Star Citizen: Around The Verse 3.6 – LA

Star Citizen: Around The Verse 3.6 – LA

Closed Captioning provided by the Imperial
News Network. Chris Roberts (CR): Hello and welcome to episode
six of Around the ‘Verse. I’m Chris Roberts, Director of Squadron
42 and Star Citizen Sandi Gardiner (SG): And I’m Sandi Gardiner. Today’s episode is coming at you from the
L.A. office of Cloud Imperium Games. CR: Yeah it’s good to be back. After almost being gone for almost a month
at Gamescom and spending time at our Manchester and Frankfurt studios. I’m very happy to be here in L.A. So big news, we’ve crossed another landmark,
one and a half million citizens have signed up onto our website. SG: That’s amazing. CR: Yeah it’s definitely amazing and we’ve
got a great show lined up for you today. We’re going to check in and get an update
on the Drake Caterpillar which I know a lot of people like. SG: And we’ve also sat down with our Technical
Art Team to see how they make great art work. CR: Yup, but first let’s go to Eric and see
what the LA team’s been working on. Studio Report Eric Kieron Davis (EKD): Welcome back to Los
Angeles, I’m Senior Producer Eric Kieron Davis here with your regular studio update. First up, here’s character art director
Josh Herman and character artist Omar Aweidah to give us an update on some of the new armour
for Star Marine and beyond. Josh Herman (JH): So with Star Marine coming
online we really wanted to focus updating our marine models – Star Marine highlights
our light marine with a custom color variant for that but expanding on that we also want
to focus on updating our medium and our heavy marine armours as well. Omar has been focusing on and is almost done
our medium marine, he’s finishing up the game topology now and he’s going to be moving
on to texturing. After he’s done with that we’ll probably
be having him roll onto our heavy marine so that we can round out the whole set and make
them all look really, really good. Omar Aweidah (OA): One of the biggest things
that you’re going to notice with our new character system is the fact that it is completely
modular – from armour type to the material that’s on that armour and we are working
currently on the medium marine which is almost complete and we just finished the light and
then we are moving on to the heavy and some of the things that have increased is the quality
of the asset, the quality of the materials, the quality of the texture resolution and
the increased player customization which is one of the things we really wanted to focus
on. EKD: I’m really excited about the amount
of customizations we’re building into these characters, up next our Engineering and Design
team dive just a little deeper into this overhaul of one of our major systems – Item Interaction. Mark Abent (MA): So with Item 2.0 we wanted
to have like, I guess, more control over what the items do and allow designers to do a lot
more. We have this test Hornet and I have two power
controllers that I set up where if I’m sitting in the pilot seat I get both of ‘em. But when a co-pilot comes in, he gets automatically
the auxiliary one. But, I can just swap it over and give it to
him. So we have the flexibility for designers to
say “this guy should get this by default” or “he should always get this” or “this
guy should this sometimes but only when this guy is there.” so there is a lot more flexibility that we
give the designers, even the players, that our old system couldn’t support. So we have these crazy new interactions that
are not just for entering and exiting a seat, but you could use ‘em on shenanigans, items,
power plant, whatever the designers have in their mind. EKD: I know I’m personally looking forward
to that level of interactivity inside of our ships and really throughout the entire Star
Citizen universe – it’s really next-level stuff. Well, with exploration being a major part
of the SC universe, we continue to focus on large world and multiplayer experiences but
one ship is going to take us on a whole new horizon – the Constellation Aquila. Here’s a brief look of the progress of this
exciting variant. Stephen Hosmer (SH): So I’ve been working
on the design of the Aquila and one of the biggest differences is the nose – we’re
swapping out the nose to be a circular nose as opposed to the pointy nose on the Andromeda
and so the way we had to do that was we had to take the Andromeda first starting out and
so we had to do a lot of work on the Andromeda in order to make it so we could swap out the
nose and swap out the geometry of that so that meant basically breaking the Andromeda
– like completely taking it apart. That gave us the ability to basically swap
out the nose for the Aquila. And then that’ll also help us be able to
swap out the noses on the other variants and that type of thing later in the future so
now that we have that groundwork done we can actually go forward with the other variants. EKD: Those new additions to an outstanding
ship are really going to make exploring a vast universe so much more fulfilling. Well, that wraps us up here in Los Angeles
– thanks for watching and see you next time. Ship Shape: Caterpillar Elwin Bachiller (EB): For the last month we’ve
had Jin, Daniel, and myself essentially building out everything that was concepted by our Concept
Artist Justin. Jin’s been working on the exterior engines
for the ship, he’s actually done a little bit more than that, he’s moving onto the
body as well. We’ve had Daniel working on filling in the
final rooms inside of the main body of the Caterpillar so that’s staircases, hallways,
some of the component rooms, powerplant room, server rack room. Daniel Kamentsky (DK): One of the coolest
parts about working on the Caterpillar, I think, was the idea that it’s one of the
first ships in the game the one of the larger scale cargo ships. You have the MISC Starfarer and the MISC Freelancer,
but this is one of the first times where you have a really, really big cargo ship. Another thing that really makes the Caterpillar
unique is it’s the first… So we have the Gladius and the Retaliator
which redefined the way that Aegis looks and then we had the Constellation which came in
and redefined the way RSI looks. The Caterpillar is the new Drake look, it’s
what we’re going to hopefully be using going forward as a style guide. It’s really fun and it will bring a lot
of life to Drake as a manufacturer I think. Justin Wentz (JW): We recently finished up
the Command Module redesign from a concept perspective. We had a few things to figure out with this
rework. We wanted the Command Module to both look
like it can look like its own ship, have it make sense, and also look like it belongs
attached alongside the Caterpillar. That was a little tough but we’re pretty
happy with how it’s turned out. Some of the shape language has been integrated
between the large body of the ship and the module itself has a new type of nose on the
front which is pretty cool looking. EB: Once we’re finished doing all of the
art on the Caterpillar the next step is to move it over to the Tech Art Team and the
Tech Design Team and their job is to make it all actually function. So you can actually walk to a door and open
it up or interact with a component or detach the Command Module, those kinds of things
so that takes some time. Then after that we’ve got the Sound Design
Team, Particle Effects Team, the Animation Team that come in and actually finalise the
entire asset as a real ship so you guys can get your hands on it. Back to Studio SG: I’m always amazed by the level of detail
and complexity that go into all of our ships. CR: Yeah, well maintaining that level of fidelity
requires a lot of technical considerations to make them work in the game engine as well
as they look. SG: But we aren’t the only ones who’ve
been hard at work. As always our community has been producing
amazing things as well. CR: Yeah, they always do. So for this week’s highlights let’s go to
our Tyler Witkin for the Community Update. Community Update w/Tyler Witkin Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey everyone. Tyler Witkin, Community Manager in the Austin,
Texas studio here to bring this week’s Community Update. The battle of the speedsters continues. We’ve unlocked the M50 and the 350R for use
by all backers through tomorrow. Take them out for a test flight and then cast
your vote at The M50 seems to have the winning edge so far,
but there is still time left. The winning ship will also return to pledge
stores soon, so choose wisely. We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the amount
of Bar Citizens that we’ve seen pop up all around the globe. These are an incredible opportunity for you
to get together with local citizens and just talk shop. As far as upcoming events go there’s actually
a Bar Citizen in Austin, Texas this Saturday, and you can find out all the details at
And then fast forward one week later, September 17th, there will be another Bar Citizen this
time in Orlando, Florida. Find all the details for that one at Now it’s time for this week’s MVP Award. A huge congratulations to Citizen 404 for
his extraordinary efforts in creating the new Star Citizen Wiki. This site is jam-packed with content and information,
and I encourage you to check it out for yourself at Congratulations again
Citizen 404. You’re this week’s MVP. And lastly the week would not be complete
without our Reverse the Verse live stream, so make sure to tune in tomorrow at noon Pacific
at where we’re going to discuss everything that you guys saw in
today’s episode. Thanks again for all the support everyone,
and we’ll see you in the verse. Behind the Scenes: Tech Content Team Sean Tracy (ST): The Tech Content Team here
at Cloud Imperium Games, or sometimes called “Tech Art” – as it would be called in
most other studios – is an amalgamation of two different groups. One of the groups is Tech Art and the other
group is Tech Animation. So we kind of put the two together into a
singular Tech Content team. Now … today we’re going to talk a little
bit with Forrest; we’re going to talk a little bit with Matt; and we’re also going
to talk a little with Vineet. And these guys are working on specific pipelines
within Tech Content. So Tech Content is meant to serve as a support
department for pretty much all the content creation pipelines. And to give you an idea we’ve got about
five really major content creation pipelines. One of them is characters, which Forrest and
Vin will talk a little bit about. One of them is faces, which kind of goes in
line with characters. The second one … sorry, the third one is
ships. The fourth one is environments and, finally
is actual animation itself. So we’re going to talk about three of the
five big pipelines that we support and we work on today just to give you an idea of
what a Tech Artist or even a Tech Animator does. Matthew intrieri (MI): One of my favourite
aspects of working on the ships is blowing them up. So it starts off as we break apart the ship
into debris, then we add our effects, we add vectors and health and the ultimate explosion
at the end – the “death mask” as we call it. These are all the things that go into the
damage system. Forrest Stephan (FS): Character Tech Art is
the unsung heroes of the Art department. Character Tech Art provides the bridge between
Design, Graphics Engineering, and the Character Artists themselves. So they allow the magic that shows up on the
screen that the player get to see, whether that’s the customisation of characters,
the visual fidelity. While the Character Artists help push the
visual fidelity, the Tech Artists help to ensure that it’s going to run efficiently. And they’ll work closely with the Graphics
Engineers to make sure that that can happen. Whether that’s profiling, managing the poly
counts, managing the draw calls. They will ensure that the tech is in place
and that it’s user-friendly for the artists themselves. So when an artist uses a tool that an engineer
creates, they’re designing the tool to ensure that you can work as efficiently as possible
and push the visual fidelity as much as possible. Vineet Chander (VC): I’m the Technical Animator
currently working on head rigs, preparing head rigs for artists. The head rigs come from 3Lateral which come
pretty much in a raw format, they’re not ready for CryEngine or the artists. So my job is to prepare them so both artists
and also whenever working in engine they could be ready to be seen, ready to be animated,
and to be worked on. FS: So there’s a tonne of work that go into
the character heads. You have character artists that are in there
touching up the textures balancing all the values so it renders properly, the skin shader
is rendering properly. But say there’s a bug, say there’s an
issue with the eye, say there’s an issue with the skin, you rely on the Character Tech
Artist to understand what is require from the actual art perspective but to have enough
technical knowledge to understand why it may be breaking, so they communicate that information
to the Graphics Engineer to ensure the bug gets fixed. Somebody needs to compile the heads together:
you have eyelashes, you have a mouth, you have a tongue, you have head itself, you have
the hair. Somebody needs to tie all these elements together
and ensure that face … the Technical Animators, when the face is moving, all the aspects of
the art that is actually being moved is moving properly. And in place because somebody has to say “This
is where the eyes go. This is where the mouth goes. This is where the head goes. This is where head … this is where the hair
goes.” When the mouth moves the beard has to move. When the animation drives the eyes the eyes
have to look right when they’re looking from side to side. Stuff like that. ST: There’s a big thing that we’re doing
in 2.6: we have a new, naked male that we’ve brought online. This new naked male, he’s slightly different
but we have to make sure all the clothing fits him correctly. We do do a lot of overlap and culling and
these sort of things, but because his arms are different than the old naked male … People
might have noticed that the arms and the hands of the naked male are fairly low rez: there’s
just not much to them right now. They look like mannequin hands: they don’t
look like people hands. So this new naked male looks awesome, the
assets are fantastic so we just want to make sure that that’s applied throughout the
entire game, so that means all the armour has to update in terms of positioning, all
the clothing has to update and we’ve got to reskin it all. So it’s a lot of updating but that’s absolutely
something we want to get in: is this nice … nice, new, naked male. Outro SG: They’re always up to such interesting
stuff. Whenever I walk by Forrest’s monitor there’s
always something awesome on it. CR: That’s our show for this week and thanks
for joining us. SG: And as always a big thank you to all of
our backers and subscribers who kick in a little extra every month to make shows like
this possible. CR: Yeah definitely, thank you very much guys. So join us tomorrow on Reverse the ‘Verse
where members of the LA team will be around to answer questions about this week’s show. SG: And next week we’ll check in with our
Austin office to get some updates on 2.6 CR: There you go. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you. Both: Around the ‘Verse.


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    Also, I'm not saying this as a person on the outside looking in, but as a person whom has already given them money for every ship available in the game currently (and many more to come) and been a subscriber who makes this content possible (if you listen to what they say in every episode) for the last 29 months. My suggestion is to bring back the content or idea of Wingman's Hangar, where you have someone who is genuinely excited about what they are talking about. What we have now is starting to feel like "We took these people away from what they were working on and asked them a couple of questions while cramming a camera in their faces."

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