ship, will discount the ship one wants to upgrade to.Want to join the game, you have to head over to Robert Space Industries to enlist @ , which gives you 5k starting UEE.
    I'll see you in the verse!

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    How does this only have 84k views? This is still the most inspirational star citizen video ever!

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    This is awe-inspiring sir! This is the most brilliant explanation of Star Citizen I've ever heard to date! I admit, I've been holding out trying to avoid actually getting involved in Star Citizen. But lately, I've been reassessing if I should just take the gamble with Star Citizen… And then I saw your video. 😉 Just to be clear, to me space doesn't just bring wonder into my soul, it also has a mystical feel to it (something which I think that people are constantly underestimating). I've kept my distance with Star Citizen, imagining what it might feel like to wander the stars in a world like this…(that is if the developers keep true to their promises). But after this video, I've decided to seriously look into Star Citizen.

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    It's been a little over 12 hours since I found and first watched this video, and I can't help myself but keep replaying it! I've already watched it a dozen times by now. 😉 But one of the questions I still have is what do you want from Star Citizen? I'm eager to hear your response.

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    I haven't watched this again for a while…

    A lot has happened hasn't it? When you made this video and I chimed in with my 'this is MY story' reaction… we had never heard of Old Man Colton had we? 😉 Hamill participating in this probably meant more to me than his return to Star Wars. And the progress… the PG planets… the ships… the quadrillion km3 maps… the amazing FPS… the insane cast (including Hamill, but taken as a whole? I have to call it the finest cast ever assembled for any game)

    I can see what they have already done, what they are currently doing, and where they are going… and I feel I can call it now. For me, personally, this is the perfect game. A match to my dreams and my taste in games I never imagined possible.

    of course this video was made about $100million dollars ago in funds raised 😉

    And I think this video hits the heard of 'why?'. Why it's at $117m and counting… why there are 1.4 million backers…

    Yeah, decades ago we were geeks we became obsessed with these things as kids. Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Aliens, Firefly…

    The promise and the dream never died. But as it was back then, we were never alone. We had those shared experiences, our friends had the same dreams… we ran around the neighborhood and backyards as Luke, Han (my dog was always Chewie), Starbuck, Apollo, and on and on… this stories and this genre captured the imaginationg of an entire generation.

    And then this game came along. Roberts had his dream, he knew some would share it… but I think even he underestimated just how many people shared that dream.

    Has it gone perfectly? Probably not, although I have no major problems. Lunatic developers raving that it's all scam (despite the fact that everyone of their releases was an abject failure and arguable scams themselves)… I hear that guy is still raving at the wall or whoever would listen… I pity him… he might need real help… some backers have become impatient, they'd have preferred a smaller game of more modest scope delivered sooner…

    But I've been on the edge of my seat watching this game come together… no game under development has ever held my interest like this.

    Why? I am watching the dream made real in front of my very eyes…. I've no doubt that the promise will be kept…. and that this is going to end up the greatest game ever made.

    Cheers, and thank you again for expressing the how and why of what drove me to back this project.

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    R. Scott MacDonald

    ever thought of updating some of the SC images after the recent Gameacon? This has always been my favorite video

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    LOL  I was 7 years old to when I saw Star Wars.. will never forget that day.  I guess I am an older gamer geek that thinks of the stars as a cool place to chill.  I thought Wing Commander and Freelancer were epic when they came out… Wished there was always more.  Now I am happy and thankful that Star Citizen will be a reality…. Soon!  Cheers! and Semper Fi!

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    It has been three years since this video. Brigant70 I would be interested to know how you feel about the game today? I backed in October of 2012 and I still can not wait for this game to fully launch. Love your video. Cheers!!!

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  76. Post

    You really made this video perfect man. I swear, on the day Star Citizen releases officially, I will tweet the link to this to Derek Smart xD

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    Magno Lima

    While watching it there were sometimes an onion that made my eye to tear… Time to update this video brother!! Congrats!

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    CPL. Quade

    Nice video, I especially love how you relax the viewers with the music and voice then you scare da fu*k out of them with the 3:50 bomb just so they don't fall asleep.. Nice job 🙂

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    i love to watch your videos and hear your voice when i am going to bed.. it really calms me down and let me relax.
    but then 3:50 😀

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    It's a great Video. I played almost the same Games as you. And SWG was one of my favorite Games , until sony make this game unplayable 🙁 . that is one of some reasons why i don't like Sony anymore. I hope for you that you find this facinating Feeling in SC again and share this with your Children someday 🙂

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    Wow this video is near 4 years old and still moves me. I can only imagine how trilled @Brigant70 must feel now as close as we are and with all of the features that we know will be in the game and have been shown as a proof of concept. I for one would love to be your crewmate or wingman. "Boba-Jett" out. 🙂

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    Malakie Usn

    I just watched this again, now 4 years later. It is still amazing how close to so many of us you came in your words. Our lives, our dreams, our hopes.. and our futures. Perhaps most of us will never get into space for real in our lifetimes.. but you can be sure, Star Citizen is going to do its best to get us as close to it as possible.

    I hope you consider doing another video like this, a follow-up if you will. Something.. perhaps after the release of 3.0 that is coming only weeks from now. Something that shows the dream is not only alive but has transformed everything we ever thought possible in a computer simulation when it comes to the dream of being in space.

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    Matthew Jones

    Still one of the most powerful video's that ring true for me. Thanks for making this @Brigant70 – well done sir.

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  88. Post
    Gintaras Sketerskas

    And…. im sold. Just bought a mustang+squadron42 game package and i dont even have a pc that would run this lol. I believe and invest in the future lol. See you in the verse!

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    Alpheus S. Creswell III

    I really love this video. Just wish that wookie roar.. could take that volume down a notch.. super loud and startling. Stay Awesome Brigant70

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    Iron Man98

    Fantastic video. However the last section of the video, the actual bit about Star Citizen, including his views, are very outdated. Including all of the footage that is shown. Honestly this video is really great, and I feel could really resonate with a lot of people, and potential new players. However I think this would GREATLY benefit from an update. Or perhaps an update perspective on how the game actually looks and is now. With 3.1 almost here (Fyi, this looks like footage from 2.2-2.3) and regular updates being pushed out every quarter for the rest of the year and beyond, I think a video similar to this if not an update to this video would be fantastic. It would also be interesting to see what his views of SC are nowadays, especially with all of the things that are possible to do now in the most recent version compared to what you were able to do in the very early versions of the game, which honestly wasn't much. I feel that with the current features and upcoming features of the game, this would greatly impact anyone's views on this game. Especially when comparing it to the very first versions of this game. Other than that, a great video. 🙂

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  98. Post

    Gotta revisit this video at least once a year to remind myself of the dream, and how far Star Citizen has come. Started following SC back in about 2013, backed the game a bit later, first played the game at patch 2.4 when I had a good enough PC to run it, and now we are at patch 3.4.3, with 3.5 not too far away. The progress we have made is amazing, and I only have great expectations for the future.

  99. Post

    I really hope you get some free time to play 3.5 this weekend. You'll have crashes, some bugs, but damn… when you walk out into the city of ArcCorp, I think you will feel that child in you rise again. Ping me if you see me on the server. I'll be your wing-man.

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